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Author Topic: ☆ The Request Thread [ male writer seeking ☆ female characters]  (Read 5234 times)

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Offline Golden InkTopic starter

Request thread

Welcome to my request thread.

You may just call me whatever you like and maybe if we fit together, you can call me your role-play partner. So I guess here is just a little of what I am requesting, below are my ideas and characters. I will let you know if I am seeking to play them if they were marked OPEN. If they have a strike though well obviously they are taken. I do play the same character’s in different plots so please don’ be offended by this it is just fun to take a different turn of events. Different people different minds. I usually throw my characters up to save them, and when I am no longer interested in that character I will either remove it or edit it. I hardly really delete them for good.

A little about me:
I am everyone’s type. I like all types of RP from non-sexual to smut. I really like a good story… I mean I really like it. If you’re able to work with me I can definitely work with you. I like to do some planning, but sometimes over doing it kind of bores me. I like to plot as we go just a few steps ahead. The end goal is also something I would like to strive towards. Though if you’re going to give me a complete play by play for every post in PM I am going to stop you right there… let’s bring some chaos into it, a few surprises we didn’t see coming. Like a good book, you know what the story is about, you just don’t know what the next page holds.

I enjoy running my games, which means I tend to direct them into whatever way the character’s lean towards. This doesn’t mean I will be the only changing forces in the story, hell no. I want that from you too! Move your character the way they feel like going, I only ask you do not do any major god-moding. I REALLY dislike when my character’s feelings are being expressed for them. Because that is my character… I will let you know how he feels. I love monologues. The inner struggle of thoughts, feelings, and impulses that makes me  >:]

I tend to post how I feel sometimes, if I am into something the post will be longer… if I feel I am up against a wall it will be shorter. However I strive to give you the best I can. I do play many RPs but I will give ours the attention it deserves, though if you’re not into it why the hell should I be? That’s just saying if you don’t want to write with me please... don’t. There are other writers who do and other plots to play. If something doesn’t work I am not going to get upset over it. We’ll go our separate ways and game of elsewhere. I am also happy to rekindle past partners into new games. Though if I don’t… well I have a reason… my reasons.

I am not a grammar nazi but try to make your words fit into complete sentences, maybe even some punctuations for shits and giggles. I like all types of stories and just because it isn’t listed here doesn’t mean I won’t consider something from you. I do have certain plots I stay away from such as sci-fiction, noir, snuff, and recently extreme BDSM. (I am losing interest in this…) There are a lot of things in my O.O. page but it doesn’t mean I expect you to comply with it all especially the sexual elements of it. I don’t want my partner uncomfortable with any details of our RP and expect you to be upfront with me about it before we begin. I like to be informed of what you want before we play, from kinks to story. It will help our story in the long run if I know what you WANT!

Anyway... what I am requesting of my Writing partner!

Just don't expect me to write the whole story alone, if that is the case I will lost interest. I want you to fill up our RP with ideas and highlights that matter to you and your character. I enjoy realism in RP meaning I want your character to react as though normal people would... Most people at gun point don't think to themselves ' this is really hot.' most cry and say don't shoot me. Unless your character is a masochist then please play your character true to form. I'd like a moderately advanced partner someone who can write enjoys it and isn't worried about the length cause they probably went over 400 words easily. I like raw posting, naughty words and curse words are fun. You will not offend me but if you think so PM just to make sure. I do not want a partner who is chatty in PMs.. Keep it cool not creepy. I am not saying we can't be friends, though I have my own life and issues to worry about. I ask you please look over my Ons and Offs, check my profile, and my posts to get a better understanding of my writing style and other random information you like.

How often will I reply?I will always reply to our story if I am and I feel you are still interested. Though as I get more stories going I may be slower. SO that being said I will reply to three/four stories a day in the order the are given to me. First in and first out. So expect my latest reply will be two/three days later... at most. Weekends I try to but most of the time its my only time to get things done and go out so I may not post at all but rather check in and PM mostly. I usually am able to... unless something major comes up I will let you know in my A.A page about it. Also I will probably cut a game if I am kept waiting for more then two weeks with no PMs to let me know your needing a break or have to pause... I rather be playing then kept waiting around. Anyway that... is about it on my posting .
Please do not reply here. PMs will do just fine thank you.

