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Author Topic: Fantasy to Modern Horror Games [Lit. Male for Lit. Female]  (Read 7685 times)

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Fantasy to Modern Horror Games [Lit. Male for Lit. Female]
« on: December 06, 2012, 07:20:51 pm »

Request thread
3 Active Roleplays filled.

Happy to discuss more to plots

Welcome to my request thread.

You may just call me whatever you like and maybe if we fit together, you can call me your role-play partner. So I guess here is just a little of what I am requesting, below are my ideas and characters. I will let you know if I am seeking to play them if they were marked OPEN. If they have a strike though well obviously they are taken. I do play the same character’s in different plots so please don’ be offended by this it is just fun to take a different turn of events. Different people different minds. I usually throw my characters up to save them, and when I am no longer interested in that character I will either remove it or edit it. I hardly really delete them for good.

A little about me:
I am everyone’s type. I like all types of RP from non-sexual to smut. I really like a good story… I mean I really like it. If you’re able to work with me I can definitely work with you. I like to do some planning, but sometimes overdoing it kind of bores me. I like to plot as we go just a few steps ahead. The end goal is also something I would like to strive towards. Though if you’re going to give me a complete play by play for every post in PM I am going to stop you right there… let’s bring some chaos into it, a few surprises we didn’t see coming. Like a good book, you know what the story is about, you just don’t know what the next page holds.

I enjoy running my games, which means I tend to direct them into whatever way the character’s lean towards. This doesn’t mean I will be the only changing forces in the story, hell no. I want that from you too! Move your character the way they feel like going, I only ask you do not do any major god-modding. I REALLY dislike when my character’s feelings are being expressed for them. Because that is my character… I will let you know how he feels. I love monologues. The inner struggle of thoughts, feelings, and impulses that makes me  >:]

I tend to post how I feel sometimes if I am into something the post will be longer… if I feel I am up against a wall it will be shorter. However, I strive to give you the best I can. I do play many RPs but I will give ours the attention it deserves, though if you’re not into it why the hell should I be? That’s just saying if you don’t want to write with me please... don’t. There are other writers who do and other plots to play. If something doesn’t work I am not going to get upset over it. We’ll go our separate ways and game of elsewhere. I am also happy to rekindle past partners into new games. Though if I don’t… well I have a reason… my reasons.

I am not a grammar nazi but try to make your words fit into complete sentences, maybe even some punctuations for shits and giggles. I like all types of stories and just because it isn’t listed here doesn’t mean I won’t consider something from you. I do have certain plots I stay away from such as sci-fiction, noir, snuff, and recently extreme BDSM. (I am losing interest in this…) There are a lot of things in my O.O. page but it doesn’t mean I expect you to comply with it all especially the sexual elements of it. I don’t want my partner uncomfortable with any details of our RP and expect you to be upfront with me about it before we begin. I like to be informed of what you want before we play, from kinks to story. It will help our story in the long run if I know what you WANT!

Anyway... what I am requesting of my Writing partner!

Just don't expect me to write the whole story alone, if that is the case I will lose interest. I want you to fill up our RP with ideas and highlights that matter to you and your character. I enjoy realism in RP meaning I want your character to react as though normal people would... Most people at gunpoint don't think to themselves ' this is really hot.' most cry and say don't shoot me. Unless your character is a masochist then please play your character true to form. I'd like a moderately advanced partner someone who can write enjoys it and isn't worried about the length cause they probably went over 400 words easily. I like raw posting, naughty words and curse words are fun. You will not offend me but if you think so PM just to make sure. I do not want a partner who is chatty in PMs.. Keep it cool not creepy. I am not saying we can't be friends, though I have my own life and issues to worry about. I ask you please look over my Ons and Offs, check my profile, and my posts to get a better understanding of my writing style and other random information you like.

