The Curse of the Elven Bride (Seeking Elven Wife)

Started by Jester, December 24, 2012, 10:51:49 AM

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She was cursed on her wedding day. She was rude,  nasty and unkind to the gypsy woman who tried to bless her nuptials. As she prepared to marry her new husband she was cursed with a horrible curse.

"You are a cursed! Cursed to need cock each day. But not that of your husband. The moire humiliated and used you are the more satisfied you will be. But the curse cannot be broken until you have been fucked by all the major races in the realm...."

This is the Brides story and how she worked with her husband to remove the curse....

Here are some possible scenes

1, The curse, the wedding and the best man.
2. Unsatisfied with husband and begins to cheat.
3. Husband catches and tries to help.
4. The first of the gangbangs and humiliation.
5. They decide to leave Elvander and travel the world in search of cock.......