Character Sheet

Code: [Select]


[img][/img][b][color=red] SHELVED FOR LATER[/color] [/b]

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

AGE: 325
HAIR COLOR: Dark Blonde
PERSONALITY: He is quick to the cut, often finding any excuse to use the maximum amount of force possible. He does not bother to keep his mouth shut and often it can get him into trouble with in the circle. He enjoys what every many does and takes it no matter the cost. Though his education was scarce in the magical arts all his gifts were inherited from his father. His mother a soul eater was a witch who stole the lives of woman and children to retain ever lasting life and youth dead by his own hands. Nothing moves him the concepts of pity eludes him like stone he feels nothing but the weight of his own sanity.
HOME:With in the Circle
 SPECIES: Warlock
PLOT For nearly seven hundred years they had been around hiding watching hunting. They were the powerful they were the superior they were conquerors and like most whispers no one dare call them aloud. The warlocks. Hand selected by their leader born of witches but their enemies by destiny. For it is in their nature to destroy rivals it is in their nature to covet the magic that runs through them. Hunting witches and destroying them by any means possible power, control, or seduction... So long as in the end the vessel of magic can be stolen out and into their hands. This was his job, and like master bids he will carry out his task find the source of magic capture her and rip the magic out of her body. Though he didn't expect this none of them did, instead of claiming the magic upon this witches death it sought out another... the twin the only other home it could dwell in. A witch twice gifted was dangerous thing... This was his task and he would find the witch and kill her. He didn't expect to also love her... two lives hanging in the balance his or hers... They would never let them live if he disobeyed. He could never save her... but just maybe she could save him.
NOTES: This is a NC/BDSM(light) for the part of the first twin. Twins will not be identical but I would like to play out her capture and death. So if you like playing multiple roles that's a plus.

HEIGHT Six foot two
WEIGHT One Seventy
HOME:With in the Circle
 SPECIES: Warlock
PERSONALITY Hector is a dominating creature, he loves to have control of the situation and it is rare that he lets anyone take control from his hand. There are yes those who can or can try, but it is a surprise to let them if he does. Hector is also dominating in sexual nature he loves to control his lovers as if they were slaves. However Hector does not like slaves at all. He finds it much more enjoyable to dominated the free, the strong, and the free willed. The man is charming! He loves to talk about himself about you, it does not matter, what ever it takes. He loves to lavish affection (good or bad) onto others of interest. He is interested in many things. His charm is also extended to his spells which are quite potent and powerful. He loves to give those he find interesting a run for their money. Insightful the man has had years to think and learn able to figure out complex plots and puzzles. Even still sometimes he is bested! Hector is a man of great wisdom cause he's been there and done that sorta attitude. He doesn't like new things, because he's ancient enough to count the downfalls of change.
HECTOR is the Circlel leader. He is the most powerful warlock in the circle and is not afraid to let them know it. His position is one that breeds power and prejudice and is often the one to take the law of the circle into his own hands. He administer justice as well as mercy with in the Circle. Able to take away the powers or seal them away into himself. His power is quite clear against his enemies to know Hector is to know death, and that is a release. Hector is a sexual and passionate creature. He does love sex, yet he does not require it at all. Hector prefers woman of good breeding. Woman who are his match and can be maintained (or designated) for possible mating. He understand that he must someday produce a male heir. Previous attempts brewed a female child. (who in his own strange way does love.) He has strong beliefs as well as snobbery that are just as full of passion to him. He will not lay down to bend to anyone unless there is a reason for it. Which usually there is. His passion is shown by his body, words, and mind.
HISTORY Hector was born in a succession of warlock forefathers, last born male to the Demoskes line. Hectors mother had been the fury witch Angelica. She was known for killing and stripping witches and warlocks alike of their powers. It was Hector's mother's poor luck that she had such skill as a witch. Her capture had called for the aid of several of the now elders of the Circle. Forced to breed with Angelica she was bound of her powers by the man Hector long since called father. Growing up he showed this same talent as the mother who had still endured years of confinement until it was Hector that relieved her of her sad pathetic life. No mourning, for the day he had killed his mother's soul was the day of his sixteenth birthday. His grandfather had been murdered several years later by the rivals of a witch covens and for it he had known only constant fighting. Hector is a Fire Elemental, the power to manipulate fire, flame, and heat are with in his grasp. Hector is nearly immortal through time and magic having learned to master his craft. Hector is a master of casting, he has learned the reverse effects of hexes as well as countered them with out thinking or little time to dwell. The amount of power cast to him varies on how well he is able to attack his enemy. Age determines the strength of a warlock, having have time to perfect their skills. Witches who are near his age are more formidable in battle. Younger witches or warlocks have only luck and the power of surprise on their side. Hector is not threatened by any warlock that is four hundred years or younger than he is. If ever a truly more powerful witch or warlock presented themselves, the circle would work as a single unit of power to remove such a threat. Hector can complete any spell so long as he knows it or can learn it. There are many spells he's yet to learn, and is constantly looking for such witches with unique ability. Sealing power. Hector has the ability to take, and alter magic from most creatures that walk the land. This includes simple things such as modifications of the body. { Bearing children, Organ failure, sight.. etc..} Magic is the main reason for sealing, taking a warlock or witches power and sealing it not unto them but himself. Able to forge his words and power into his spell book or even his body to keep either for himself or protecting it from others. Soul transfer. The ability to move the soul from one body to another, or to something else completely. Flight.
CHILDRENYes, a little witch.
PLOT There was once a kingdom that stood here, before the wars of magic dealers and saints. The first to fall were the royal family betrayed by those who were supposed to keep them safe from sin. One by one the King... his queen.. and their royal line were all cut down. It began soon after the fight for control the Circle seized their moment to take it, a crown to be placed upon the head of their leader.. The witches soon would not stand for this, and ascended to stop the Circle from taking control.  There was no more crown to be had once the Saints over ran the rule of the land. Mortals became powerful in numbers and within the church they were safe. Behind crosses and holy water they put their faith in men who spoke for Gods that condemned all others but mortal men and woman. Though as good intentions never start out with pure heart motivation the Saints were greedy... their faith was in gold and lust. Such invitations for sin were welcomed again. As the moments of time came once more for control, with nothing in your hand.. you have EVERYTHING to gain. Who is the enemy now? It has been and has always been the covens, the witches and even if he had to lie, cast, or kill he'd do it sending his circle of Warlocks to rip them from the world one by one...
NOTES: NC/BDSM | Witch vs Warlock

