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Author Topic: Zero On A Canvas. (Police RP; Dom Male Wanted) Added a plot  (Read 461 times)

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Zero On A Canvas. (Police RP; Dom Male Wanted) Added a plot
« on: December 09, 2012, 12:56:00 PM »
I've been thinking about a few roleplays that concentrate on police officers and/or their relationship with criminals. It doesn't matter to me if I play the cop or the criminal, as long as the story is good and we have a strong platform to work from.
I know there are a lot of clichés to go with, that's why an idea with a lot of depth is needed to make it work. Who plays which characters, why do they have to work together, etc...

Police Officer/Police Officer; I'd like to think they're being forced to work together, undercover or not, not liking each other one bit as they partnership starts. If they're both strong personalities I think it could be a great rp. 

Police Officer/Criminal: This is about a police officer using the criminal to get the information they need. In these stories the criminal is aware that they're dealing with a cop and is blackmailed/lured into helping the law.

Undercover Cop/Criminal; The criminal is not aware that there is a cop in their midst, but it could always turn into them finding out that the right hand actually works with a badge.

Police Officer/Undercover Criminal; The cop knows something's not right about their new partner, but knows they can always rely on them when the hard times roll. But how long can the criminal keeps his true intentions hidden?

Good Cop/Bad Cop: Sure your partner has a high succes rate when it comes to his cases. But the way he goes about them is more than unacceptable. You're teamed up with him because the higher ups knows you obey the law to a T, and hopefully you can get the bad cop to follow your lead. If you succeed or instead become as corrupt as the other, that's the question...

My female roles are mostly strong personalities, but love to be dominated as well. Whether you're guy is a gentleman or a pure asshole; they both need to have a dominant streak.
I'm looking for nice sized... posts. If you can't give me at least 2 paragraphs per reply you won't cut it. If you can play a man of color, I'd be one happy girl. But it's not necessary!

If any of these ideas spark your interest don't wait to throw a plot my way!
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Re: Zero On A Canvas. (Police RP; Dom Male Wanted)
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2013, 04:16:07 PM »
I have a lovely new plot I've been sitting on for a while and hopefully I can find just the right person to develop the story with me like it deserves to!

Both from different police departments, a female and male officer are chosen to become part of a new force that is in charge of protecting the country's most important leaders. Going from the being bodyguards for the head of the national bank to observing a dinner for different political parties, they're called upon for just about anything.
Depending on the task at hand they work undercover or in uniform. They get total freedom and it’s their call in which way they act, as long as the job gets done.

The first few tasks are still somewhat simple, their supervisor testing out their strengths and weaknesses. But since they both feel like they have little to lose, they were head of their classes and they know this special force needs them more than they need the force, it makes their approach less serious and they’re often found messing around and having fun than actually take things serious enough. Even though they’re somewhat unconventional and at times very risk-taking, they always succeed… And soon they are giving more difficult and even life threatening jobs.

Things manage to go smoothly, they’re perfecting their skills and they feel like they’re actually helping the country get rid of its worst criminals. But at one time during a certain job things don’t seem to add up. The reason for getting rid of a certain man seems off, and they both know the one they’re supposed to protect isn’t exactly an ideal citizen.
Even though the job gets them both uncomfortable they still agree to it, and when they’re at the point of having to get rid of the enemy they get a very shocking and useful piece of information that turns their world around.
They start digging into their work history; every person they used to protect and every weird detail they have ever encountered is scanned thoroughly, letting them find out they have been on the wrong part of justice for all this time.

Their boss is corrupt and works for their corrupt president and now it’s up to them to choose who they plan on working for in the end.

I need a partner who won't make me do all the work. A fair share of characters and ideas to help the story go on.
We can take as long or as little time on a job as we want, some just used for the relationship to evolve and some as an important part of the plot.

Surprise me with your character! But please look at my O&Os before you send me a message.
A cool and collected man, or serious but extremely amusing and exciting when times get rough, or somebody that's ice cold and my char has to work her way into his trust.
Tall and muscular men are my thing!

So if you think it sounds interesting please let me know!

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