A Victorian Murder-Mystery

Started by Effeari, December 15, 2012, 01:32:17 PM

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Fenwy Park

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The Yorkes are one of the most powerful and influential families in Wales, this is a fact that is uncontested, their reaches stretch most of the way across Victorian Britain and even to the Queen herself. However at its core, like most families, it’s complicated, convoluted and rife with complex rivalries and troubles. Their sprawling mansion in the centre of the Welsh valleys is isolated for most of the winter months and though there are swarms of servants the surrounding villagers know very little about their wealthy patrons.

This is a murder-mystery with a difference.

Your character knows the large house well, having grown up in the large town less than a few miles from the enormous well-kept palace they have spent their childhood learning about its history, finding nooks, crannies, places to hide, passages and forgotten rooms. It’s only natural when both of their parents are the head curators of the historical home. Since the Victorian days of old the mansion has been preserved and kept as a shining example of eighteenth and nineteenth nobility and servant life. Very little is different about the house, save for the constant stream of tour-groups and school trips.

It wasn’t a bad place to grow up.

Especially when your best friend was usually around, showing you all of the best hiding places and generally helping you escape from the crowds. The two of you could get lost for hours in the gardens, or sneaking up into the attics which were strictly off limits. Your parents never seemed to mind when you fetched back some forgotten trinket or other. Of course it’s been a while since childhood, it’s been a while since you’ve seen your friend.

The Story

The story will kick off the return of the best friend, after a decade of being gone she will show up, of course a lot of growing up has been done by both. However this time she has confessions to make; she needs your help. Desperately. Which is why she has come back.

Without conscious decision or forewarning your character is dragged back in time and finds themselves slap bang in the middle of the heaving house, the same and yet utterly different because the year is 1856. Looking to your friend for answers that you just don’t have, it might come as a surprise that she seems entirely in-step with the life. What’s more is that nobody else seems concerned with her sudden presence.

There are horrible things afoot in the house and nothing is quite what it seems, everything your character knew about the Yorkes and their lives is about to be utterly and completely turned on its head.

Time is running out for your friend.

Time is running out for your character.

Your character;

Your character can be whoever you want them to be, with the stipulation that they grew up in/around the house and have a pretty deep obsession with the history of the house; at least superficially.

Anything else is utterly up to you.

Everything else;

  • Anything can happen with this idea, the relationship between the friends can be anything, from star-crossed lovers to childhood rivals forced together by circumstance. I don’t mind any gender pairing for this, mxf or fxf, romantic or platonic. So throw whatever ideas you have at me and we’ll take it from there.

    I don’t mind injections of Steampunk, however it would have to be concealed from the modern-day knowledge, perhaps with just hints of what was showing through.

    I’d like a partner that isn’t afraid to write in plot twists and keep everything dynamic, I like being surprised, I also like surprising people. I would love for this story to be riddled with twists and turns.

  • I would expect somebody that is perfectly comfortable writing and using many different characters, this will be a big house and there will be many, many secondary and tertiary characters to use to your will. Characters are pawns to drive plot and establish relationships, creating worlds obviously involves writing more than just the protagonists.

If you are interested then please, please shoot me a PM and we can discuss and work things out from there. Thank you very much,

Flick xx
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Edited; changed the plot around and the descriptions. Altered quite a bit.

Still looking! :-)
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