NAME:  Ivan the Terrible
AGE: 626
HEIGHT: 6'2"
WEIGHT: 204 lbs
MAGIC: Flight, speed, and agility. Aura recognition and aura feeding, Soul stealing , and necromancy.
HOME:With in the Circle
SPECIES: Warlock
HISTORY He was born to a pristine line of warlock, they were those who risked their lives for this Circle, and often fought harder than any other warlock around. Not only the powers of magic but the heat of battles and fighting was in their blood. Ivan the last battle warlock is the first to charge in. (Often without thinking.) He prefers the company of those who also feed from such sick twists as he does and he enjoys it so that he often takes his liberties to destroy something beautiful. Ivan has removed himself of his family name and for it he is simply known as Ivan the terrible. He has recently found himself wanting something beautiful and out of his reach… the only witch that could ever say she was not afraid of the Cricle. The daughter of Hector Demoskes.

NAME: Jaxon Leodran
AGE: 412
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
WEIGHT: 178 lbs
MAGIC: Flight, Potions, Hexes, persuasion, divination (limited to touch and closeness), reverse cursing-able to remove curses on himself but limited to others.
WEAKNESSES: Pretty woman, gambling, cursing (not hexing just a foul mouth), money.
HOME:With in the Circle
SPECIES: Warlock
HISTORY: He was born of the same plight of all witch offspring. His mother being hunted and tracked down only moments after his birth, he was a child that was wanted by its mother. As all fates comes to pass the child was captured with its mother but not before with her final life spirit gave him one fighting chance to escape the clutches of her former coven. Even if it meant going to the one place she despised he would be safe there. The owl familiar having seized the bundled child flew Jaxon to safety and in the into the circle named Jaxon Leodran after the man who found him wailing at the gates of the stronghold. Being raised as a son, he was never told who his mother was and would never be told. As the years continued he began to show a degree of talent in mending the warlocks that had been foully cursed by their enemies. It had a curious notion but in time he was almost inexplicable able to reverse the curses of his brothers. He was made a healer among the Circle and for this it granted him respect as well as a place among the most trusted. For his loyalties he was greatly rewarded. His best friend of course was the troublesome Ivan who for all his faults was the closest thing to true family.

