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Author Topic: Open for plotting. [Lit. Male for Lit. Female]  (Read 5568 times)

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Open for plotting. [Lit. Male for Lit. Female]
« on: December 06, 2012, 07:20:51 PM »

Request thread

Welcome to my request thread.

You may just call me whatever you like and maybe if we fit together, you can call me your role-play partner. So I guess here is just a little of what I am requesting, below are my ideas and characters. I will let you know if I am seeking to play them if they were marked OPEN. If they have a strike though well obviously they are taken. I do play the same character’s in different plots so please don’ be offended by this it is just fun to take a different turn of events. Different people different minds. I usually throw my characters up to save them, and when I am no longer interested in that character I will either remove it or edit it. I hardly really delete them for good.

A little about me:
I am everyone’s type. I like all types of RP from non-sexual to smut. I really like a good story… I mean I really like it. If you’re able to work with me I can definitely work with you. I like to do some planning, but sometimes overdoing it kind of bores me. I like to plot as we go just a few steps ahead. The end goal is also something I would like to strive towards. Though if you’re going to give me a complete play by play for every post in PM I am going to stop you right there… let’s bring some chaos into it, a few surprises we didn’t see coming. Like a good book, you know what the story is about, you just don’t know what the next page holds.

I enjoy running my games, which means I tend to direct them into whatever way the character’s lean towards. This doesn’t mean I will be the only changing forces in the story, hell no. I want that from you too! Move your character the way they feel like going, I only ask you do not do any major god-modding. I REALLY dislike when my character’s feelings are being expressed for them. Because that is my character… I will let you know how he feels. I love monologues. The inner struggle of thoughts, feelings, and impulses that makes me  >:]

I tend to post how I feel sometimes if I am into something the post will be longer… if I feel I am up against a wall it will be shorter. However, I strive to give you the best I can. I do play many RPs but I will give ours the attention it deserves, though if you’re not into it why the hell should I be? That’s just saying if you don’t want to write with me please... don’t. There are other writers who do and other plots to play. If something doesn’t work I am not going to get upset over it. We’ll go our separate ways and game of elsewhere. I am also happy to rekindle past partners into new games. Though if I don’t… well I have a reason… my reasons.

I am not a grammar nazi but try to make your words fit into complete sentences, maybe even some punctuations for shits and giggles. I like all types of stories and just because it isn’t listed here doesn’t mean I won’t consider something from you. I do have certain plots I stay away from such as sci-fiction, noir, snuff, and recently extreme BDSM. (I am losing interest in this…) There are a lot of things in my O.O. page but it doesn’t mean I expect you to comply with it all especially the sexual elements of it. I don’t want my partner uncomfortable with any details of our RP and expect you to be upfront with me about it before we begin. I like to be informed of what you want before we play, from kinks to story. It will help our story in the long run if I know what you WANT!

Anyway... what I am requesting of my Writing partner!

Just don't expect me to write the whole story alone, if that is the case I will lose interest. I want you to fill up our RP with ideas and highlights that matter to you and your character. I enjoy realism in RP meaning I want your character to react as though normal people would... Most people at gunpoint don't think to themselves ' this is really hot.' most cry and say don't shoot me. Unless your character is a masochist then please play your character true to form. I'd like a moderately advanced partner someone who can write enjoys it and isn't worried about the length cause they probably went over 400 words easily. I like raw posting, naughty words and curse words are fun. You will not offend me but if you think so PM just to make sure. I do not want a partner who is chatty in PMs.. Keep it cool not creepy. I am not saying we can't be friends, though I have my own life and issues to worry about. I ask you please look over my Ons and Offs, check my profile, and my posts to get a better understanding of my writing style and other random information you like.

How often will I reply?I will always reply to our story if I am and I feel you are still interested. Though as I get more stories going I may be slower. SO that being said I will reply to three/four stories a day in the order the are given to me. First in and first out. So expect my latest reply will be two/three days later... at most. Weekends I try to but most of the time its my only time to get things done and go out so I may not post at all but rather check in and PM mostly. I usually am able to... unless something major comes up I will let you know in my A.A page about it. Also I will probably cut a game if I am kept waiting for more then two weeks with no PMs to let me know your need a break or have to pause... I will rather be playing then kept waiting around. Anyway that... is about it on my posting.
Please do not reply here. PMs will do just fine thank you.
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« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2014, 03:34:18 PM »

Welcome to my request thread, I will be looking for new plots and stories that pique my interest lately. Granted my mood changes like the weather. Though for those of you who have found your way here, try the coffee and chill down to read through this.  Please don't write anything here, no replies please. You can PM me with anything you want to ask me I am pretty awesome at getting back to people.  You can find my writer's info on my profile page, HERE to see what you're getting yourself into.You can also discord add me though I'd prefer to write here.  @BrokenFingers#0676

Genres: Fatantasy, Horror, Historical, AUs.