How often will I reply?I will always reply to our story if I am and I feel you are still interested. Though as I get more stories going I may be slower. SO that being said I will reply to three/four stories a day in the order the are given to me. First in and first out. So expect my latest reply will be two/three days later... at most. Weekends I try to but most of the time its my only time to get things done and go out so I may not post at all but rather check in and PM mostly. I usually am able to... unless something major comes up I will let you know in my A.A page about it. Also I will probably cut a game if I am kept waiting for more then two weeks with no PMs to let me know your need a break or have to pause... I will rather be playing then kept waiting around. Anyway that... is about it on my posting.
Please do not reply here. PMs will do just fine thank you. If you have discord I do as well and it's easier for me to plot. Shoot me your tag if you like.
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« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2014, 03:34:18 pm »

Welcome to my request thread, I will be looking for new plots and stories that pique my interest lately. Granted my mood changes like the weather. Though for those of you who have found your way here, try the coffee and chill down to read through this.  Please don't write anything here, no replies please. You can PM me with anything you want to ask me I am pretty awesome at getting back to people. You can also discord add me though I'd prefer to write here.  Please message me for my discord if you are wanting to chat there about a story and some ideas.

Genres: Fatantasy, Horror, Historical, AUs.

♠ I like fantasy in my story, I kinda have to have it because straight up slice o life kinda cuts me inside, and I will bleed to death and die somewhere.

♠ The horror buff in me likes to be afraid, for you, so I enjoy a bit of edge on you're seat what the fuck is gonna happen next feeling.

♠ Historcial  :]Luv  I would like it. Yea. However.. the 1920's - 80s doesn't really do it for me. Roman style Era wanted.

♠ Modern supernatural. Flood the story with witches, demons, and lust.

♠ Ugh... Yea, Alternate Universes! I like em, I like stories that already have history and totally destroying them with how we might like it to go. Lets rewrite history yo.

Themes: Lets go scary with it? I enjoy a bit of blood and violence. I can do nice.... For a little while anyway I can even do sweet until a certain point. I like crime, power struggles, creepy, obsessive things.

Fandoms I do have a little list ... Mind you i'd like to AU these.

Vampire Chronicles
Game of Thrones
Walking Dead?
Dark Souls
Red Dead Redemption [world]
Mafia inspired (movie mash up)
Legend of Zelda


♔ Fable Hero of Skill x ♔/♕OC
♔ Lycan x  ♕ Lycan
♔ Lycan x ♔/♕ Human
♔ Cop x ♔/♕ Any (I do mean any, even supernatural creature.)
♔ Knight x ♕ Princess, Queen, Maiden in distress(obvi's)
♔ King x ♕ Princess, Queen, Servant, Witch
♔ Killer x ♔/♕ Human
♔ Viking x ♕ Princess, Queen, slave
♔ Older x ♕ Younger
♔ Lord x ♕ Lady
♔ Warlock x ♕ Witch, Gypsy, or Human
♔ Vampire x ♕ Blood doll
♔ Boss x ♕ Secretary
♔ Gypsy x ♕ Lady - (Victorian)
♔ (Adult) Link x ♕ (Adult) Zelda, Gerudo, Zora Princess, Malon


Anytime, Anyplace.

I do not play ♔ m x ♔m [sorry fellas.] Though I do not mind one bit playing with or against another male character. I'd really like to play a horror type of story a bloody mess. Something with murder, and survival in the mix. Modern works better for this I'll come up with a plot maybe vampires. TBC...[/font]
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Fandoms -Open for plotting. [Lit. Male for Lit. Female]
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2019, 07:50:26 pm »
Age: 25
Height: 6'2
Weight: 197lbs
Race: Hylian
Personality: Link is not a man to openly seek out trouble however he has a fast temper and often needs little words to settle the score. He is a courageous heart and will fight to the end if his mind is set on something. There are times when he has been outspoken though in the heat of an argument his tongue can be as sharp as his sword. He makes friends rather easy, others appreciate his hard work in the village and when he is away they are quick to recall mostly good things about the man. Though for all his good qualities Link can be jealous and at times barbarous he is not one to let an insult go unpunished.
Bio: Link has lived all his life with the knowledge that he was destined for greatness he understood his mentor and oldest friend the King of Hyrule words of wisdom that he alone was set on a journey and task no other could complete. He had no mother or father, and some say they were killed in a great war the last great war of the lands where all realms seemed to have been touched by. Taken in by the King and Queen of Hyrule he came with the protection of his mark, a symbol of his destiny rested on his arm as if a secret no one knew how to figure out.

