After a long break I'm up for some RP! [Bi M looking for F/Girly Boy]

Started by Keikkashi, December 07, 2012, 08:18:02 PM

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Hello all :)

Looking again for more roleplays! I am open to a lot of things and these can be seen in my Ons/Offs list in my sig but I'm going to post a few scenarios/characters I am currently craving though feel free to PM me if you have an idea for something else that follows my Ons/Offs list. I'm sure we can work something out :)

Kinks/genres/character I'm craving:

-Femboys! I'm always in the mood for some good femboy fun. Two curvy plump smooth boys just having a good time! ;D (When I say boys, I do mean 18+ mind you)

-Some furry/anthro fun. Either human/anthro or anthro/anthro is okay with me. I prefer playing human characters but I don't mind playing anthros as well, though I'm a bit inexperienced with it. (I tend to prefer playing with catgirls or cowgirls and for boys cats or horses. I would most likely play a horse or cat myself.)

-Cowgirl. I like cowgirls in the anthro sense as well but for now I mean the chap wearing southern bells. I'd love to flesh out an RP where my character gets to interact with a strong, independent, sweet, pretty cowgirl from the south. Assless chaps and hat included, accent optional! ;D

-Anal training session. I'm looking for someone who really enjoys anal to play out an RP idea. In this scenario my character would convince your character (or vice versa) to gradually try anal play through beads and plugs and slowly into fingering and anal and through time she finds out she truly loves anal and becomes addicted to it. It doesn't have to go to the extreme of literally being addicted to anal but an RP where the female character slowly learns to love anal is the general idea.

- Muscular girls. I've been in the mood for an RP involving a strong muscular female dominating my male character. I'm open to the ammount of "muscle" on your character but I'd prefer to stay reasonable. I was thinking something along the lines of Chun-Li or Cammy from Street Fighter. I'm not looking to E-Wrestle or play a WWF match, though I'm not opposed to be jostled around and forced into positions ;3

-As someone who is bisexual but has limited actual guy/guy experience I love the idea of a dominate femboy taking me under his wing and letting me be shy and nervous as teaches me and we have lots of adventures together. This could either be separate or linked with any of the scenarios from the first idea.

-Librarian! I've been going to the library a lot lately and seeing some very attractive librarians that have got me thinking of this scenario. White button up shirt, sleek black dress, thigh highs, a bun with pencil through the hair, and glasses sounds like a good start. Let me find out about the hidden sex goddess underneath that coy intellectual appearance!

Stories/scenarios I'm craving:

-~The Prince and the Popper~- (M/M or M/F) (Participation stopped, if interested in picking this one up you can read the story thus far here. I really liked this story and would love to pick it up again!

The only heir to the noble throne lives a sheltered life and wants to see the world. All he knows of the world is what stories he can gain from his best friend Agnes his maid and keeper. Agnes feels bad for the poor boy because he's being held captive by his father because he can no longer have children and he doesn't want their name to die out. Agnes decides to help one day and arranges a disguise for the boy who sneaks from the castle. In the city the prince runs into a cute brigand (M or F) who recognizes the prince since he had planned to kidnap him for bounty. Sensing he can double his reward he offers to take the prince on an adventure to see the world...for a price. He plans to sell the prince back to the king not long after for even more money! The story would develop as the characters start to grow on each other. My character the prince would be a sheltered and curious younger (18-20ish) effeminate noble who marvels at the world. The brigand should be either a strong dominant female character or a strong flamboyant male character. The story would most likely involve my characters innocence and attraction to his so called "savior" and the brigands growing attraction to the prince and the decision of whether he/she really will turn him in for immense fortune or instead keep his original promise with the prince and maybe even fall in love.

This story could work in a medieval, steam-punk, or sci-fi setting.

Looking for: Dominant female/or Flamboyant effeminate male to play strong brigand character.

