[Interest Check] God Eater Burst: Devouring Apocalypse

Started by Xenolord, December 28, 2012, 04:19:22 PM

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So, are their any God Eater fans out there? For those of you who have no idea what God Eater is, I point you here for your perusal.

If you know of God Eater and are interested, sweet. I'm looking for about 3-4 people to play humanity's last, best line of defense against the gluttonous Aragami, the God Eaters. The idea I got during my second play through of God Eater Burst:

The game will take place in the West Branch of Fenrir (modern day North and South America) where an explosion of Aragami activity has the higher ups of Fenrir concerned that the Devouring Apocalypse set into motion by Former Far East Branch Director Schickshal may be beginning. The call in the Leader of the Far East Branch's First Squad to deal with the problem.

As previously stated, I'm looking for 3-4 people to play Fenrir West Branch God Eaters in thief quest to discover the reqsonings behind the increase in Aragami and, if it's a tangible reason, to put it down. Character sheets will be up shortly, if I've got interest.

System: For the most part, the game will be more social and less combat based. There will be some combat, of course, but I'd prefer not to gum up threads and time acting out each individual attack (For if you know anything about God Eater, you'd look at a lot of time to just kill one Aragami.) So here is how I'd like combat to work. When there is a situation the party must deal with, they are sent out to deal with it. Each individual Aragami has it's own Difficulty Rating, between 1 and 10. A Difficulty 1 Aragami might be the lowly Ogretail or maybe the floating Zygote. Difficulty 10 Aragami can rank all the way up to grotesque Venus or the lightning quick Calligula. Victory in combat is assured, regardless of how powerful or weak an Aragami is. What changes in this game is your preformance. A God Eater with a Rank of 10 who goes up against at Calligula can solo the creature with minimal problems, but if a God Eater with a Rank of 4 or 5 goes against the creature, they cannot solo them, and they will also suffer preformance reduction, which affects what parts are broken off the Aragami, as well as how beaten up they are between fights.

In short: If a Rank 10 God Eater attacks a Rank 10 Aragami, they will emerge victorious with 100% EXP and 100% Completion Fee. God Eaters of lower rank will recieve increased EXP rewards at a detrimental fc reward, to reflect their rather poor preformance. If a God Eater completes a mission greviously outside of his range of experience (A Rank 10 God Eater taking a mission to destory an Ogretail and a Zygote) they will recieve neither experience or money for their effort.

If a Rank 4 God Eater engages a Rank 10 Aragami, they will emerge victorious with 220% EXP, but 10% money, as well as having to spend a while in the Sick Bay, recovering from their wounds. Your personal Rank will have an effect on the other God Eaters attacking the Aragami TO AN EXTENT. If a Higher Ranked God Eater chooses to mentor a lower-ranked one, they will recieve half the normal EXP and money, but will not incur the injury penalties.

A God Eater's rank also affects how long a mission takes, as well as what's found or discovered during the course of it's execution.

The core focus of the game will be what happens after a mission. At the conclusion of a mission, I will make a post in a thread giving a fairly quick over-view of the battle, including injuries and discoveries, and you'll be back in the Den, ready for your next one, when it comes around.

Some missions, however, are integral to the plot, and will be played somewhat blow-by-blow. These missions may have smaller Aragami to expedite their completion, or no Aragami at all. After all, your first job is to discover the reasons behind this so-called 'Devouring Apocalypse'.

Characters: Characters are fairly simple. Men, women, hell, even children can be God Eaters if their Bias Factors match. (Fenrir West Branch does, however, enforce a rather strict rule of having only people over the age of 18 tested for Capability) A God Eater's ability to defend against an Aragami's attack comes from the Bias Factor inside of them, not external armor. Armor is useless against the Aragami, so a God Eater armed with the latest mundane armor will be equally vulnerable to a God Eater who chooses to go into combat with just a flag slung around their shoulders, if their Bias Factors are of equal strength. (The one with the flag's just going to be more mobile). Let me be perfectly clear about this. If you want your character to run around in a bikini all day. BE MY GUEST. I don't care. Just make sure their personality or personal qualms wouldn't clash with this. If I see some interest, I'll throw a character sheet up.

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