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November 29, 2022, 07:35:49 am

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Author Topic: m seeking F.....multiple story threads  (Read 8366 times)

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m seeking F.....multiple story threads
« on: December 26, 2012, 02:40:05 pm »
Hi all!  Thanks for taking a minute to check out my profile!

Currently Looking

I'm looking for detailed, story driven roleplay.  Post length of about 2-3 paragraphs at least.  Into a wide variety of sci-fi and fantasy themes, as well as realistic settings. I post 1-2 times a week.  I like discussing threads on PM, it makes it easier to collaborate and the goal is for all parties involved to have fun and keep the thread interesting.  I'm not saying plot out every scene, and i do like surprises and plot twists!

I like to play mostly sub or non D/s characters. For character ages I prefer same age characters or older female paired with younger male.

Latest Project: Breaking Billy

Some Ideas I had for Roles:

1. Kidnapped! 

Hank beginning a new phase of his life.  He's moving out on his own for the first time. Starting college or accepting a job offer, something big and exciting.  He's nervous about being out on his own, but he does know someone in the new town.  She (either a relative, boss, friend of the family, teacher, etc) has agreed to take him in and help him get started with his new life.  Unbeknownst to Hank, she has quite a different "new life" in mind than the one he planned.  She sees him as a ripe innocent who would be perfectly molded into her new slave and is using this opportunity to make him all hers.  She has trapped him in her house and is using his phone, lap top, etc. to make it appear to the outside world that all is good.   (Elements include: bondage, femdom, non-con, possible incest)

2. The Accidental Warlock:  

Ned Stone is a geeky guy who has never had luck with women.  His aunt is visiting from out of town and while she is out of the house catching up with family Ned stumbles upon an ancient tome on her bed.  He has no idea his aunt is really a witch, and paging through the tome he accidentally activates a summoning spell which conjures forth  a naga (maybe a demon or succubus or monster girl or other supernatural creature).  He is powerless against the creature and does his best to keep it contained and happy until his aunt hopefully returns. (Elements include: non-con, supernatural, magic)

3. The Enchanted Prince

Late Morning, Exterior Delucidia Castle, Province of Des Aegis of The Golden Kingdom

The wind whips on this blustery autumn day.  A small band on horseback crests the ridge above the ancient castle.  They look grim and downcast at this bittersweet homecoming.  One rider on a white charger urges his steed forward, and the rest fall in behind.  He was a young man, with hair black as jet and piercing blue eyes.  He seemed a bit too small for the great beast he rode, though he handled him well. 

It has been two long years since Jean luc Delucidia had been boarded at the University in Gilead, the capitol of the kingdom.  He was the eighth of his name and sole heir to the province.  As such his father deemed he should learn to rule from the best in the kingdom.  Jean luc has been enjoying him time there and learning much from books on the history of all the lands of the Golden Kingdom.  He has been trained in the rudiments of warfare, has even excelled at the bow.  He has almost completed the second year of the four year curriculum. 

In all he has learned however, nothing had prepared him for the letter that came by raven 3 nights hence.  Is was sealed with his fathers ring and implored him to come home with all due haste.  The script was unsteady, and spoke of his  father suddenly coming ill and feverish.  His new court sorceress had done what she could to keep him alive, but they fear he will not survive the week.  The letter implored young Jean luc only to trust the sorceress, as he fears there may be foul play involved.

Blinking back tears, Jean luc pressed his group ahead.  He brought with him the best healer he could find who would make the journey and the three bodyguards his father had sent to Gilead with him.  His hands trembled on the reins as they grew closer to his home, the castle looming large before them.  He knew someday he would inherit all this, he had always thought he would be older than sixteen when it happened.  As they neared the gate, one of his riders waved the banner of his house high in the air, a gilded hawk with a fat trout in its talons on a red field.

Trumpets blared andthe great gates creaked open as the riders crossed the long bridge to the entrance.  A throng of people crowded in beyond the open gates, letting up a cheer as their prince returned home.  He forced a smile and waved, letting one of the stable boys take the reins and leaping down from his mount.  His father's head of the guard, Virgil, approached and took off his helmet.  He was a tall, gaunt looking man, his plate mail gleaming in the morning sun.  Traces of gray hair fringed his brow, a bushy moustach taking up most of his face.  His pale blue eyes looked troubled as he clasped the young man he had known since he was a babe.  "Master Jean luc! I am pleased to see you made the journey whole and quickly! Your father........ I've never seen anything like it! I'm so sorry!". The big man blinked back tears as he put an arm around Jean luc and led him to the keep.

"Virgil, I've brought a healer.  See that he has everything he requires.  We've got to see my father straight away!". The healer dismounted and threw back the hood of his cloak.  A few of the crowd gasped at his appearance.  He was from the southern jungles, skin black as ebony and a white skull painted over his face.  He knew little English, but Jean luc was assured by several of the university staff that he was one of the best.  He hoped they were right.  The three day ride with the strange man was unnerving to say the least.