NAME: Othello
AGE: 558
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
WEIGHT: 189 lbs
MAGIC: Flight, seduction, love, hate, elemental (water and ice), hexing, divination (reading the bones)
WEAKNESSES: Tampering with the love lives of others, lying, stealing, wrath, woman, sex.
HOME:With in the Circle
SPECIES: Warlock
HISTORY: For every love spell that has ever gone wrong it was Othello's doing. For all the mismatches in weddings and partners it was Othello's fault. He hated seeing other in love, it only reminded him of a love that was lost. He enjoys meddling around with people's love life that's for sure, but he not only does that.. Othello destroys the spirit of love in others, causing the bitter sting of rejection. While he is a mere incubus in nature he loves having the affections of a woman even if by force. He takes whom he pleases without regard to their station or marital status. He has the ability to see the future through the bones which he carries around him.. a short sighted future and like fate all things can change with the choices anyone makes. He has a hot temper and is often not the type to take no for an answer.

PAST characters just ask I might revive the character

My Characters

AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 6'3"
PERSONALITY: Strong minded and absolute he doesn't like disobedience in all aspects of his surroundings. Precise and sharp just like his craft he easily manipulates those around him. At times however he prefers to allow  the strain of power to pass over to allow pain and pleasure to be given to him. A masochist under the skin.  [Dominant/ Masochist/ Switch]
HOME:: Vivar Estates
TALENTS: A skilled surgeon, schooled in neurological study, and human pathology.
STORY LINE: Born into a world of titles, those burdens weigh heavy when in all accounts their luxuries mean nothing... Killeen had always been off, he never enjoyed things which other children his age enjoyed. He did however did take joy in the destruction of all things beautiful. He targeted those nearest him like his mother. Her lack of attention some would say had made rowdy child. Though it was his sister that had made him smile... with every weep and every whimper he'd enjoyed hurting her. He killed numerous pets of the young girl, destroyed her precious items from her very room. Anything to see her throw a fit of sadness. When the children were older they were taught separately. Killeen being the older of the two children was sent to an all boys school. There he learned his calling to be a doctor a scientists... Years went by and he was sent home only during Christmas breaks... though the morbid obsession with his sister seemed to vanish. Only to be replaced with an uncontrolled desire to touch the girl. She seventeen now, and ready to receive suitors was inflaming his jealousy. Every possible male that walked into the manor was just as eager to wed the girl from an well to do family. Their father was now falling ill and he would see his son running the insane asylum. Now twenty one, he was eager to take up the post and as the year went on he found that running this place was not only to his speed. He enjoyed it... torture was a science here and the one person he thought most of was his sister... how he would have loved to work on her. Living with his family has made things difficult, every day seeing the girl he desired and up till now how he only tormented her with leering looks, and unpleasant conversation. Some saw this as only sibling rivalry but what it was really was pent up need.

AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 6'3"
PERSONALITY: Dutiful and diligent he does what he has to for his family. A strong tie to his father is what keeps him home and unlike most young men venturing out into the world. Longing and pained having lost the only person who ever truly cared for him aside from his father.
HOME:: Outskirts of Tennant Village.
TALENTS: Mining, and wood cutting.
SPECIES: Mortal, human
STORY LINE: 10 years after their adventure in the woods, Hansel is a young man of great misfortune, with an ailing father and missing sister he lives alone with her mother. Having lost his sister with in the Blackwood he is forced to work the mines for a source of income for his sick father and greedy mother. Unsure of it he is beginning to suspect that his mother is the reason for her father's health failing him. Also the reason that Gretel has been missing for so many years.. though feels she is not really dead. The loss of his sister has deeply impacted him, he is blamed constantly by his mother for her loss. However it was their mother that sent them out into the Blackwood alone. Hansel vows to find is sister.. someday. That someday will come sooner then he realizes a travelling merchant has his sister captive. Sold into his servitude by his mother for meager coins. Though the merchant isn't much to look at is a warlock who has bewitched the girl having memory loss. Trying harder to get her to go away with him she falls in love with him. Reluctantly he allows himself to feel the same.

AGE: Immortal
HEIGHT: 6' 3 (mortal height)
PERSONALITY: Wrathful and jealous he can bring destruction over wrong doers. Lustful... his wondering eye seeking out woman Goddess and Mortal alike.
HOME:: Mount Olympus
TALENTS: Ruler of the skies, he is responsible for bringing rain, drought, and thunderstorms. No one dared challenge the authority of the mighty Zeus since he was prone to release his fearsome thunderbolts to express his displeasure.
STORY LINE: The young God has just broken the world in a war against the Titans, their downfall left him and his siblings the Gods to rein the universe. When the lots were drawn it was all in his favor becoming the Supreme God and with it came the roles of the others. Creating men upon the world has been his newest vision and they are spreading the globe as the Gods are being born to rule them. Having taken his wife Hera their relationship is one of mutual duty rather then love. Though in king he genuinely does love his Gods and his children even his Demigods. The feud between his lovers and his wife is an ongoing affair for it the bitterness of their relationship is sinking in.
[Zeus is just that the ruler of the Sky and the Gods. Throw a plot at me. I am open on this one.]

