MxF or M *Plot Intensive + Smut = Plut?*

Started by Interested, December 26, 2012, 10:23:24 PM

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Jake cheats on his girlfriend ______ just as he has for five years. They are both on their fifth  anniversary, which is Valentine's day, which also happens to be their birthdays. Jake wakes up on that day completely naked, strapped to the bed with strong metal cords, and his girl friend rapes him and ballbusts him very brutally. She breaks the relationship with eachother, but he begs her to stay. So Jake comes up with a plan. Due to the torture and guilt affecting his mind, he will let her finish the job on his testicles by letting her completely crush them if she will let him stay with her. She continues to fuck him and rupture his testicles throughout the role play in sex/torture sessions, since the futuristic setting has intensively advanced medical care.