-~Tome of Claws~- (M/M or M/F)(Furry/Anthro)

Gualin is a scholar and a purveyor of rare books. He grew up without a family and his only saving grace was the teacher who would give him food and shelter for a short time if he would let her teach him a lesson. He learned to read at a young age and since then is almost never seen without a book in his hand. He speaks many languages including many of the dialects of the fera language which most humans struggle to speak and rely on various species of fera to translate for them. The fera are anthromorphic/furry creatures who live alongside humans, though to say alongside would be a stretch. There has been many struggles and confrontations between the humans and various species of fera and although some live together most live in cities of their own and the various species, including humans, stick to their own kind unless they need something. Because the fera language can be difficult and hard to learn Gualin, with his intellect and knack for spoken languages, became a translator. Since most species tend to distrust each other it wasn't hard for Gualin to rise the ranks displacing the various more common fera translators and eventually become very wealthy serving as the royal translator. Although he knows many languages and is an intellectual person Gualin is still a product of his society and although his distaste for other species is less than others, he still tends to hold biases. Thanks to his wealth and position Gualin was able to amass a large personal library of rare books and tomes over time. One day he comes across a traveling Fele (cat) trader and notices a rare looking tome he has never seen before. He buys the tome from the vendor and takes it home to read it that night. After reading the strange tome, which had many blank pages and surprisingly old and few words inside it, he went to bed. Upon waking up Gualin finds he has transformed into a Fele (cat) and has lost his ability to speak English. The royal guards eventually come across him and believe that he has in fact done something with Gualin and throw him in jail and ready him for execution. Gualin makes a break for it with another Fele (M or F) he meets in the dungeon who happens to be able to spring them and they make their way to the closest Fele city. From there Gualin and his friend slowly begin to form a close friendship...and then something even more. The story will be about the conflict between the different races, misconceptions humans have of fera and fera of humans, Gualins sudden inability to speak English, gualin trying to get turned back into human (and although he does at first, does he continue to want to become human again?), the relationship he develops, and if he admits to his new friend that he isn't a misinformed/dumb Fele but in fact a very smart human turned Fele.

Looking for:
Female or male anthro/furry cat. If you prefer to play another species of anthro let me know and we can re-work the story accordingly.

-~Looking for a Good Home~- (M/M or M/F) (Anthro/Furry) (Participation stopped, if interested in picking this one up you can read the story thus far here.

Nykel is a homeless catboy (I can play either a very effeminate boy or regular boy) down on his luck. After running away from his abusive father he finds himself on the streets without a job or home begging for change or a chance to make some quick money. One rainy night as he cries himself to sleep shivering in a cardboard box on the side of the road just as hes falling asleep he decides that he's sick of it all and that he just won't wake up in the morning. As the morning sun breaks over the horizon Nykel cracks his eyes open with a yawn as he slowly awakes...but what is this feeling? He looks around to find himself in a bed covered with a soft blanket. He suddenly jolts awake and sits up looking around in surprise as he begins to examine his surroundings. No longer is he on the cold street but he's surrounded by four glorious walls, a floor, and a ceiling in what appears to be a mid-range apartment.

Nykel comes to find that a passing pedestrian found him in his helpless mess and ended up taking him home. They decide he can live with them and share their food if he helps them out around the apartment and helps them run errands and do chores.

There's a lot of flexibility to this story. It can be a M/F or M/M story and your character can be either human or some form of anthro/furry. I prefer when playing a furry character, as my character Nykel would be, to play with another furry character regardless of M or F but I'm not opposed to playing with a human character if you decide you really rather play a human.

Looking for:
Male or Female to play human or anthro that adopts a homeless catboy.

-~A Good Deed Never Goes Unpunished~- (M/M or M/F)

Walking down the street trying to work off the drunkenness from the bar he had just visited Symon notices a person (M/F) in trouble. Always one to look out for others and fueled by his drunken stupor he flashes at the attacker attempting to mug the man/woman. Being caught off-guard the mugger takes a nasty sucker punch to the jaw followed by a swift hook to the ribs and finished with a harsh kick to the genitals. In immense pain and regret the mugger scuttles away leaving Symon and the muggers victim. Symon turns to the man/woman smiling but they give him a look of shock instead of the praise he had expected. Why was th-....It's getting darker in h-...*thump* Symon collapses unconscious as in the ensuing fight the mugger had gotten off at least one good punch to Symon's head that left him bleeding. The blood loss combined with his drunkenness caused Symon to faint. Upon waking up Symon finds himself in a house he does not recognize. He's greeted by the man/woman who reveals they are a nurse/doctor and tells Symon that after he had collapsed they checked the would and realized it wasn't actually that bad and the fainting primarily had to do with all the drinking Symon had done and so decided to take him home and nurse him back to health as thanks for saving them of course the REAL thanking has yet to begin.

