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Author Topic: ~IV's Request Thread~ (Looking for M&F RP partners)  (Read 823 times)

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~IV's Request Thread~ (Looking for M&F RP partners)
« on: December 14, 2012, 08:30:41 PM »
Welcome to my request thread.
My name is Ivy and thanks for stopping by.

I want to keep this thread clean, so please, only PM me.
When you PM me, be aware, first impressions mean a lot.

My Most Important Writing Preferences...
  • I aim to write at least once a week. I will let you know if it will be longer.
  • I prefer collaborative plot writing, but if you have a strong idea about something, don't hesitate to tell me.
  • I am a detailed roleplayer, I prefer writing 3-5 paragraphs. I will, however, match your lengths, and it is always Quality over Quantity.
  • Please be literate. A few typos here and there is fine, but if you can't string a sentence together, or you use "txt lyk dis," we're probably not going to get on.
  • My characters are all females, usually ranging from 18-25 in age.
  • I prefer to RP through threads.
  • I understand this is a sexual based RP forums. I get that the stories have sex in them. But I'm not looking for a "Wham Bam, Thank you Ma'am" type of scene. I like the build-up, the foreplay, the teasing, the torture. All my plots have a good backstory too them, and I would like to explore that before I jump in, legs open.

The link for my O/O’s can be found in my signature. Please read and see if we are compatible.

Current Ideas!

I Knew You Were Trouble
I Knew You Were Trouble (Looking for Dominant M/F)

Sophia had a boring day job, a simple life, a nice apartment.
Nothing exciting happened to her, nothing worth mentioning, at least.
Though there was that time a homeless man yelled at her in the supermarket. But I digress…
One day, a new colleague starts at her office. Sophia is drawn to this new person like a moth to a flame.
It’s someone new, exciting, and as the two of them work together, Sophia finds herself increasingly
attracted towards the new person. One night, after far too many drinks, Sophia goes home with the
new person, and from there tumbles into a world of kinks she did not know existed…

A simple plot, basically looking for a Dominant male or female to play the new person in Sophia’s office.
As for the secret identity, it’s up to you. Are you a dungeon master? Do you have a harem?
Do you own all manner of toys or torture devices?

Give Me Love
Give Me Love (Can be MxF or FxF – not necessarily D/s)

Juliette has just turned 18 and graduated high school.
She’s heading for the big city of New York, with her placed booked in one of the
leading performing arts schools. She’s from a small town, so already knows she is
going to have a hard time fitting in. In her first class, it becomes very apparent
that she is an outsider. The others are older, more experienced and Juliette
has little to offer in competition.
There is another student who seems to take an interest in her and
they get along like a house on fire. But for how long?

This is kind of just a sweet romance plot.
There doesn’t have to be any level of BDSM in it at all, it can just be vanilla sex,
with some experimenting.
Or if you are on the more extreme side, then perhaps you're an older student
offering to show Juliette around and then some.
Then it can have anything in my O/O’s in it.

Some Nights
Some Nights (Looking for a Dom M)

Kat works as a stripper some nights.
She has to do anything she can to get by.
Then one day, one of her regular customers
offers her the chance of a lifetime.
To become his personal stripper, and probably more.
She would get paid much more, have her own luxury
apartment, and she could have anything
she wanted. What could go wrong?

Looking for a Dom M to be Kat's regular that wants her all to himself.
Maybe he makes her his slave. Maybe he is controlling and won't let her leave.
It's up to you really - so who wants to buy themselves a stripper?

Troublemaker (Looking for a Dom M)

Josie is always getting herself into sticky situations.
She's flirty and fun, overly friendly and always seen with a different guy.
She likes to party, and if she got arrested tonight, it wouldn't be the first time.
She toys with guys' emotions, leads them on, all in the name of fun.
Well someone doesn't think it's very fun anymore, and they decide
to punish her. She wakes up after a drunken night, alone in a dark room.
Where is she? And who brought her here? More importantly, why was she
in her underwear?

Looking for a dominant male to play her captor. Maybe there is more
than one person, a group of guys sick of her flirtatious behaviour.
Either way, Josie is yours for however long you want her.
Will she enjoy herself? Will she come back after she's been freed?
Or will something else happen to her along the way?