♠ I like fantasy in my story, I kinda have to have it because straight up slice o life kinda cuts me inside, and I will bleed to death and die somewhere.

♠ The horror buff in me likes to be afraid, for you, so I enjoy a bit of edge on you're seat what the fuck is gonna happen next feeling.

♠ Historcial  :]Luv  I would like it. Yea. However.. the 1920's - 80s doesn't really do it for me. Roman style Era wanted.

♠ Ugh... Yea, Alternate Universes! I like em, I like stories that already have history and totally destroying them with how we might like it to go. Lets rewrite history yo.

Themes: Lets go scary with it? I enjoy a bit of blood and violence. I can do nice.... For a little while anyway I can even do sweet until a certain point. I like crime, power struggles, creepy, obsessive things.

Fandoms I do have a little list ... Mind you i'd like to AU these.

Vampire Chronicles
Game of Thrones
Walking Dead?


♔ Fable Hero of Skill x ♔/♕OC
♔ Lycan x  ♕ Lycan
♔ Lycan x ♔/♕ Human
♔ Cop x ♔/♕ Any (I do mean any, even supernatural creature.)
♔ Knight x ♕ Princess, Queen, Maiden in distress(obvi's)
♔ King x ♕ Princess, Queen, Servant, Witch
♔ Killer x ♔/♕ Human
♔ Viking x ♕ Princess, Queen, slave
♔ Older x ♕ Younger
♔ Lord x ♕ Lady


Anytime, Anyplace.

I do not play ♔ m x ♔m [sorry fellas.] Though I do not mind one bit playing with or against another male character. I'd really like to play a horror type of story a bloody mess. Something with murder, and survival in the mix. Modern works better for this I'll come up with a plot maybe vampires. TBC...
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♠ Fantasy stories.
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2016, 07:32:07 AM »
inspiration in accusation

There is a story in there I know it..

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☆ Characters [ male writer seeking ☆ female characters]
« Reply #3 on: April 10, 2018, 02:11:21 PM »

Captain Rhett Durieux
Basic info

Age 26 (Has been 26 for seventy eight years.)
Weight 234 lbs
Height 6.4 ft
Personality A leader mentality he naturally takes control of any situation. Temperamental his anger is easily triggered if insulted or cheated. He finds fascination in simple things the waters and salty air. While he doesn't believe in love he loves the pleasure of a woman's company. For it he will take by force and sometimes he will seduce for it. Having a sense of humor too, he is known to play tricks on the crew whether cruel or humorous.

In the realm of Fivoira there were six Kingdoms that ruled, great families that once ages ago sprung from a single bloodline. People of the Mountain who forged their kingdoms in rock and mines. Those of the high plains ruling golden wheat fields and horses. The swamplands Lording over its bogs and moor forests. The people of the desert mysterious and magical. The scholars of the frozen icelands proud and cold. Those of the coast rulers of the sea known for its enterprises.

Of these kingdoms Rhett was born to a simple fishing village. His father the overseer of the village as Chieftain his mother a weaver by trade. He and his siblings were raised to be both hard working as well as educated. The meager wealth they had was nothing compared to the great coastal trading cities. Like many men in a small village he dreamed of adventure, a dreamer of fortunes, and exotic pleasures. At age seventeen Rhett took to the coast on a small sailboat. In his possession half the collected taxes of the village.

Though a fool for a pretty face and a night of drinking found him poss drunk and penniless by morning. Yet he had a trade one he cursed under his breath, Rhett found work on a fishing boat making enough to get by. In the city he gambled, drank, and fucked it away. Two years working that boat until he chanced upon the need for men to join the Kings navy. Signing up to see the world his ticket to adventure finally here! Yet deck swabbing, and hard sleeping quarters left a bad taste in his mouth. Finding a new love at every port and now and again a bit of battles on the water coming across pirates attacking the trading ships. He saw a freedom to that type of life a pirates life that was the life for him. Having no idea how to join such a band of men he did what any pirate would do… he jumped ship.