This story is probably more suited to a short story one-off but if you want to try to make it something more than we can try and do that as well.

Looking for: Female or effeminate male to "nurse my character back to health".

-~The Attraction Complex~- (M/F)

This is a slight variation of the classic body-swap story. In this story a couple gets mixed up in a strange predicament due to a spell/curse/accident/technology that causes their libidos to become flip-flopped. Although they stay in their original bodies they find that their sexual cravings and desires have flipped. The girl in the relationship starts becoming gradually more and more dominant and starts slowly gaining the desire to play with her boyfriends ass eventually leading to the want of full-on pegging him. The guy finds himself slowly becoming more and more submissive and enjoying the thought of having his ass played with/having things inside him eventually leading him to want his girlfriend to dress him up in girly clothes and drill his ass. The story could evolve either slowly or quickly giving the characters plenty of time to explore their gradually changing gender roles and dynamics.

Looking for:
A switch (primarily dominant) to play a girl in a couple who gains the boys sexual desires/libido and thus wants to play with his ass/peg him with a strap-on.

(I might entertain the idea of having the girl grow a penis, though the guy would definitely stay unchanged as I have no desire to play a male with a vagina. I wanted this more of a mental transformation story as opposed to the typical transformation/body swap story though like I said I will entertain the thought of having your character become a futa if that is something you enjoy.)

~My Reflection~ (M/M) (Incest)

Symon looked into the mirror but all he could see was the reflection of his twin brother looking back at him. Symon and his brother had always been very close but they were often teased for their girly appearances. The truth was Symon liked the way he looked and even more so he liked how adorable his twin brother looked. This story would involve one or both brothers coming to terms with their mutual attraction to one another and getting into mischief behind the backs of those they know (such as having sex in their shared dorm/house and avoiding friends/roommates and keeping their relationship a secret). The brothers are identical twins though they can have slight physical differences if you prefer. Both characters should be effeminate males. I'm okay making this a furry scenario if that is what you want.

Looking for:  Identical twin femboy who falls for his brother.

~May I Mount You?~
(F/M) (Monstergirl [Centaur])

Lately I've been playing through the original Shining Force for the Sega Genesis and the character Mae got me thinking about Human x Centaur relations. The fact is that Centaurs are pretty prominent in the Shining Force mythos so presumably it has happened at least once. I'm looking for someone to play a female centaur to my male warrior. I'm somewhat open to the story. I was thinking more likely than not your character would be a strong knight female centaur who would either fight against, or alongside my character and would form a relationship with. I've never really played any monster-girl stories before but I'm open to it and if this sounds like something you'd enjoy I'm more than happy to work with you to come up with a good story :)

Looking for:
Female centaur.

~Hung like a...yeah~ (M/M or M/F) (Furry)

My character would be an anthro horse. He finds himself attracted to one of his best friends suddenly one day when they dress particularly provocative. It can either be him realizing how cute his guy friend is (and struggling with the fact he considers himself straight) or him falling for one of his long-time girl friends or maybe she just gets really curious if the rumors "hung like a horse" are really true. This scenario would most likely take place in a college setting but could be done elsewhere as well. This story is mostly an excuse to play a slightly more masculine and well-endowed character than I normally play!

Looking for: Female or male anthro to have some fun with a well-hung anthro horse.

Characters/Universes I like:


  • She-hulk
  • Black Cat
  • Psylocke
  • Tigra
  • Mystique
  • Rogue
Video Game:

  • Samus (Metroid)
  • Lulu (FFX)
  • Chun-Li (Street Fighter)
  • Cammy (Street Fighter)
  • Felicia (Darkstalkers)
  • Rogue the Bat (Sonic)
  • Fran (FFXII or any Vierra)
  • Faith (Mirrors Edge)
  • Bayonetta (Bayonetta)

  • Temari, Hinata, Tsunade, Anko, Ino (Naruto)
  • Misty, Jesse (Pokemon)
  • Youruichi, Rangiku, Nelliel (Bleach)

These are just a few things off the top of my head! If you have any other ideas feel free to send me a PM! As long as none of the scenarios or kinks arent in my Offs I'm willing to give anything a consideration :)




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  • Tome of Claws
  • Looking for a Good Home
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished



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  • The Attraction Complex
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  • Looking for a Good Home



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  • My Reflection
  • May I Mount You?
  • Hung Like a...Yeah.
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  • The Prince and the Popper



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