Link was trained to be a solider showing great proficiency in battle he became the King's personal bodyguard at the age of fifteen. When the Queen of Hyrule passed away due to illness Link was tasked to seek out the Great Fairy in hopes that she would return the Queen to the living. Returning in failure Link was discharged of his duties at Kingsguard, leaving the castle to embark on his own life. He moved to a cottage where he kept to himself save to venture into the towns nearby to trade or work. Many knew little about him really but he was a welcomed addition when times were hard and often he was called on for services that allowed him to use his sword. Link's travels were escapes and when he could he chose to sail the waters visiting islands always searching for freedom in the wilds.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Princess Zelda
Age: 19
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 121lbs
Race: Hylian

She is the princess of Hyrule, beloved by her people and often kept under strict lock and key. She is adventurous and for this can often be caught sneaking in and out of the castle to sate her curious nature. With a thirst for knowledge, she has a vast collection of books which contain spells and historical information even legends that would make anyone envious. Yet this is not enough anymore castle town has given her all she can learn and she knows there is more out in the world than just the stone walls. Running away she is alone and unprotected, many would see a reward or even a prize if they were to capture a lost princess.

A naive woman in a world of monsters and men Gerudo thieves and pirates on the hunt for the princess to claim a ransom that would most certainly be fulfilled.

Notes: Link would, of course, find her. We can figure that out a rescue or even her seeking him out. Who knows? The two have always been close enough but she's a woman now, and Link suddenly sees the Princess in another light. The romance between them is inevitable but she does have to return to the Palace adding a strain that this was not meant to last.
Sexual Elements: Punishment- Spanking. Consensual or DubCon.

Name: Erato
Age: 18
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 112lbs
Race: Zora

The siren of the sea she is Erato a beautiful Zora who's tribe controls the eastern seas, her voice is known for its hypnotic power and she is aware of just how alluring she can be. Iridescent blues and green shimmer along her fair skin she is the prize of her entire tribe the Ascra known for having little patience with outsiders. Yet she often enjoys walking the beaches of her lands a habit that can be dangerous to any Zora but Erato especially.  Unable to leave the waters for long she risks death to meet her lover, a secret affair with her Hylian. Promised to another she is cursed to have fallen in love with Link after finding him wounded on her beaches. It was Erato who nursed and lulled Link after his shipwrecked along the coral nearly ripping him to shreds on the rocks.

Notes: Link and Erato are lovers he often comes to visit her because she is comforting and soothing. He loves her in his own way, however, it is not a match anyone would approve so they understand that it is best to keep their affair secret. I would like to add in a forced marriage and Erato and Link plotting to remove her husband. So given she is a Zora I would prefer to have her played more like a mermaid/siren able to walk on the beach with the ability to transform from tail to no tail. Link can be given her scale to breathe underwater or not keeping it an in-between their worlds type of location. I also had thought she could be taken too, perhaps pirates nearly causing her death to pull her out of the water for too long. Just thoughts and ideas that come into my brain.

Again I like the play by and would prefer to keep it.

Sexual Elements: Affair. Passionate sex. Oral fixations. Rough sex.

Name: Kia
Age: 102
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 132lbs
Race: Gerudo

Kia is the Chieftain of the Wards of the Desert, no men have been allowed to cross the desert under the law of her people. She oversees the safety of the Great Fairy in the Desert and for their loyalty, they are granted long lifespans. She is a strong woman skilled in the art of combat proficient with a sword and bow no man or woman for that matter has ever bested her in combat. That is until He arrived, he came to seek out the Great Fairy, but for his trespassing, he was outnumbered and captured. It had been very long since any man dared come to their domain curiously he was watched by the Gerudo woman given special attention and questions repeatedly by rough interrogation.