AGE: 30
HEIGHT: 5'12"
Weight: 199 lbs
HAIR COLOR: Dark brown hair with a wave to it, lengthy right about to the shoulder.
EYE COLOR: Dark Brown.
PERSONALITY: A true sea-dog, there is not time for pity or weakness aboard his ship. His commanding nature has been one to break backs though it is unforgiving nature that has sent many to burial at sea. He is however a self taught man, taking interest in books and for it he's become quite studious. An adventuresome creature he would rather spend his days a drift then be stuck too in places he's already been. Though he has no real moral compass he does what feels good at the moment.
HOME::  Spain
TALENTS: Deadly with a scimitar sword he is quick as well. As a Pirate his impressive ship hold several canons for the sole reason of plunder. He is an excellent judge of character, and easily more so getting them to talk. An art of torture was one he took a shining to knowing just when the brink of death was in the eye.
SPECIES: Mortal Human
STORY LINE: Life at sea had made him hard, dealing with both traitors and scum alike it was easy to be lost in the air of idiotic rumors of this port or the next. Though he was a careful man, his crew a tight nit group of men who like their captain wanted the BIG score. Promises of treasures became nothing more then mere rumors and lore of some blackened seas brought troubles of a new kind. Merfolk had been the last of their problems out there in the open waters. It was the new territory. Who knew what horrors would await his men, torture one by one.. who knew? A new type of profit was on high demand now, that of captured savages. Woman mostly some so different in skin color that their ebony skin shone under the sun. For those many paid a hefty sum of gold. Always about the gold about the dream to live days in wealth, with good drinks, and woman enslaved to pleasuring them. Why else would anyone become a Pirate?

AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 6'2"
Weight: 203 lbs
HAIR COLOR: Dark, and just long enough passed his jawline.
PERSONALITY: Lascivious always wanting more of something sweet and rarely ever satisfied. Cruel, to those who stand against him receive the cruelest of his punishments. Yet a death sentence is something only his brother can grant... yet many occasions someone here or there has been known to have accidents. Adulterous, nothing excites him more then to win the heart of woman already wed... Challenges that arise keep him thriving for more and when it seems he might lose he forces his way to victory. Manipulating, and capable FULLY of blackmail he has little concern for consequences.
HOME:: Banished to Judarh Chateau. [AU Historical Fantasy Setting]
TALENTS: His words mostly, able to caught liars and more then often knows when his ass is being so heavily licked by false flattery. Schooled in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Philosophy, Map reading, Family history, Land Regions, and Politics.
SPECIES: Mortal Human
STORY LINE:The second born was not the best feeling in the world however there was no dispute for a crown. His older brother had been seventeen when he became king, and Ivan was still but an infant at the time. Though unlighted by the demands of being a King, he was a far better Prince. Both confident and charismatic most ladies at court sought out his affections if not attentions by whispers and one some occasions by night visit. Known for taking as many woman as he wished without the social stigma of having to act humble as a King would have. Enjoying his freedoms a bit too much the Lords of the provinces surely wouldn’t have been able to turn a blind eye to the fact that their Prince regent would fuck their wives. Though beloved by both the Queen Mother, and his brother they were little more than casual words of warning then actual punishment.  Until the day the portraits came in… one at first then another… he’d not been told but he was no idiot these were Ladies that were listed as candidates to the Prince. Woman he would be forced to marry.  By the fifth one he finally had enough and brought them each one by one out into the archer range using each for target practice. Why should he need to marry he was so young, had so much more fucking to do before needing to dwindle down his life to just one. (Though he doubted even then that would happen.) When his brother came to him he sneered at the idea of marriage once more until it was no longer a suggestion but command!