He stowed away on a known pirate ship the Blue Siren, Its colors blue brandishing half woman half fish. Fourth most wanted ship by the Kings Navy sailed by Yilder Blue, Captain Blu to his men. Rhett was of course found the next day sleeping in the netting by the cook who wasted little time waking him with a golden shower. “Wha..t.. The..!” The strong scent of piss revolting him away. “Ughck!” Rhett scrambled to his feet and pushed back into the deck floor by the group of men now surrounding him. The hard heels of boots kicking into his darkened skin, roaring jeers as he grunted hiding his head under his arms. Fingers busted ribs bruised taking a beating for trespassing. It wasn't long until Blu himself came down, his hands lifted up with flat palms up to halt the scowbble.

“I may be mistaken but you don't belong here boy. Ah who pissed on em?”

Rhett rolled over to his back out of breath as his heart raced… he looked towards the dark figure. The morning sun hiding his features forcing Rhett to squint. “I'm sorry I just… thought I could join your crew.” There was a burst of laughter that got him angry he wasn't used to being laughed at. “Boy everyman here was hand picked by me to sail the Siren. And since you fancy yourself worth a choosing i'll learn you.” Rhett expected to be picked up and tossed into the sea, but rather he was given a pair of brushes and buckets. The life of a slave. He would live as a slave collared and chained to the Siren for eleven months among other ship slaves. Back breaking labor and fucking blisters. Yet he found his chance to be more when he was challenged to a boxing match for the crews entertainment. Fighting his way through the best of the Captains crew… ah catching the eye of Captain Blu.

Rhett earned his freedom by becoming a prize fighter, from port to port he was known in the gambling houses for his size and build. Undefeated and the ego to match. Years of living as a golden boy bringing wealth to the Blue Siren and its men. He refined his skills to sword and knife making him a favored among his Captains men. Earning the title of first mate to Blu between the two men they found riches through any means necessary. Including kidnapping for ranson, pirating the waters, and stealing the riches of other pirates.

When a crippling attack caught the ship and crew by surprise many men were lost. The Captain mortally wounded was brought to his cabin and set to rest. Dying of his wounds and muttering of Sirens and riches to his last breath. Rhett took the Captain's sword giving it a new master taking over the ship and setting each man to swear a blood oath to him.

“By your blood you will serve you're Captain until your death or mine.”

The Blue Siren was infamous along the water dangerous as its reputation and as they visited all the ports up and down the coast he took to exploring inland as well. The smell of riches in the air luring him to kingdoms and cities taking what he wished. Rhett found there was no one and nothing that could stop him making an enemy of himself and the law. So valued was his head that many conspired to take it but one by one they failed. Until a man sought not just the Pirate's head but his soul.

Talon was the only name he ever used that night an exotic looking man whose eyes bore the secrets of time. It was a drunken pirate and the curious stranger playing a game of dice, Rhett won more than he lost. Another tankers of beer more of the lovely lap warmer… and just as he would retire Talon would offer him a bet.

“One thousand gold pieces. For the soul of a warrior Pirate. What say you?”

Drunk and high on his winning Rhett laughed a non believer in such magic in truth never having met with such things.

“You're a fool.” The dice were thrown but Rhetts words would come back to haunt him. Losing the roll yet laughing it off to nothing more than bad luck. Retiring to the inn to enjoy his company only to see the man there and the white at his side gone limp to the floor. Yet he seemed to understand now this was his debt to pay… a magic user collecting his soul it felt like fire burning through his chest. Yet he barely could recall now the events before that moment even his life felt hazy as far as he'd come meaning nothing without his soul.

“Until you serve me purpose you will never age, never die, no wounds will break you. You are a slave to a greater cause. One day you will need your master.”

Years and years passing Rhett became a monster to many kingdoms. Hung twenty four times only to return to life. Burned to cinders and horrifyingly returned bloody and scabbed. It seemed he could not die… and as time went on his crew followed their oath beyond their natural life. There were some things worse than death living… never able to have a simple life. He would travel and raid searching for Talon, searching for a secret that could release them. Learning from stolen tomes taking enchanted trinkets, anything that might be of use against Talons curse.
Rhett Taken

Stavnos Van Helsing
AGE 30
WEIGHT 215lbs
HAIR Brown

Stavnos Van Helsing

He was born into a prestigious family name the name that brought terror into the dark souls and dark creature alike. The recluse family line starting far back before the reign of any rogue vampire would cast a light onto the name. The Helsing line began in The age of Wodan there was an untold myth of the realm, the birth of twin boys to a mortal woman by Woden himself. Chosen only by a secret and a secret they have remained to the present day. A special bloodline making a unique choice to dedicated to their family belief of ridding the world of impure creatures.

