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Author Topic: Craving: Police/Military FxF Roleplays!  (Read 822 times)

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Craving: Police/Military FxF Roleplays!
« on: December 20, 2012, 12:22:10 AM »
The title says it all folks! I'm currently craving police/military themed roleplays. Below I'll list some ideas I currently have swimming around my head but if you have an idea not listed here feel free to shoot me a message detailing your idea to me!

What to Expect
~My typical posts average between two to three paragraphs depending upon mood and scene. Action scenes equal shorter posts simply because we are in an action scene. Starter posts tend to be much longer simply because it's a starter post. There's a lot in a starter post and I love to write so don't be surprised to see a big starter post in the beginning.
~My characters are all submissive. Do not confuse that with weak and whiny.
~I am online often. Usually late at night because that's when the writing juices flow.
~I like a mix of story and sex. Just not a roleplay focused entirely on sex.

Note: Bold are the characters I will play. Strike out equals a taken roleplay.
~Cop x Criminal
~Bounty Hunter x Target
~Parole Officer x Parolee

More May be Added at a Later Date!

Writing Samples

Intro Samples

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Eight o’clock at night. Exactly one hour to get across the city and deliver a very important package. Well, important packages. Regardless her job was still the same. It was always the same. Someone would put in an order to her employer requesting their specific goods and the amount and she would deliver at exactly the time her employer deemed fit. To call it a boring job was far from the truth. Each delivery presented Kris with the opportunity to be better than she was on the last delivery. She would push herself to get to her destination as fast as possible. She knew all the back alley routes. The short cuts.

   Looking within the black backpack Kris neatly organized the different bags into three separate piles. Two of the piles were far larger which consisted of your standard drugs. They were the drugs any drug seller would have in stock for their buyer. But the smaller pile…the smaller pile consisted of the newest drug to hit the streets. It went by the name T4 and it was said that the drug, once ingested, would give the person enormous amounts of energy, numb pain till it was almost nonexistent but also provide very dangerous thoughts. Immediately the drug had been outlawed and savored by the underworld communities. Dons were thrilled with the new drug, often giving it to their muscle to get jobs done more easily. It sold for a high price meaning very few sellers had the drug.

   This run would rake in a nice chunk of money from her employer. Kris smiled, her pale blue eyes gleaming with happiness as she zipped up the bag. A simple run but one with a large reward for her at the end of her delivery. Of course all her deliveries weren’t without risk. She knew if she was found with the drugs on her she would be facing a long prison sentence. The T4 would land her with even more time since the police force was so determined to get the drug off the streets.

   But with the Intel she had been given a few minutes ago she knew which streets to take and what places to avoid. Like all the previous deliveries this one would be quick and simple. Slipping the backpack onto her back Kris double checked to make sure she had everything. She was wearing a simple dark green tee-shirt underneath her black leather jacket, a pair of dark blue denim jeans and a pair of grey sneakers. She dug her fingers into her coat pocket, double checking to make sure she had her switchblade knife she always carried on her during deliveries. With a nod of approval Kris turned and started heading down the street, her long dirty blond hair pulled back into a ponytail so the wind wouldn’t shove her hair in her face. She moved quickly, knowing she only had a certain amount of time to reach the customer. If she was late by even a minute she could consider herself fired.


The market square was busy as usual on the warm, sunny late morning day. Shoppers walked to and fro from the various food stands where farmers competed amongst each other to sell their crops and collect enough money to put on their own family’s table. In an ideal world the practice would be simple and easy with each farmer getting enough customers to keep their families fed and healthy. But times were tough and not everyone was so lucky.

   “I don’t want to do this Anya,” the older gentleman walking beside a young woman began. “But the animals aren’t selling. The crops aren’t selling. We need money if we want to survive. There’s…there’s no other option.”

   Anya’s chestnut brown eyes turned towards her father. Her chocolate brown colored hair fell in slight waves down to her shoulders. She wore a plain tan dress and simple black shoes. She stared at her father, his black hair beginning to grey in certain spots. His dark brown eyes were tired yet determined. “I understand, father. You’ve explained it to me a hundred times.”

   He shook his head. “I don’t want to sell my beautiful daughter but-”

   “After the auction today you’ll bring home plenty of money to help feed the family,” Anya cut in. “That’s what we’re here for. All we need is the coin resting in the purses of the wealthy.”

   The bells chimed close to noon as people began to head to the auction hall where animals and slaves were sold once a week to those with enough coin in their purse. Anya followed her father through the process, remaining silent and trying her best to forget what exactly she was doing. She was surrendering her freedom and putting herself in a stranger’s hands. But if it put coin in her father’s pocket then that would be enough. She would figure out some way to live without being completely reduced to nothing. Somehow…

   When the bells rang again Anya was led away from her father as the auction began. She was placed in line and watched as a man stood up upon a wooden stage and began the auction, starting with the livestock first. The crowd remained standing as bids began to fly left and right, the livestock selling cheaply and quickly.

   Anya wasn’t sure how much time exactly had passed before she was led up onto the stage after the fourth slave had been sold. She was positioned to stand in the middle of the stage as the man conducting the auction began.

   “Ladies and Gentleman I present the next slave up for sale,” he began, his voice booming so he could be heard. “This one is young and pretty. Ideal for almost any situation you require a slave for. Slaves this young and pretty don’t come around very often folks. Do I hear any bids?”

Normal Post Samples

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Anya watched as the bids began to fly. The man in charge of the auction was grinning from ear to ear as bids came flying at him, each one topping the other by great margin. She could see their greedy eyes as their mouths moved, bids slipping free in earnest hope. Anya had seen this happen before a few times when a grand healthy horse was put up for sale or an exotic slave that one could hardly find anymore. Truth be told, though, Anya hadn’t expected such a response from the crowd.