It didn't take long for the Chieftain to visit this man to question him herself to see who exactly sent him, why he needed to see their Great Fairy, and if he should die.

Notes: Link is the only man to have been captured in over fifty years, many of the women have never even seen a man up close. His capture will lead to curiosity for some and for others the lure of sex and procreation. Kia is no different it has been a while since she has been with a man and prefer the company of woman mostly she is not shy about taking Link to bed. I would like to see a sword fight in this, dominating male strength against a fierce strong Gerudo female. Submitting the leader possibly. Very open to ideas on this hit me up. Again I like the face claim of her and want to keep her dark-skinned and red hair.

Sexual Elements: Harem RP. Oral, anal, vaginal sex. Procreational sex. Switch females preferred. Rough sex. NC or Consensual. Multiple partners.

This is a fandom roleplay, however, I would like to put my own spin on things leading away from the cartoonish style of the games to a darker world filled with monsters, other races, same old locations with a new spin on things. The faces I chose for certain characters are ones I really would like to keep and change a bit of the details about their abilities and backgrounds. I am looking for a bit of NC, Bondage, and Romance mashed up into this fandom though we can always go lighter or darker. Some of the ideas I have are for canon characters but I wouldn't mind original characters too! If you are interested just shoot me a PM or DM and we can talk about the details of characters or plots.

Izumi, Ōkami
Age: 19
Weight: 189 lbs
Height: 6’2
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Blood magic: Yamabushi bloodline
Family: The Izumi clan was not just wealthy but they were once revered as highly religious having come from descendants of legendary Yamabushi. Their family long holds the belief of old Gods and Oni spirits in both spiritual and protection. Over time the family has kept their reverence for their rich history but the relevance for such things has been regarded as myth.

Today the Izumi family owns a multi-billion yen corporation through medical research and investors in medicine. Their family lives in Chiyoda City having a prominent standing in the community. Ōkami is the youngest male child in the family having two older sisters who have both been married off into wealthy families. As the only male child, the future of the Izumi line rests solely on his shoulders to carry both his ancestral name and heritage.

Plot :
During his second year at University Izumi, Ōkami has returned home to enjoy the week-long festival. Playing his role as heir as well as an honored temple priest. He finds his role almost comical and when possible finds time to simply get away from everyone. There are so many shrines that hide within the forests, and not for lack of respect but a drunk Okami seems to lose himself in the trees.

Through the warmth of his face, the cold air exhaled from his lips… proof that it was truly the end of fall. He had never held an interest in any of the folklore and if it were not for his family’s insisting he would have stayed in his Apartment and focused on his studies. Though he found that too was only another end goal for his own life. He already knew he would join his father on the board of Izumi Medical Research, marry a rich woman, and have children, especially a male.  A mapped out life… he sank down against the cold hard stone of an old temple stone.

"Freedom just release me." A heavy sigh of a full belly rice wine and a sleepy haze of being overall drunk he finally smiled getting to his feet. Maybe he would simply resign to his preordained path of money and power… how bad could it have been? Ōkami felt a heaviness in the cold air, the meeting of heat and cold causing the delicate rise of mist. Confused drunk comprehension wouldn’t allow him to believe this was nothing more than a consequence for taking the ceremonial wine to drink. 

He looked for his naginata it was long gone, the only weapon he’d held before leaving the crowds of locals. The innate sense he shouldn’t have left it behind now sinking into his mind. The air was thick now, not knowing which way to turn but his feet moved as if of their own accord, passing through thickets of trees and bamboo until slowly the mist began to clear. The cold air was gone as if summer had returned and soon the sun would, now he knew he was dreaming.

Before him, were the steps to a large temple, covered inwards of protections and prayer beads a prison… his mind went back to his younger days when he studied under the mountain monks as a child. Stories of monsters that were sealed away for all time, that only the Yamabushi could overpower having magic in their blood. The laughter and music urging him closer... “Who..” He stopped No… no one was there he would wake up any moment now. The intense pull of attraction and curiosity was a physical propel of motion stepping up the ancient steps of the temple.