Over centuries the names changed but the bloodline grew more powerful with each new sons born. Twins begotten of twins. Stronger together but alone a legion against the supernatural. Hunters/ Slayers, is what they have become known as learning the trade of his father's legacies. Blood rich in knowledge that some suggest has been stolen and used against those who chose to break the barriers of the realms. Realm barriers between the human world and the supernatural.

Magic. Magic is a tricky matter for a hunter there is good in some knowledge and danger. Entanglements with witches is simply fated to be throughout the Helsing line. Some say even by blood family ties. Magic is used to enhance protection, ability, and of course hunting. Yet even a witch can be subject to release by a hunter if lines crossed are broken. A set of rules known by those who tread the line from the mortal world and the unseen.

The unspoken rules have been brokered by many hunters before to keep the peace.

Humans deemed 'innocent’ harmed by a non human warrant a death contact.
Unveiling the supernatural to mortals (outside hunters) can be costly and dangerous. Those found breaking barriers even humans are subject to punishments. Severity based on each case.
Demons are non-negotiable and aren't to be dealt with. Demons are fought and cast back to hell if confronted.
Vampires who kill their victims are hunted. Vampires who expose their world are hunted.
Werewolves who kill innocents, turn the unwilling, or expose themselves to mortals are hunted.

Simple rules with even simpler corrections.

Bloodline Gifts

Healing. Wounds even mortals wounds can be healed in time.
Witch tongue. Some years ago the tongue of a powerful witch was stolen and eaten by a hunter. Ever since spells, curses, and blessings were granted to the hunters bloodline to use.
Strength, speed, and agility heightened.
Poison blood. A useless snack for vampires they carry blood that is poison to the undead. A blood so sweet that if more than granted is taken it will sour. 

Stavnos was born a twin to Levi the two boys in unison in personality and skill. The sibling rivalry growing more and more as they reached maturity. Two so much alike and both in need of being the best, their desires shared and bested each other when possible. Stavnos’ training equal to his brother would have made for an unstoppable force and yet being rivals made it impossible. It was the tipping of the scale over a woman of all things that would break their bond of brotherhood. 

Stavnos would leave his family his brother and the woman who chose another side of the mirror. Perhaps it was jealousy or even a bit bitter but it was that taste in his mouth that he couldn't stand. So to clear his mind and clear his pallet he left home to the United States. There he would find himself in a city full of supernaturals Sin City. Taking on the persona Stavnos Grimm a private detective in Las Vegas.

Hunter x Human/ Client
Hunter x Vampire
Hunter x Werewolf
Hunter x Demon
Hunter x Slayer


King of the underworld and God of the dead. He presided over funeral rites and defended the right of the dead to due burial. Haides was also the god of the hidden wealth of the earth, from the fertile soil with nourished the seed-grain to the mined wealth of gold, silver, and other metals.

The King of the Underworld sits without a bride and taking his grievances to his brother Zeus he is granted the right to chose a bride among the Goddesses. His world is one that demands strong roots into the earth but he would have the most beautiful and innocent of the Goddesses.

Height 7ft
Hair colorDark
Eye Color Dark

God x Goddess

I would prefer that their encounter be before he kidnaps her, a few encounters as he studies the Goddess and her ways.

Hades Taken

Nicholas Russo
Return to Sandy Cove

He was born in the fall of one of the strangest tidings a hard birth but midwives saw a young mother to purpose and on November 14, 1988, Nicholas had arrived. He was named after his father, a fisherman who learned the trade from his father in Italy. His mother Mariah Russo native to Sandy Cove. Through the years he was raised in a happy home and at the age of nine tragedy hit. Nicholas’ mother disappeared from what should have simple trip to the beach. To collect washed over sea glass but that evening she never returned not a trace save lock of her blonde hair.

The investigation was handled with in-house but no leads after a year kept the case cold. It was by the age of 10 he would leave the Cove and stay with family in New Jersey. It was meant to be a short stay until the grief of his father would pass. Yet grief like that a love like that it stays and the ghost of it haunts the living.