Do What U Want
Do What U Want (Looking for Dominant M/F)

Alice has been a very bad girl. She dropped
out of college because she couldn't keep up with the
class work due to her partying ways. Her parents were
horrified and told her to do whatever she could to get back
into the college. Alice went to the Dean of the school to see
if there was any way she could make up her grades and get back
into the school.

Looking for someone to play the Dean.
What will Alice need to do to get back into the school?

Black Heart
Black Heart (Looking for M/F - not necessarily D/s)

Elle met the M/F of her dreams.
They were the perfect combination of good looks,
charm, humour and even better, they were single.
Or so they seemed. Elle fell in love, fell hard.
Then one day, the perfect M/F revealed a dark side,
a dark secret that would rock Elle's world.
Would she still be interested now that she knew the truth?

Looking for the M/F to play opposite Elle.
Can have anything as the secret.
But essentially they are not a good person,
despite their appearances.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Looking for Dominant F)

Katie is by all accounts, straight.
Except for when she's drunk it seems.
She went to a party and went home with a woman.
The first time was messy, inexperienced
and Katie decided she wouldn't do it again.
Until she met you.

Looking for a dominant female to show Katie
how it's done and entice her back to the
fairer sex.

Something I Need
Something I Need (Looking for F - doesn't have to be D/s)

Summer yearned for a meaningful relationship.
She had broken up with her long-term boyfriend three years ago
and she hadn't been with anyone since.
She didn't know what she wanted, she just knew that
it would come along when the time was right.
One day, Summer met this beautiful woman at a bookstore
and couldn't get her out of her head.
She'd never been interested in a woman before
so it was all new to her.
But she was excited to see how things could go.

Looking for a female to play Summer's
new love interest.

Just Like A Pill
Just Like A Pill (Looking for Dominant M

Alex just made it out of rehab and she
was four months clean. There were no more
drugs or alcohol in her system. She had beaten it.
That was until her ex-dealer paid her a visit.
She'd been a great customer but she owed
him a lot. And he was going to recuperate his losses,
one way or another.

Looking for a Dom M to play the dealer.
How will Alex have to repay you?

Future Characters

I found these pictures very inspirational
and wanted somewhere to put them.
They will have stories very soon I hope.
Alternatively, if you like one of the above stories,
but prefer one of the below pictures,
feel free to let me know and I will swap them out.




I Can Change Your Life
I Can Change Your Life (Looking for a Dom M)

Georgia opens up the newspaper on a Monday morning
and sees an advert for a personal assistant with the heading “I Can Change Your Life.”
Intrigued, she applies, expecting nothing from it. Three days later, she’s heading
for an interview with the man himself, a wealthy businessman, notorious for all the
wrong things. When Georgia gets there, she gets the offer of a lifetime, and a lot
more than she bargained for on the side.

Again, something basic. Looking for a dominant male to play the businessman.
You come up with the duties involved in the job description. It could be anything
from morning blowjobs, to wearing a collar on the weekends.

Things We Lost In The Fire
Things We Lost In The Fire (Looking for M -- can be D/s)
Houki & IV

Cassie lived by herself in a small apartment.
One day, a fire broke out in a neighbouring apartment while Cassie was at work.
When she returned to her apartment, it was all gone.
It was completely burned out, all her possessions turned into ashes.
Left with nothing, Cassie had to try to rebuild her life.
She was offered help from someone she didn't expect, but
she had nothing to lose so she took it.
Will this be a big mistake or a turn of good fortune?

Looking for a male character to take Cassie in.
Perhaps they work together, but have never got on
or maybe he was one of the firefighters
who put out the fire at her apartment, but they'd never met before.
Either way, it will be someone she doesn't expect to offer her help.
What happens next is up to you. Do you have a secret that
needs to be kept hidden? Do you have some weird personality quirks?
Or some kinky desires that you can't help but reveal to Cassie?

If you have any other ideas,
feel free to PM me and I'm sure we can come up with something.
I will add more in when I can think of some.

~Ivy x
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Re: ~IV's Request Thread~ (Looking for M&F RP partners)
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