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April 18, 2021, 12:41:43 pm

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Author Topic: Portal? Looking for rps with GLaDOS or Wheatley. F looking for M or F  (Read 3530 times)

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Offline Old Lady WillowTopic starter

Okay, firstly, don't care what your real gender is, just as long as you can play it well. ^^ Don't have many offs, mainly scat, watersports, breath control, toilet play and the like. Everything else is basically an on.

Second is, we can have the A.I. be as they were in the game, or we can have them build android versions of themselves. Or, we can go AU and have them being androids the entire time. I honestly have no preference.

Third, if you don't like the plots I have, but like the idea of playing a humanoid version of GLaDOS and/or Wheatley, feel free to send me a pm telling me of what you'd like to do. Maybe we can work something out, and in any case, the worst thing I can do is politely say no.

Okay, the plots I have so far....the ones that are underlined are the roles that I would like to play. If they're both underlined, I'm happy to play either, and it's your choice who you want to play. ^^

I told you not to come back.


Chell finds herself alone in her freedom. She feels lonely, depressed and empty, not having seen one other living person since she got out. GLaDOS's words prove true, that she would eventually wish  she was back at Aperture. Despite knowing very well she shouldn't, she wanders back to the shed and enters.

GLaDOS has missed her test subject as well, however she is enraged that the woman came back despite her warning not to. Anger and quickly hidden happiness roll through her as she decides to teach her test subject a lesson about disobeying.

What I'm looking for here is GLaDOS switching between love and hate, trying to figure out why she's feeling these things after she supposedly deleted it's source. And Chell, so desperate for companionship she seeks out her old enemy. It'd be a bit of master/slave, with a good dose of romance mixed in.

It's a bird! Kill it, kill it! It's evil!

GLaDOS/human and bird hybrid In this case, if I play the bird, I will be female. If you play the bird, you can be either gender.

Probably all too easy to guess where this idea came from. ^^ So, basically, I would play a human/bird hybred that somehow got into GLaDOS chamber. Only this time, there's no Chell to chase this threat away. Not only that, but the bird instantly takes a liking to it's robotic roommate....GLaDOS is far from pleased with the idea. Looking for more of a funny, lighthearted story. So no noncon, any sex will be consensual. However, there will be plenty of unwilling cuddles and nuzzles as the bird does everything it can to make GLaDOS like him/her.

Also, we can either use a furry type hybrid, or an monster girl/guy type hybrid. It depends on my partners preference.

The Moron They Built To Make Me An Idiot


Takes place after Portal 2, but Wheatley was pulled back in. The core transfer failed, but not completely. Both Wheatley and GLaDOS are now in charge of the facility, both with equal power. Chell was either set free, kept as a test subject, or lost on the moon, whichever one we pick will change the plot just slightly. In any case, the two are forced to work together to maintain the building, and neither can disconnect the other for fear of being unable to contain the damage it would cause. I'm looking for a love/hate relationship between these two.

We Lost....


Weatley won that last battle, but instead of killing her he intends on using her to find the euphoria that he no longer feels from testing. For this, I would need someone either willing to play two characters, or two people interested in playing the roles or Wheatley and GLaDOS. The basic plot would be Wheatley using her, hurting her, and GLaDOS trying to keep the woman together so they can either escape or take control of the place. It would be non con on Wheatleys part, and romance on GLaDOS's

I Caught You.


She held onto him. Wheatley was almost lost in space, but Chell managed to hang onto him. After They both were pulled back into Aperture, GLaDOS promptly let them go. Chell and Wheatley finally escaped together, like they were supposed to from the beginning. I'm looking for a more cute, romantic story here, with Chell and Wheatley trying to get over what he did to her, and survive in the empty world they suddenly find themselves in.
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Offline Old Lady WillowTopic starter

Re: Portal? Looking for rps with GLaDOS or Wheatley. F looking for M or F
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2013, 07:04:01 pm »
Changed a few details in the opening statements.

Removed android pictures, as I felt they were no longer needed.

Removed Falling To Earth.

Added I Caught You

Added It's A Bird! Kill It, Kill It! It's Evil!
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