AGE: 25
Weight: 200 lbs
HAIR COLOR: Blonde/Brown
PERSONALITY: Accurate, dedicated, selfish, greedy, impulsive, persuasive.
HOME:: Russia, Global traveler.
TALENTS: Slave Trading, Arms Dealing, Black marketing organs.
STORY LINE: Form a young age Nikolai had been raised by his uncle's strict  tutelage.  While most children of seven were learning math problems, Nikolai was learning how to handle a weapon. He had been born into a family of dark deeds and the price on his parents heads had long been collected the orphan's sole family was his uncle Demetri who had been long the global trader. At first he'd known little of his family's profession thieves, killers, and all around bringers of the plague. Yet as he grew he was equipped with a fine education, and lesson in what life could give. Money. In the end it always came down to money he went along with his uncle serving more as an apprentice would learning the trade.
His connections slowly growing, but it wasn't until he was caught in a drug smuggling deal gone bad that he learned just how much history his family had. His arrest had sent him to jail in america, the documents he used were forged but the legal system was real enough. If he was not school before he came out a professional killer, his uncle has his sentence reduced to years rather then decades after all it was his first arrest, and he was only twenty years old. The year went on and now he wanted more, a partnership with his uncle produced lasting profits. Human trafficking has been popular back in the old days and was still number one grossing income in America. So he made a profession of it, taking woman who fit the bill Russian woman, Asian woman, Mexican woman were along the top selling. Though he found more pleasure in breaking them before he finally sold them.

Weight: 192 lbs
HAIR COLOR: Dyed Green. Blonde.
EYE COLOR: Dark Green
PERSONALITY: A violent sociopath who murders people for his own amusement in a word? Mad.
HOME:: Gotham City
TALENTS: Superior Class of Intellect, Highly Skilled Chemist, Master of Disguise, High Tolerance for Pain
PLOT Based off of Mad Love
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Offline Golden InkTopic starter

« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2014, 03:34:18 PM »

Welcome to my request thread, I will be looking for new plots and stories that pique my interest lately. Granted my mood changes like the weather. Though for those of you who have found your way here, try the coffee and chill down to read through this.  Please don't write anything here, no replies please. You can PM me with anything you want to ask me I am pretty awesome at getting back to people.  You can find my writer's info on my profile page, HERE to see what you're getting yourself into.

Genres: Fatantasy, Horror, Historical, AUs.

♠ I like fantasy in my story, I kinda have to have it because straight up slice o life kinda cuts me inside, and I will bleed to death and die somewhere.

♠ The horror buff in me likes to be afraid, for you, so I enjoy a bit of edge on you're seat what the fuck is gonna happen next feeling.

♠ Historcial  :]Luv  I would like it. Yea. However.. the 1920's - 80s doesn't really do it for me. Roman style Era wanted.

♠ Ugh... Yea, Alternate Universes! I like em, I like stories that already have history and totally destroying them with how we might like it to go. Lets rewrite history yo.

Themes: Lets go scary with it? I enjoy a bit of blood and violence. I can do nice.... For a little while anyway I can even do sweet until a certain point. I like crime, power struggles, creepy, obsessive things.

Fandoms I do have a little list ... Mind you i'd like to AU these.

Resident Evil
Silent Hill
Nightmare on Elm Street
Vampire Chronicles
Game of Thrones


♔ Fable Hero of Skill x ♔/♕OC
♔ Lycan x  ♕ Lycan
♔ Lycan x ♔/♕ Human
♔ Cop x ♔/♕ Any (I do mean any, even supernatual creature.)
♔ Knight x ♕ Princess, Queen, Maiden in distress(obvi's)
♔ King x ♕ Princess, Queen
♔ Killer x ♔/♕ Human


Anytime, Anyplace.

I do not play ♔ m x ♔m [sorry fellas.] Though I do not mind one bit playing with or against another male character. I'd really like to play a horror type of story a bloody mess. Something with murder, and survival in the mix. Modern works better for this I'll come up with a plot maybe vampires. TBC...
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♠ Fantasy stories.
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2016, 07:32:07 AM »
Red and Black
inspiration in accusation

There is a story in there I know it..

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☆ The Request Thread [ male writer seeking ☆ female characters]
« Reply #3 on: April 10, 2018, 02:11:21 PM »
Name: Santiago De la Cruz

Wolfpack: Luna de Los Muertos
Location: Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
Age: 49
Height: 6’
Weight: 202 lbs

Lycan origin: The Nahual is what they have been called since the 1500s. Warlocks, or demons as many of the villagers would call them. They were always just as the earth and sky are always, being the monster in the nights, it was the Nahual that formed wolf packs of Mexico. The original wolf hailed from Europe but with the Spanish colonizing Mexico, a single family was born. There had always been talk of Brujo magic and even then it was said a Devil of Magic Hector, helped the foundation of lycans become many. For hundreds of years these packs were slaved to a Brujo, but as his magic spread so did fear of discovery. The Nahual took their chains off, and resisted and in 1846 the Lycans received their freedom from their master.