   The shouts of bids continued with the man conducting the auction having no plans to stop it. It was clear it was going to be the richest person in the crowd that won this round. A sharp, firm voice sliced through the shouts, bringing a heavy silence down upon the auction house. Anya watched as the greedy eyes turned to the owner of the voice, Anya’s gaze following. It didn’t take long before she spotted the woman who had called out such a high bid. There was no mistaking with the woman was. One would have to be deaf and blind to not know who the woman was.

   Anya’s gaze focused on Miss. Carmen. Her gaze immediately fell on the umbrella and riding crop in her possession. She felt a sharp jolt of fear course through her body before her gaze ran up the tight black dress and corset and landing upon her face.

   The man conducting the auction grinned proudly. “My, my what a generous bid! Can anyone top this lady’s bid? Anyone?” The hall was silent, all eyes upon the woman. “Very well. The slave is sold for 5000 gold. You can pick up your slave in the east wing when you are finished with the auction, Ma’am.” He gestured for his partner to take Anya off stage as the next slave was brought up.

   Anya was still staring at Carmen before she felt strong hands take her by her arm, leading her off the stage. Anya blinked and looked over at the tall man leading her off the stage and led her over to the east wing where all the sold slaves were held until their new masters and mistresses could pick them up later after they were finished with the auction. Anya’s mind was reeling as she followed the man –though she had little choice-. Five thousand gold? That was triple the amount Anya thought her father would get.


Cassandra glanced over at the two waiting guards before focusing back on Officer Kreutz. This was definitely different. Then again she had been warned that the rules in this particular wing were different than the ones she was used to. She let out a small sigh before shaking her head. “Understood.” Cassandra did indeed want the heat turned back on in her cell. She didn’t know how much time she had spent ‘cooling off’ but she felt her cold skin craving for a warm shower.

   When Officer Kreutz’s orders came Cassandra didn’t react right away. She glanced back over to the two waiting guards. No flicker of emotion crossed either of their faces as she remained standing before her cell, their eyes glued upon her. Slowly her gaze shifted back to Officer Kreutz. Prisoners usually didn’t strip down for their showers until they had been taken to the showering area. She had two choices. She could either argue with Officer Kreutz and hope to find more warmth within that thin blanket upon her bed or she could comply and possibly get a good glimpse of how the wing was laid out.

   With another short sigh Cassandra reached up to the collar of her bright orange jumpsuit and began to unbutton it, revealing the plain white tee-shirt she wore beneath it. Slipping her arms out of the long bright orange sleeves she let half of the jumpsuit hang around her waist while she bent over to slip her shoes off. Once that was down she pushed the rest of her jumpsuit down, revealing the white underwear she wore beneath the jumpsuit as well.

   She then pulled her white tee-shirt up over her head and allowed it fall to the cell floor alongside her jumpsuit. Left standing in only her white bra and underwear Cassandra glanced down at her body, spotting various bruises she had received during her stay at the prison. She pointed to one bruise in particular along her side.  “I’m pretty sure that one came from one of your guards earlier. I like the size and shape of it. Looks like we had a big fight.” She grinned at Officer Kretuz before removing her bra and underwear until she stood completely naked within her cold cell.


She expected Demeter to respond either verbally or physically. At least, that what Kris had been taught would happen once the pleading happened. Either the torturer would start to fuck with her mind or really start to torture her. So it took Kris by surprise when all that followed was silence. But not a peaceful silence. An uncomfortable silence. One that hinted that perhaps the worst was yet to come. That Demeter was now thinking up some way to torture her more. She couldn’t read the Detective’s mind and that was the part that scared Kris the most. The torture really hadn’t lasted that long and already the idea of snitching seemed better than suffering from Demeter’s creative mind.

   No! No! Snitching is a death sentence! Focus…you can withstand the pain.

   Kris watched as Demeter set her tools down and returned to her seat, her eyes set upon her. Kris met her gaze once before looking away and beginning to pull against the cable wires, trying to desperately find some way out of the chair. Yet it was clear Demeter knew what she was doing. There was no give in the cable wires. The only way she was getting out the cable wires was if she magically grew a third limb and got her own knife that rested within her pocket or Demeter released her.

   As the silence drew on Kris looked back over at Demeter. She could still feel the sting of the icy blade on her cheek. She could also feel the warm whispers of the tingle Demeter had left upon her other cheek from her breath, before introducing the red hot blade. “I can’t tell you anything.” Her voice broke the uncomfortable silence that had only been getting heavier for Kris.

   Yet again she pulled upon the cable wires as if they would finally give. “Fuck these cable wires.” Her comment muttered under her breath.
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Re: Craving: Police/Military FxF Roleplays!
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2012, 03:41:26 PM »

Added a new section called Picture Ideas!

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Re: Craving: Police/Military FxF Roleplays!
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2013, 10:00:08 PM »

Added: New pairing!

Removed: Old pairing; Picture Ideas

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Re: Craving: Police/Military FxF Roleplays!
« Reply #3 on: February 26, 2013, 11:19:30 PM »
Added writing samples to give potential partners an idea of how much I write and my style of writing.

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Re: Craving: Police/Military FxF Roleplays!
« Reply #4 on: March 16, 2013, 08:09:01 PM »
Bump! I contacted interested parties awhile back. No response. Still very much seeking partners!

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Re: Craving: Police/Military FxF Roleplays!
« Reply #5 on: July 15, 2013, 10:50:56 PM »
Finally some roleplaying free time! Took out a pairing I'm no longer craving at the moment. May return it to the list at a later date depends. Completely without any fun rps going on. Would love an interested party for any of the pairings printed above.