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Author Topic: Star Wars - Sith Master and Apprentice (M for F) Closed  (Read 763 times)

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Online BlueEyedBardTopic starter

Star Wars - Sith Master and Apprentice (M for F) Closed
« on: December 08, 2012, 12:14:44 am »
So this idea for a role play is sort of like a slave and master type situation because of the nature of the Sith, though your character would not be a slave but a student being trained in the ways of the dark side, and my character's method of training would be considered quite brutal and perverse.

This story would take place at a nondescript time around the beginning of the Mandelorian Wars. While the Republic is busy fighting against the Mandelorians the Sith are taking the opportunity to strike small Republic aligned outposts and places where high ranking members of the Senate and Jedi might be holding up and making plans.
On one such world a Sith lord will be leading a battalion of troops into a small village with the intention to eradicate every trace of life therein. During this mission the Sith lord comes across a disturbance in the force, a presence that he doesn't quite understand until he sees it for himself. Surrounded by the bleeding corpses of her family and the burning rubble that was her home, a young girl, frail and alone. She looked like a stiff breeze could have blown her away. But he could see the way the force was like a hurricane around her and flowed through her like a tidal wave. As she was now she may never even have known it, but with his help, he could foresee a whole new future for the galaxy.

Your character would be the girl and this story would take place during the attack just before my character finds yours. The specific planet is not very important, if you have one in particular you would like your character to be from that will be fine, best not to be one of the key Republic worlds (Coruscant, Dantooine...). If you don't have one in particular in mind something like Tattooine would work fine.
Then the rest of the story would be the training and your character deciding what she wanted to do with the power she is being trained to weild. Eventually the story would end with one of our characters killing the other (probably you killing me) not in some kind of sexual way or anything like that, it's just the nature of the Sith.

So hopefully somebody else will be interested in this story. Go ahead and post here or message me, I will respond to both.


I am going to close this request page for now because I got a few interested parties. Thanks all for taking a look!

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Online BlueEyedBardTopic starter

Re: Star Wars - Sith Master and Apprentice (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2012, 12:53:41 am »
Ok so I will post a character on here and then that can be a general character outline.

Name: Darth Skeksis
Race: Echani
Age: 32
Home world: Nar Shaddaa
Affiliation: Sith
Characteristics: Straightforward, strong, resilient, unforgiving
Back story: Borne on the smugglers moon his parents were slaves to the Hutts and he was taken from his parents as soon as he was able to walk, never even learning his birth name. He had many names as he grew and was sold from one slaver to the next to the next, working in the mines, serving rich crime lords and eventually training in battle. It wasn't until the day he plunged his owners vibrosword through his neck, and watched the Twi'lek's green blood pour out and his last breaths gasp around the blade.
The act of Violence left a scar in the young boy that throbbed and pulsed with hatred and it was this hatred that drew his first real master to take him underwing and teach him the power in the dark side of the Force. Before long the boy learned to manipulate the Force, using it as a tool, as a weapon, to strike down those who would stand against him. He would never be treated like somebody's toy to play with and toss aside, and it was this determined rage that fueled his power. He was given the title Darth Skeksis, the only name he has ever accepted.