OOC: (Possible ideas for what's inside the temple)
An Oni resides inside, locked away from the ages of Feudal Japan.
The Kitsune cast inside trapped for causing troubles and despair.
A Neko bound to this temple in the spiritual realm released only by her captors.
Time travel, Ōkami or Your character are pulled out of their time.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Notes: This story is a manga like the story of the brooding guy and the cute girl, that Japanese culture likes to toy with. If you are familiar great, if not it is simply put as a strange attraction between two different characters. I hope to involve some strange magic in the story such as her (your character) transforming. A Neko, Succubus, or Kitsune. I'm open to ideas. As magic is involved I would like to include some Japanese lore and enchanted items or charms into the story. Sexual themes can range between light to hardcore but I'd prefer a very active and interesting engagement of story and smut. The aspects I'm looking for in YC as far as looks should be Asian, modest, pretty, smart, cute, clumsy, sexy without meaning to be, always getting into some trouble. The dynamic should be YC resilient in chasing MC. If you've read any manga stories you should get what I'm saying. My character will slowly but surely fall for yours and possibly have a happy ending. I would very much prefer to throw in dark ideas such as non-con, blackmail, anger, angst, and fighting between our characters. I'd also prefer to use real celeb or model play bys vs anime faces.

This could also be time-travel back in time for my character to join yours in feudal Japan.

Jurel Devon
Age: 26
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 189 lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Race: Mortal
Kingdom: Judisia the Southlands and the holy kingdom of the Empire.
Rank: Prince Regent
Biography: Born third of his name and the youngest prince of the Devon dynasty was born in the early spring his birth was a welcomed addition and brought a secure strength to the royal family’s bloodline. He was raised to learn the history of his father's empire a holy kingdom that was to some the origins of the three diving Gods.

A king that conquered the empire paved the way for his two sons to control the South and soon the North through sheer might and alliances. At a very young age, Prince Jurel was always meant to marry the next princess of the Northern Kingdom. A princess who would not be born until he himself was five years of age. A marriage license would complete the two children into an alliance to merge the Empire's North and South Kingdoms.

The years were filled with studious attention the Crowned Prince was tasked to learn how to rule, and while both sons were given a closely related education Jurel was pushed to be the shield of a future kingdom. With two sons and heirs to rule both kingdoms, all was proving to be a blessing for the Devon bloodline. Yet politics was a game for old men, and many councilmen were concerned that merging the kingdoms would against their benefits losing value in farmlands, trade goods, and overall commerce.

The crowned prince was filled with ideas that sharing an empire with his brother would seem like an insult to a future king. Slowly the unfolding plan of a coup de gras was being formed. No one knew it but the Crowned Prince planned to take the kingdom by force and use his brother's military position to influence houses to pledge their men to invade the North.

The King and Queen were poisoned forcing the abrupt panic of the Southern Empire with no stronger claims to the throne than both brothers suspicions were all that was left between the two brothers. The alliances of peace were broken with the death of the King, breaking the contracts of marriage between Jurel and Princess Sarina. A great divide broke the kingdom into civil chaos and near war, until the only thing that could be done to avoid it was done.

Jurel murdered his brother, in the name of revenge and the purpose of keeping the innocent people of his kingdom divided with needless warring. A young man still he was only seventeen when he became the Prince Regent of Judisia. Amassing support from the islands in the sea's protection he adapted their ways onto the island. Building up his armies to enforce his father's long lost dream of one Empire.

The marriage contract that had once been in place was broken, but Jurel had no intention of letting the insult to his family name pass him without restitution. He had known Princess Sarina for many years and as the years moved on he had learned he was always fond of the young woman. Having been pleased

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Notes: None yet still updating. Open plot otherwise, Fantasy world.
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Re: Fantasy to Modern Horror Games [Lit. Male for Lit. Female]
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2019, 10:51:59 am »
bump. 2 plot concepts added.