They went straight to his father's bed chamber.  The curtains were drawn, letting in only a soft yellow light.  Jean luc gasped as he saw him lying on the bed.  He looked almost like a skeleton, skin shriveled over bones.  Even in this light his skin looked gray as ashes, and most of his hair had fallen out.  He stared at the ceiling with glazed over eyes. "Father? Its me, Jean luc!". He clasped his hand and kneeled next to the great bed.  No response except for the ragged wheeze of his father's breathing.  A tear streamed down his face.  He kneeled there for long moments, how long he could not say.  The healer examined his father then went away to make preparations.  Jean luc seemed not to notice.

(It appears foul play us involved in the king's rapidly deteriorating health, if he perishes young Jean luc will be the new king. Who can he trust?)

(Elements to include: court intrigue, blackmail, manipulation, black magic?)

4.Intergalactic Breeding

Jim is a college student driving home for spring break.  He's been in the car for some 12 hours non stop and pulls off the side of the highway to take a leak at the edge of a cornfield...

Then his world is lit up with a bright blue light.  He awakens in a stark white room, feeling grogy and disoriented.......

Jim is aboard a science vessel, with several species of aliens on board.  They are interested in interspecies compatability and Jim has  been chosen as a human test subject.....

5. Pimperella or You Shouldn't Marry Someone You Just Met

Sooooo....... Happily ever after wasn't exactly what Cinderella and Prince Charming imagined.  Cindy's years growing up with her evil step family had twisted something inside of her.  She found that being free of her life of servitude had opened many doors she didn't want to close again.  The power of being a princess was intoxicating.  She wanted control of her life and those around her, and usually a sweet smile was all she needed and everyone bent to her whim.  Especially her new husband.  Charming was madly in love with her, but she found he was shallow and kind of boring.  A little too vanilla for the dark desires that Her been planted in her by her abusive step mother and sisters.  They had made her a sec toy as well as a servant and she never wanted to feel that way again.  She felt the only way for that to happen was to dominate her husband, make him a slave to her will.

The things that now brought her joy were throwing balls.  The guests were always marveling at how beautiful she was and jealously fawning over her husband.  She started throwing balls every month, sometimes more.  Made up holidays, other excuses, just to have all the ladies of the land see that Charming was hers and not theirs.  Her husband never wavered, his attention solely on her at every ball and she loved it. 

Then it came to her attention that the frequent festivities were draining on the royal treasury.  She devised a plan that would keep her parties going, selling off the services of her husband.  It started as a dance here and there at the balls and as the parties grew so did the stakes.  She manipulated and convinced him to do it.  Her clients were desperate princesses, bored queens, lonely sorceresses, cruel witches, etc.  can be cannon or original.

Looking for someone to play Cinderella and her clients.

Elements include: femdom, non-con, bondage, manipulation

6. Guess who!

A couple in a standing relationship decides to explore their kinks a little further.  The husband (or boyfriend) wasn't really sure about when his wife (or girlfriend) started with bondage play.  He had no idea how much he would like it.  And each time they decided to have "play time" she would push the envelope a little further.  Then she started with the blindfolds as well.  She would tease and torment him while he was blind as a bat and unable to move, and he loved it!  Then one time, quite by accident he realized another woman was in the room during play time.  He freaked out a little at first, but was helpless to do anything about it.

Now here it can go two ways.  The short and sweet one shot version would be a reveal during the act and playing out the shock value of the mystery guest.  The other would be his wife turns it into a game.  Who has been secretly joining their playtime?  The tension lingers as daily life goes on and he has no idea.  His wife and her friends?, or relatives?, people from work? Or others.... There are subtle teases and flirts.  And he tries to figure out who it is.....  And playtime continues with the mystery teaser. (Or teasers!)

7.  Three's Company

It is a huge step in any relationship.... Moving in together.  A couple (either newlywed or dating) moves into the girl's apartment.  She splits the two bedroom with her best friend.  It is small and they are all trying to save money.  One shared bathroom, old doors with locks that don't really work, and a small deck off the kitchen with a hot tub that barely fits three.  The man of the relationship has no idea how close the two girlfriends are......

I'm thinking the plot can go two ways: the girls decide that they want to share him like they do everything else.  A plot for the friend to seduce him ensues and his girlfriend "happens" to catch them.  The other is that the friend feels jealous and tries to seduce him on her own, keeping it a secret just as the two girls being lovers is kept a secret from him.  This could go as a small group game also.

8. Make Mine Marvel

Not so much a concrete plot as a theme.  Thinking a younger male hero paired with an older female heroine or villainess.  Perhaps some kidnapping or manipulation by the villainess.
Characters I would play:
Human Torch
Open to others 😃

Turn Ons:

Oral sex
Anal Sex (Including pegging)
Group sex (MFF)
Teasing & Orgasm Control
Being Kidnapped
CFNM (clothed female naked male)
Futa on Male



Turn Offs:

Potty Play

Past stories:

Italian Mama:
Captive Alien:
Liberation Day:
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The Twins:
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Re: m seeking F.....multiple story threads
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2016, 05:20:07 am »
Would you be willing to play gambit?  Besides that I do like your idea about the wizard.  I love playing supernatural characters.

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Re: m seeking F.....multiple story threads
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2020, 04:33:13 pm »
Bump for updates and new world building link