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April 20, 2018, 09:53:24 AM

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Author Topic: The Joy of Force [MxM]  (Read 304 times)

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Offline DailynnTopic starter

The Joy of Force [MxM]
« on: December 20, 2012, 09:17:31 AM »
I'm looking for some stress relief these days and rping is my drug of choice. I'm currently looking for MxM. I prefer to sub but I will considering a dom position if you have an interesting idea in mind. I prefer threads then PMs, and I probably won't agree to e-mail unless we've been rping for awhile. Now then, onto the show....

+ No guro
+ No scat
+ No vore

Top Kinks:
+ Non-con
+ Violence
+ Cross-dressing
+ Humiliation
+ Incest

+ Criminal x Hostage
+ Killer x Victim
+ Kidnapper x Victim
+ Older Male x Younger Male
+ Half Brother x Half Brother

[non-con, cross-dressing]
One night, a young girl is attacked by a complete stranger. She fights back, but in the end, he's just too much. She ends up unconscious and loaded into his car. By the time she awakens, her secret is out. In the process of moving her from the car to the target location, the kidnapper has realized she is not a girl, but simply a cross-dressing teen. He's already invested time and effort into her---him. He can't turn back now. So what's a kidnapper to do?

[I'm looking for someone to play the kidnapper character. I would imagine this person has some anger issues and is quick to become violent at the very least. My character, the cross-dresser, will look somewhat effeminate, but he will not be a stereotypical girly boy. He will have some strength to his punches and he will fight back. I don't want anyone to think he's going to take this whole situation lying down.]

A Twist on the Taboo
[non-con, incest]
On the outside, Seth [my character] is a typical 17-year-old boy with plenty of friends and a tendency to daydream. In reality, he is under the constant abuse of his older brother. With their parents constantly on business trips, there is no one to stop the older brother from beating and degrading his younger sibling. His methods have always been physical and emotional, but lately the brother seems bored with the usual punches and insults. He's always wondered just how far he could go before Seth finally broke, and tonight seems like a good night to test those limits.

[I'm looking for someone to play the older, abusive brother. Just to be clear: He's never sexually assaulted Seth, the younger character, before. He's only beaten him and played the emotional field. If you prefer, I can age Seth up to 18. Also, the older brother should probably be in his early 20s, probably a college student.]

Send me a message or drop a post here if either the plots or listed pairings appeal to you.