Craving excitement with an alternative Batgirl...

Started by Wraithlight, December 12, 2012, 05:36:15 PM

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I have a craving for adventures with a beautiful Bat of some form. What I have in mind is a more alluring and wanton version of the darknight vigelante we're all so familiar with, engaging in daring and dangerous adventures that could lead to all sorts of wickedness of a consensual and non consensual variety.

My initial vision was of an female elseworlds version of Batman, but with perhaps a slightly lighter background...driven to stalk the night out of a sense of justice or perhaps even thrill seeking rather than a desire for vengeance. Inspiring lust as well as fear in those who face her and perhaps not above sinful activities if the mood takes her. I'm open to all sorts of ideas however so feel free to PM me with ideas and suggestions.

A few general details.
a)   I’m only available for play on the forums or by email/PM.  Unfortunately I don’t have the time to devote to IM games.
b)   I really do prefer females playing females.
c)   My posting times can vary. Sometimes I can do multiple posts a day, occasionally I struggle to manage more than one a week.
d)   Plot is good! Sure I want plenty of sinful Non Consensual wickedness, but I really enjoy that much more if it’s mixed in with detailed characters and a background to the story line.
e)    I try to make my posts fairly detailed and hopefully well written and I prefer the same same in a partner
f)   My tastes tend to veer towards Non Consensual, although how non consensual tends to depend on what the other person wants. Romance doesn’t hold any serious interest for me as a main thrust to the story line I am afraid.
g)   If you're interested or have other ideas that seem to fit in with my tastes please do drop me a PM rather than post in this thread.

And a few pictures to illustrate my thoughts...

A few ideas as examples (thinking them up keeps me amused)

Batwoman (the prodigal daughter)

Victoria Wayne, eldest daughter of famous Wayne family, was grew up with a strong sense of justice. Her parents did nearly die in a mugging when she was younger you know. And so, when the city is falling to corruption and crime, it's her civic duty to make best use of her wealth and athletic prowess to fight the crime that threatens the city. Of course, no one can suspect its her...and who would imagine that the stern and proper Victoria Wayne is also the stunning vigelante Batwoman, clad in glossy black, her sultry voice sending a shiver of...something...down the spine of any villain who crosses her path. Of course, it's all part of keeping her identity secret. She doesn't enjoy teasing these low lives with her incredible body, toying with them, the thrill of the conflict...maybe even..being captured. It's just...what she's got to do. If only it wasn't so much FUN sometimes.

Batgirl (Barbara takes over)

She knew it would happen eventually...Bruce would decide to retire and Dick was just too hot headed and impetuous to take over the now she's Gothams protector. Time to show the city that Batgirl was never just a sidekick. A new costume, a new look, and she's on the streets again. But the lack of Batman will embolden many of the denizens of the night. Is the new dark night damsel up to the task ?

Daughters of the Bat

Batman is gone, but he left behind a legacy. Not one but two daughters....with two very separate mothers, one a legendary thief the other the daughter of the demon. Now that their fathers gone its up to them to continue his legacy....but will these two very different personalities put aside their differences to work together.

Other ideas that have some appeal is perhaps Alternative location, perhaps a Bat in Russia  stalking the cold rooftops of Moscow, or the rain slick city streets of London..


If you are still on the look out I could go for it and go for either of these looks, if you like that is. And if you do we can hammer out details on the story ideas.

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Have tidied the thread a little and am giving it a little bump. Am rather craving this at the moment.