The families brought together by the need to be free, we're torn apart by the need to become Alpha. Four brothers each deeming themselves rightful ruler of their families until they could no longer abide under a lawless rule. Four Alpha, four packs and each deathly territorial commanded their respective corners of Mexico. De La Cruz obtained the north, able to spread into California and Texas.
Navarro held the South of Mexico eventually claiming Guatemala through Nicaragua. History saw four brothers kill each other and only the two remain. De la Cruz, and Navarro bloodlines two warring families that to this day will Never have peace.

Luna de Los Muertos: Moon of the Dead, honors the Lady of the Dead. The original Alphess mother to them all, Mictecacihuatl named after the Goddess a she Wolf bitch who died birthing the litter of four. The death of Mictecacihuatl, only made legend when the Warlock Hector raised her from the dead, keeping her bound like a hound of hell. Legends birthing the Moon's power over them it was Mictecacihuatl who led the packs in bloody moon runs killing any on the whims of their master. Dia de Los Muertos a hallowed time marking their pack history.

Ruled by blood De la Cruz, has always been named Alpha in the many years of it's pack legacy. The unmerciful enemy wolves that adhere to a very strict law of their blood. History has seen them as revolutionary their ties to Spain nearly severed to retain a land they wanted all their own. They are known as butchers, and monsters by anyone who would dare to come at them. Ruling them now is Santiago and his two sons, ensuring their family is strong by breeding new pups outside mating tradition. There's is a family, made to rule Mexico spread out through pure blood, born wolves, and mutts. Like a tree it's roots bleed deep into Mexico.

-The life of Santiago De la Cruz-

He was born in November 13, 1967 to the Alphas Dario and Angelica De la Cruz. The first born male pup amongst three younger sisters. Esme, Orfelinda, and Yolanda were given lives of privilege educated abroad and taught the lessons a bitch of station should know. Santiago had been raised closely to his father's side. Privately educated and taught the secrets of their pack from his Father Dario. As pups Santiago ruled in place of his father, over the woman of his family. He commanded the men of the pack in the likeness of his father protect the pack, protect their territories. As he got older he became more rebellious with other wolves his age terrorizing the locals, and tourists. Behavior that was shot down immediately as he was sent to the last of his youth to an academy to be tamed.

Returning to Mexico he was once more pit to control the pack, being groomed to take over someday as the Alpha himself. Learning that corruption was something they easily dealt in controlling the cartel trade into the United States. Being hard on those who broke rank meant punishment, Santiago learned this quick. By the age of nineteen  he had killed dozens by means of torture, and arranged assassinations. Making it home on time to have family dinners.

The woman were told to keep eyes ever watchful but to never speak against the family. In return their Alpha and the Beta (Santiago) spoiled them with a lifestyle that provided them everything they wished. Freedoms that Santiago didn't have were awarded to his sisters, but family had always been the utmost important to the DelaCruz Alpha family. When Santiago was twenty four he was mated and wed to Mariza Ruiz del Gato, a Spanish bitch from the coastal Spain city. The marriage yielded two sons Aaron and Joshua raised in similar roles as his own upbringing. Fiercely protected and fierce to misery his family was strong in numbers of immediate family and pack wolves.

When hunters came through their territory they were easily dispatched killing anything that threatened them. However such incidents do not go without casualties. The deaths of his wife, and two nephews had been a hard blow to Santiago and the Alpha. Something they would not ever forget. His wife gone and male wolves that had no chance to thrive. As he raised his sons he taught them all his father taught him. Until the old wolf stepped down from his respected mantle and crowned Santiago the new Luna de Los Muertos Alpha over every wolf of the territory. Age thirty one, he brought his family more power by claiming more lands deeper south of their territory and was on the verge of taking to war the Navarro pack.

It was a war that brought only an agreement of peace. That the LdlM, would have full access to Columbia, and Cuba with no interference from the waters and enemies of their rival pack. This agreement meant a new drug trade power with new allies and enemies. Peace was good and for everyone involved in this peace profits were high. The years following years acquired new jealousies and with it his favorite niece kidnapped and found dead with the wolf pup cut from her belly. The rage came before the sorrow, but the trail for her killer was hot, the trail for the pup.. Cold.



