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Started by DominicaPotestas, December 20, 2012, 04:00:33 PM

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Greetings one and all.

Some of you may have played with me before, or talked to me or read my stories. If so I'm back! If you've never heard of me, hello!

I dropped out of the habit of using Elliquiy as I got distracted by some really good IM roleplays. I'm back however, ready to get creative and kinky.

I am happy to play on forums or IM. Emails or PMs could be used if you really wanted to. I don't care if you're a man or woman in real life, and I am happy to play male or female, sub or dom. I prefer to have maledom or lesbian dom stories, not femdom or gay male. 1st or 3rd person is something I am flexible with, and I am happy to play multiple characters or GM sort of narrator.

Most of my fantasies don't involve romance or much vanilla stuff. I am into BDSM. The nature of female characters can vary a lot, but most of my men tend to be cynical, coldhearted and selfish.

What I'd like from you

  • Good detail. Doesn't have to be loads and loads, but more than one sentence.
  • Try not to just stop an RP. Let me know if it isn't working, and whether you'd like to fix it or move on. I can take criticism.
  • Creativity.

Sometimes I like plot, sometimes I like a sandbox type adventure with no particular plot.

My Illakia ideas should be linked to in my signature. I will reserve this thread for my other ideas. Please PM or email me, not reply here so I can leave this thread free for ideas.




PRIVATE PRISONS M or F dom, fsub, prisons, nc, near future
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It is the near future in a corporate-controlled police state. The public have been indoctrinated in right wing propaganda to accept a radical reduction in criminal rights, with most trials now simply show trials and punishments increased in severity. Of course now the state has overflowing prisons. The government has a bright idea that will combine the reduction of prison crowding, fufil the ideology of freemarket capitalism and appease public demand for punishing inhumane conditions for prisoners.

The solution is to allow people to pay for licenses to run micro-prisons on their own property. The new generation of prisons will not be massive super complexes, but they will be made by the self employed turning their shops into microprisons or people making their basements into microprisons for a hobby or part-time job. This way justice is really in the hands of the people.

A microprison has less than 12 prisoners, and to get a license a person has to pay a fee and get inspected, but only to make sure that the microprisons are more punishing in their conditions than normal prisons. Prisoners are persons of limited rights, and the microprison owner might try to use his prisoners to make a profit of the license fee, or just keep them for his own amusement. No limits are placed on the use of prisoners at all, and there will only be an cursory investigation if a prisoner does not finish their sentence alive.

I'd like to play this as a fsub idea, with either male or female jailers. I can play either sub or dom on this. Abuse, torture and hard labour would be possible. If people like this idea and want to make it femdom, please do so with other people and credit my idea :)

UNOWNED SLAVE STORAGE POINTS M or F dom, fsub, nc, rape, poss. pregnancy, torture, death
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A near future world, where the females of the species have all been enslaved.

There is a very simple justice system for women. If their owner considers them guilty of feminist crimes, they are stripped of their owned status. They are unowned non-people, with no rights, no protection and legal existence.

These non-people are chained up and Unowned Slave Storage Points (which can have a vairety of ruder shorter nicknames). These can be street corners, underpasses, back alleys. They are simply chained up to be used and abused by the public as they like. Members of the public may also sign out an unowned slave as they like as well. The Storage Points have a caretaker (male or female), but the caretakers do not protect the unowned slaves. These women have no appeal or parole, and their status is passed onto their female offspring.

It could have a number of darker features if you wanted.