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Author Topic: Don't mind me, I'm just some Game Ideas  (Read 1219 times)

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Offline bunnTopic starter

Don't mind me, I'm just some Game Ideas
« on: May 29, 2008, 11:34:31 pm »
So I haven't been an active member for long now, and I have expressed interest in a couple games so I don't think I can commit to any others till I know what I'm in and not in. But it seemed like this was the thing to do so I'm doing it. At least this gives you just another chance to get to know me even more, so here are the games I have stewing about my head right now. None are very fleshed out so I would be open to suggestions if you had any. If you think something would make a good group game, say something, and please also say if you think it should be a small or large game.

Speed [van] [bon] [nc-h] [un]
Set in the far future, this is all about high stakes, high speed racing and those who live a life behind the wheel. I could definitely see this as a group game with many racers and people who live in the same circles. The premise of this would be that racers are high profile people and races are the biggest thing to bet on so this game would delve into the charming crooks who wiggle their way into the lives of these athletes and do what ever they can to destroy them. Blackmail could work well in this as well as bondage, humiliation, and dominance (the sort of stuff I'd like more) or other tamer things if it was a group (like vanilla love between a racer and a member of his/her pit crew). Needs more work.

Monster Hunters
This would be set in a world of high fantasy where a noble elf, monster hunter is forcefully paired with a lower drow his assistant by his hunting guild. He hates the choice so he does his best to let out his aggravation on his new assistant/toy. Something like leaving her defenseless against a strong beast and not helping her till the last minute. I'd want my noble elf to be a completely picky ass hole who despises her but could eventually care for her as she becomes more and more his. Also I would prefer that who ever plays the noble could also play the creatures, if your into that sort of thing this could open extra possibilities.

This one is now being played out here:

11th Hour Rehab [un]
This, I think, would work best as a larger game because the more people we have in it the more interesting things could get. This takes place in a top of the line, experimental, rehabilitation center where those with extreme addictions go to receive treatment when all else has failed. Basically what the treatment consists of is being locked within the facility with no one else but the other patients. All food is like the old automated dining places where dishes are in little cubbies stocked from the other side and there are lots and lots of cameras. There aren't any orderlies or doctors, just a few guards and a place completely devoid of what feeds their addictions. The fun thing would be seeing how some people cope.

Personally I'd have to say what I'm looking for in this game is someone who could play a recovering drug addict who has found a way to feed his addictions buy seducing female patients, now that he's run through almost all of the other attractive women there the only one left is the quirky, shy, internet addict.

A Room with a View [un] [bon] [nc-h]
This is inspired by Solient Green but I'd like to avoid the disutopia. When an old lawyer passes away his luxury penthouse is left to his young, up and coming apprentice. Not only is it fully furnished, it comes with a companion.  A young girl who has always been used for cooking and cleaning needs to be retrained  to fit the needs of her new, demanding owner.

Thats all I can think of for now, but I'll be sure to edit this as more are thought of. Voicing thoughts here is encouraged. =3
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Offline bunnTopic starter

Re: Don't mind me, I'm just some Game Ideas
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2008, 01:03:34 pm »
Updated with a new idea! Also, not quite sure if this is in the right place so please feel free to move it.

Bored and need more stories going so I am available. =)