Lycan x Vampire
Lycan x Human
Lycan x Lycan


I am open to changing it up, but shoot me an idea if you have any.
The focus of his story can change to a more personal one too if romance is the way however i wouldn't count on Lycan x Vampire being an option for romance.

Character Stat: Available

Name: Jaxon Leodrin

Location: Las Vegas
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’1
Weight: 211 lbs

The favorite Vessel for the Demon of Lust, Jaxon has lived since the age of Kings, at times his will is consciousness and other times it is the demon's. After all this time he can no longer determine if he is this demon or if they are still two separate entities. When the demon is awake, it consumes everything anyone doomed to be too close destroyed and tormented. It does not care, the many lost loves in his life have taught him to stay away from love or doom her soul for the hungry monster with in him. There is no more controlling the demon, it rules him and at times he finds he wants to feel it again, the pain he can inflict on another the tremble of her body when his very presence is near. Seeking out who ever she is, but when he sees her, the pure white hot light she emits beckons him to follow to destroy that soul, to covet that body. Jaxon can no longer find absolution, and who would grant it ? He no longer feels the grace of good, but the pains of his cursed life as a vessel it is this reason that he needs the clean souls of those he stalks. To feel a semblance of what he once was... 



Demon x Demon
Demon x Human
Human x Human
Demon x Angel
Demon x Fallen Angel

This can go any which way.

Character Stat: Available

Rank: Russian Prince Beta
Wolf pack: Ash wolves
Age: 24
Weight: 240lbs
Height: 6’4
Eyes: Pale blue, silver
Hair: Light brown, mix of blonde, wavy
Status: Single.

Personality: Asher is rough with all things, he will chew you up and spit you out if you let him. He doesn't like stupidity or incompetence and I will severely punish anyone who fails him. Aside from business he believes in taking what he wants and who. He's been burned in love before and won't ever give anyone that power again.

Appearance: Dressed in jeans and a belt he wears as little as he can. Boots and a colt, the love of weapons had always appealed to Asher, and the modern hot headed cowboy was always locked, cocked, and ready to rock. The single holster at his side and a .45 steel and trimmed in gold design. Bullets hexed, to cut down demons, slow down or kill just about anything looking sideways at him. On the occasional times when informal isn't an option Asher cleans up like a new penny. Suits that are tailored to his body, beard trimmed, and the picture of class. He can be seen riding his European model motorcycle that has been with him since his days of youth.

Owned businesses: (Illegal, gun trade.)
Lunar Eclipse: Owned by the Russian Mafia a bar located on wolf territory. A hang out and front for the gun trade. It's usuals are wolves from the wolf pack, and trusted humans. Underneath the bar is a large basement used for business affairs and underground fights.

Vegas Bio: The business of gun trade is both a delicate act between the consumer, and the seller. You buy from the Russians, everyone knew that there was an unspoken rule that all gun business was handled by the Russian wolves. The majority of weapons that came into Vegas were marked with a single name, Volkov the leader of the Russian Mob this way of Nevada. Ties to New York, and California as extensions of his strength. With the backing and blessing of an Alpha back in the motherland, Asher Volkov dominated the streets with his presence. Setting up its pack loyals of the Ash wolves wasn’t hard at all, and only the strong survived. The force of wolves making themselves welcomed into every street gang who didn’t know what was what.

Those who tried to sell in their domain were brought low by way of execution. Causing issues among competitors but that was that delicate act, knowing whose shoes to piss on. The Russian wolves ate through hearts the way money burned through wallets until only their wolf pack reigned over all others. Allowing only lone wolves and broken packs to serve as reminders what happened when they crossed the Ash wolves. 

Russian Bio: He is the Heir to the largest collective of white wolves known as the Ash Wolves, a bloodline so pure that those who are born into the line inherit the blood of Russian Nobility. His education and upbringing saw him beaten to a pulp, and hungrily asking for more. A thick skin over cool features, Asher is both a diplomatic wolf, as well as the first to take command. Constant disputes and territory claims fall under his control as Prince and is responsible for the peace between family packs. Honoring both his Alpha and mother he tries but is easily distracted by his life in America where he answers to no one but himself. Yet the months he spends is when he truly shines bright. No place like home.



Prince X Servant
Lycan x Lycan

I am looking for maybe a type of action feel to this guy.
I can do romance though it would lean towards Dom/Sub.

Character Stat: Available

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