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Author Topic: Male Seeking an Intelligent, Skilled Partner (Who is Also Female)  (Read 1277 times)

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Edit 1: Added "A Darker Harry," renamed titles of ideas.
Edit 2: Added "Skyrim"
Edit 3: Added Man of Steel, recalled that there's no Earth where there are Dovakiin
Edit 4: Yarr!
Edit 5: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden - Really looking for a partner for this!

Before anyone invests their time reading the post below, I want to make clear what ideas here will absolutely not include.
  • Sex as a focus
  • Any sort of Master/Slave play

If you're still reading, thank you.

1) The Bloody Rose

The Plot: Captain Brad Hunt has just been promoted to Commander in the fledgling American Navy, tasked with hunting down the elusive Bloody Rose, a notorious and, as it happens, female pirate whose nickname was earned far more from its former half than its latter. Can Commander Hunt overcome his desire for a strong, determined woman long enough to put her behind bars?

The Role: The two will first meet at a banquet in Hunt's honor, celebrating his recent promotion. She will sneak in for the sake of enjoying a party, they will sleep together, and she will be back on the high seas before he knew exactly who it was he touched. That's her plan, anyway. This is for the alpha ladies out there, those women who aren't afraid to forge their own destiny. That's what will attract Commander Hunt, and that is what I am after.

2) Man of Steel
I can't stand to fly

The Plot: Set in the Man of Steel universe, Kel has stopped the last of his race from destroying his newfound home, but his relationship with Lois is, at best, strained. Super or not, Clark has never had a girlfriend before, much less an adoring media. He loves her, but is Earth right for him anymore? If there was life on this planet, it must be elsewhere as well. Does he owe it to Lois to leave her be that she may lead a normal, safe life? Because as long as she is the one weakness of a super man, she never will.

The role: Lois Lane has always been a particularly flat character, as women in comics and their adaptations tend to be. I would love to hear from a woman who takes this as both a disappointment and a challenge. Bring her to life. She has needs too, you know, and just because he can fire lasers through guided missiles traveling faster than the speed of sound doesn't mean he can go to the grocery store without accidentally launching a canned good out the window so quickly that NATO asks him to fire his eye-lasers at it, and now it's raining pinto beans somewhere in Eastern Europe because Lois had to work late and how is she supposed to feel about that? Lois wants this to work, but however she frames the superhero thing, she's still dating a thirty three year old virgin who has never needed to make ends meet before. How is she going to reconcile that?

3) Skyrim
Fit to Rule

The Plot: Alduin has been slain, thank the Nine, but Skyrim and the Empire are far from safe. To the West, the Elves desire even the slightest reason to invade again, to say nothing of Skyrim's civil war that has taken the lives of far more than its worth. No matter what strife, though, The Empire has always been ruled by the Dovakiin, and now that he has returned, he should sit atop the throne again. The Dragonborn, brought from his meager home in Whiterun, has been invited to marry the daughter of the ruling royal family. When they pass, the crown, and its weight, will fall to him.

But what does a Dragonborn want with power? He has fought since as long as he can remember. His legacy is printed in blood. After so much struggle, he wants nothing more than to settle down and live in peace. He will fit in very poorly with the power hungry nobility that will surround him, and the political games they play.

The role: The Dovakiin will need an immeasurably witty, perceptive princess to keep him afloat during his rule. He needs a neck to turn the head, to show him the difference between how he wants to rule and how ruling necessarily must be done. Their personalities should be a foil for one another. She is a well-educated, proper lady who may well have ambitions of her own. He, on the other hand, is dense, emotional, and prone to violent outbursts. By the Nine, how will he rule an Empire?

4) Shadows on the Water
The Dresden Files

The Plot: A boatload of zombies is sailing across Lake Michigan, dead set on making landfall in Chicago. With the White Council busy reorganizing after a terrible battle, Harry Dresden, Knight of Winter, will have to do what he can to repel the invaders from his home, and from desecrating the Throne of Winter, their ultimate goal.. Just as things look hopeless, Mab delivers to him an ally - a powerful and beautiful being that Harry has never heard of before. With her help, Mab explains, Harry can defend his city and Mab's empire.

