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Started by Sherona, May 28, 2008, 03:58:42 PM

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Ok this idea had been taken by Archangel, and the story was /great/ Loved it. However it (as most of my stories with him lol) deviated from the actual idea a bit. He and I we both work well together in as far as just letting the characters decide without any real structure.

So, I would like to try this idea again. Its basically enslavement reversed. Instead of a man taking a woman and force training her to be a slave, it would be different. I am thinking along the lines of a slave, born and bred, falls into the hands of a man who decides that he does not want her in bed unwilling and just because its her 'duty' he wants her to choose to be wtih him. A general outline of the story might be :

A General in the King's army drives back enemy forces and rescues a piece of land that is dear to the king. In this kingdom it is natural, and quite proper, for enemy combatants and families to be taken in as slaves. As a reward for his valor, the king gives the General his own personal new concubine, born and bred a slave for pleasure she knows how to please a man, even if she does not know the joys of /wanting/ to please a man. She is a new concubine, fresh from training, but she has lived as a slave all her life, dont expect her to be "free as a bird" the second day after obtaining her.

Now the General is not a revolutionist, he is loyal tot he king and the king's laws, which makes his feelings that much more tumultuous. After taking her to his home, he finds that he is intrigued by her exotic appearance, and because perhaps he has never owned slaves before he does not know exactly how to deal with her being a slave. He knows he is expected to treat her as everyone else treats slaves (not cruelly in this story, a punishing whipping yes, bondage torture no) but he can not bring himself to do so. Perhaps he sees something beneath. So he takes it upon himself to "unbreak" her, though this is a long and arduous process, and even if he succeeds they can never appear as anything more then Master and slave in public...not unless the laws were changed.

What I am expecting fromt his story:

I want to delve into the psyche of a slave. someone who accepts their station in life even if its 'wrong'. I would like to work through the mirings of unteaching things that have been drilled into her head since birth.

Romance will probably happen, but I do not see bondage happening (though she would wear a collar) and no Non-Con atleast between the General and Slave, if somethinghappens in the story that might move toward Non-Con I will certainly ask it to be moved but I really dont forsee it happening.

I want a writing partner who understands sometimes I am just not really up to writing sappy stories so I might go a day without posting..but also I will notify this partner when this happens

I want a writing partner who does proper poses, no one-liners please. I like to get a feel for what the opposite character is feeling. (Btw I would play the slave)


oh! I should mention if people start a story then decide its not for them. It happens and I won't get upset. So if your thinking that it /might/ be fun but not sure if it would hold your attention, I really dont mind if you wantt o start it to see :)

Does this make sense?


Hello there,

Well, I am fairly new here on E, and you may not have sen my name on any of the threads you read, certainly not on any that we have participated in together *hehe*.  MY handle is Gerald, Ihave written many stories and currently have several topic threads going, but the one you have suggested is very interesting to me.  I can sense that she will need patience in the 'de' training efforts from slavery to being more than she was raised to be, and the idea is facinating, rather like deprogramming someone from a cult, or at least that is my easiest comparison in the real world of today.

I can certainly associate with someone who would be as the male character you want to find.  I have never owned a slave, nor have I bound one to do my bidding, and don't see it happening any time in the future.  I do feel that I could take on the role well, and take the time to build the character of the male and allow the slow transition of her from slave to...whatever she ends up...an equal...a lover...or free, though that could take a while if we do a decent job of the task at hand.

About me...I am an author in real life, and have written many tales of 'erotic' type, as well as many romances and such.  I very much enjoy developing the plot, chatracters, and scenario of a story, I am faily regular in my posts, as my partners will allow me anyway, but feel that taking a day or two to post is much more important than amassing a bunch of jiberish.
I know the value of taking time to make a story detailed and valued to the reader, if that is of any consequence.

If you like, read some of my thread posts and see if my writing style is something you'd like to tie in with your own, from what I've seen so far of your writings I think we could make a good team  *grins* in some form or fashion.

All that being said, I will release you for now, and await a reply to see if you and I can join in some creative muse.  Please PM me if you're interested, I can hold only so many threads in my head, and as my age progresses they seem to get fuzzy  LOL  I do appreciate that comment of not bearig any malice for someone who changes his/her mind, though as of yet, I have only taken on threads that are valuable assets to my thoughts and desires, and have not given up any so far.

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