Nicholas Sr. was found with a single shot to his right temple in their family home off the beach.

Twenty years later….

Nick Russo had maintained his dreams and was finally the New Jersey Captain of his precinct. Dreams that he could make some damn difference. Though who the hell knew? Though working the job was rough his division specializing in narcotics. The thing he saw made his skin crawl mothers selling their kids for a fix, men shot dozens of times in exchanges. Things that kept his dreams away and replaced them with the cold sweats he woke up with.

It was time to clear his head maybe a transfer somewhere quiet somewhere he could wait out retirement when the time came. He searched the database new positions opened up nearby but the strange thing was…. The first thing that came up was Sandy Cove. He tried to remember it there but could only recall fog steaming off the water. The small town that had roots as far back as the settlers time. He knew he had property up there left to him by his father. It had been kept up by neighbors who some years ago had mentioned it would need to be boarded up and so was it was. The land value itself was worth quite a bit and offers here and there nearly tempted him into selling.

Yet he kept the damn thing and now… fate was dealing him a hand at returning home. When he accepted the position it was no surprise he held the senior ranking among the men there. Another strange murder that needed someone quick to fill the position. He would claim it and after selling his small house he packed up his truck and tossed or gave away the rest of his belongings to friends and family. It would be a drive but he could handle that some alone time with only his best girl at his side. She was a blonde beauty with the clearest blue eyes. Always happy to be near him and proved it every time she wagged her tail. Lani his half pitbull half lab.

The hours it took to get into town were enough to start hurting his ads sitting with only a few stops to eat and a few inbetween to make pit stops. Though the sign of the town marked his new old home and first thing was first unloading some arches and pains with getting the hell off the truck. Autumn again, it was colder he reached for his jacket wool inside and jean out, sliding his arms through and quickly buttoning up. He gave a shape whistle and Mani jumped down from the truck passenger to the driver side door. She was a good dog and great off leash but… he brought it just in case.

He had parked the only place in town he remembered the main street that ran through all the shopping districts and restaurants. As the door slammed he shoved his keys into his coat and began to breathe in that fresh air. It was different here that smell was cool, sharp, and clean. There were groups of people walking along the sidewalk but every pass met with a half stare. New man in town. Leaves littered the pavement in yellows and reds even a fee brown. A couple of kids whizzed by him on skateboards making him grunt. Only to see a sign that read no skateboards.

He'd catch em later. Nick's walk took him through towards an outdoor bistro for ice cream nah too cold for that. The community board with so many tack holes held flyers and job openings. Even a but of town gossip as well as church services. The flyer catching his eyes was a bakery of some sort and boasting the best in town no less. He pulled the paper suddenly realizing it was smaller in his hand than on the board. Turning an eye down to Lani, “ready to try it?” She didn't answer sat there wagging her tail. “Yeah me too.”


Name: Nicholas Russo (Goes by Nick)

Age: 29 (Will be 30 soon)
Height: 6’1
Weight: 198 lbs
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: brown

Appearance: When off duty he wears comfortable clothes a long sleeve of some variety roller up to his forearms. On duty or not he open carries and often is seen with his signature weapon of choice. (A ruger 9mm.) Jeans and matching belt and shoes he'd neatly put together as any bachelor would be. On or off Duty he brings Lani his blonde terrier mix part pit bull part lab along with him. When on duty he fits the part wearing the Sandy Cove uniform Star at his belt. Yet leaves the bulk of his uniform at the jailhouse. A dark head of hair and eyes to match he is often regarded as wearing a serious if not stern face.

Personality: Nick is a headstrong man with a curiosity that can sometimes be dangerous. For seeing the worst of humanity he doesn't show it. The type to open doors for the elderly or others and aware of his surroundings. He finds it easy to read people and can't stand a lie that is up to no good.

Home: He owns the 3 acres of property located on the beach. ( Yet hasn't seen the condition it currently sits in.) A modest three bedroom home once with a two car garage. The yard has overgrown and has been vandalized a few times leaving broken appliances and bathroom mirrors. Anything of value was long taken and the partial collapse of his shed out back needs fixing. Yet it has good bones and the roof isn't leaking. So fixing it up would be a job but not an impossible one.

[Nick Russo -Character Taken]

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Re: ☆ The Request Thread
« Reply #4 on: October 22, 2018, 12:39:50 AM »
Bump, Revised request thread.