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May 23, 2018, 12:11:45 PM

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Author Topic: My Roleplay Wants and Ideas  (Read 294 times)

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Offline sardiasTopic starter

My Roleplay Wants and Ideas
« on: December 18, 2012, 12:50:16 PM »
Hey all this is my first story thread and I thought that I would say “Hi!”  Just wanted to throw up some story ideas and test the waters a little.   I am Male if you were wondering but I do play both male and female characters.   I am experimenting quite a bit in what I like and such so please be a little patient with me and show me what you got!  :P 

Please not that I love story and I love sex but I love the story more.  I do like to go into quite a bit of detail sometimes and I am not a fan of a few sentence response.   But on the other hand I don’t need a book either. I like the story to be pieced together by both people to where we have a chance to make things grow. 

I am also really big into characters in worlds that have been established like those in books and movies and such.  I will add some on to here when I come up with them. 

Please get ahold of me by PM and not by here.   

Male for Female Requests

Training gone wild

This can be a variety of things.  I am big into wrestling and I would be willing to almost do any wrestler match up you can think of.  Mostly WWE, I’m not a huge TNA fan.  Just give me a suggestion on characters and we will go from there.   Basic story is that the two of us, me playing the male and you the female, are sparing in the ring and it becomes very competitive.  Suplexes here and get the point.  We both start to get excited from the interaction and things start to heat up a little.  We are in a private gym so no one is around.  Eventually, depending on how the story goes, we will end up incorporating sex into our wrestling.  Kind of hard to want to tombstone piledriver someone when they pull out your cock and start to tease you with their tongue.   :)

The day that she has been waiting for.
Eric is a great guy at heart but he is terrible at his job.   *Insert Boss Name here* has been trying hard for him to keep his job since she has always been attracted to him since hiring him months ago.  But it is getting to the point where the risk outweighs the reward.  Well she is about to change that.   She knows that Eric will be lost without this job and that he will do anything to keep it.  She has decided to tell him the truth.  That she is finding it hard to keep covering for him but there is a way that he can make it up to her. It will be her special day and he will have to do everything that she says.  If not, he will lose his job.   With a choice like that what is a person to do?   

Waking to a dream.

John has been in a coma for six months and you have been the one that is taking care of him.  When he finally awakens he doesn’t have the memory of his home or his life.  But his wife is right there for him when he wakes up.  She intends to help him get his memories back but that isn’t what you want.  You have fallen for John over the past six months and he belongs to you.  You have treated him, bathed him and made sure that he is alive, why should she have the right to take him home and not you.   (this can go one of a couple of ways.  You could slowly start to make him love you before his memory comes back or even if it does make him question who was there for him.  Or you could go crazy style and abduct him while he is still weak.  Either way would be fun and we can talk about it more over PM. 

Other small ideas. 

Step Brother x Step Sister    (it’s so wrong that it seems right)

Father x Step Daughter   (She can’t stop herself from wanting him)

Customer x Store Employee  (So many ideas)   

Anything that you can think of just give me a holler. 


Characters that I can play for almost any rp session. 

Captain Verris Maldrone.  He captains the airship Verdrago.  And yes, he is a pirate.   He is a quirky, high on life, and has a sharp tongue to match his blade.   He explores the realms in his ship but does not attack the weak.  His crew is way more loyal than you would expect from pirates and He is loved in many places.   He is a dextrous fellow, not one for brute strength, his weapon of choice is a dueling sword that was custom made for him that is said to have special powers.   Though he is not one to always follow the rules hiding other weapons on his person.   

I have more characters, just shoot me some ideas and I will let you know if I have some Characters that fit what you want.  :)

Male for Special 

I have been interested in some futa lately.   Girls with a nice penis and there other parts to boot.  Something about this has always turned me on and I would like to explore that more. 

An unexpected Surprise

 Michael is you everyday average guy and he is looking for a little bit of companionship.  He meets a girl at the bar.  Every Time that he saw her there he felt more and more attracted to her.  There seemed to be something homey about her but maybe a little wild too.  She never wore those little skirts like the rest of the bar girls.  Mostly long puffy skirts like you would see an old librarian wearing.  He finally gathered up the courage to ask her out on a date....   

If you have more ideas just let me know.  :)

Female for Any

I don’t have a lot of ideas right now but I am working on them.  I will keep you updated.  :P