The Role: Harry's counterpart will be a magical creature (not necessarily human) who will work with him to repeal the invasion. However, as they begin discovering how one stops an amphibious invasion of zombies, things begin to fall apart. There is more to this story than Harry or his new magical friend understand. They will have to work together to discover what plot Mab has weaved this time, and exactly how the undead play a part. For this role, I am hoping for a partner who is familiar with the state of the series thus far.

5) The Snake in the Grass is Worth Two in the Bush
For those eager, experienced, intelligent writers who want to rule the darkest world we can imagine

The Plot: Jon Hunt is the lord of an average province in a powerful kingdom. He has everything a man dreams of in life. His bed is always warm, his food brought to him by a small army of servants, the adoration of mobs of commoners who live to be recognized by his noble word and by the Gods, he hated it. He hated his life with such a furious passion his servants avoided him for fear of their lives. Jon wanted more. He wanted the crown.

But what is a young lord with no royal blood and relatively little power to do? Jon cannot overthrow the king by himself - unless he required a particularly creative form of suicide - and he cannot possibly bear one more moment at his damned castle. What he needed was something more discreet.

There were two forces acting against Jon. The first were the commoners who would fight to protect their King. For them, Jon threw his hat into the political arena. At every chance he could find, Jon spoke about the issue the commoners cared most for - and for which he personally cared least - the issue of magic. Magic is dangerous, he argued. It is temperamental and explosive. It is unnatural. It should be illegal. Jon found purchase with his words and found himself coming into the good graces of the lower class, much to his disdain. Dirty, uneducated rabble as they were, he needed them for his plan to work, so, begrudgingly, he stayed his course.

The other problem, the second force acting against Jon, was the nobility. Most of Jon's peers cared little for magic and, in general, recognized his ploy. Creative as it was, it was not enough for them to see Jon as a threat. What Jon needed was a covert ally, someone who could sneak, steal, sabotage and murder in a way that no lord, especially one with Jon's inexperience at such things, could be seen doing. He needed someone with an excuse to be around him at all times, someone motivated by nothing but pure greed whose cold shoulder spoke volumes of her cold heart, someone who grew up from nothing who would kill to live comfortably. Who better than a beautiful, female magic user? She would be Jon's personal spy, used to grease the wheels of dirty politics. Her magic would be her asset to accomplish her mission and, more importantly, not get caught.

Such an accomplice presents a clear problem, however. Jon was the lord known for his anti-magical stance. If she were to be caught and exposed, any consideration Jon may have had for the support of the commoners would be ruined. At that point, he would have to control the rebellion in his own province. On trips, then, she would have to be discreet. When they met with lords she could not levitate into her seat or magically grasp fruit from the other side of the table. She would have to keep things hidden, much to her dismay. Jon had better pay very well for such a self-imposed handicap.

The role: My intention would be to start things just as Jon begins traveling the Kingdom, looking for nobles to sway into being his ally. If they do not accept his offer, Jon will likely resort to blackmail, or  outright murder, to get his way. After convincing enough of the Kingdom, Jon will launch his coup de'tat.

The girl: Sarcastic, self-serving women who believe Jon's claim in his ability to ascend to the throne just enough to accompany him - and jump ship at the first sign of failure - are welcomed. I do not expect romance of any sort unless it both evolves naturally and serves to further the plot. I'm happy to answer any questions.

The Most Important Part of a Roleplay To Me

When I go to the gym, I like to do so with my friends. This is, in part, because my favorite workout is a form of sit-ups involving weighted balls (sometimes called medicine balls). Two partners lay in sit-up position opposite each other, one partner holding the ball on his chest. As they sit up together, the partner throws the ball to the other partner, lays back down, and catches it when it is, again, tossed to him. The key component of this workout is to throw the ball as hard as you can, thus expending the maximum possible weight on your abdominal muscles and exerting it against your partner's. To do anything less than throw the ball as hard as you can, trusting that your partner will catch it and not be injured by your throw, is to make the workout less useful (and fun) to your partner. I won't explain any further how this applies to roleplay. I hope you understand.

Contact Me

If any of the above interests you, or if you have an idea of similar complexity, I would love to hear from you. I will try to check in frequently. Despite the wall of text above, I'm a very friendly person and any message to me, private or otherwise, will be both answered and respected.
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Re: Male Seeking an Intelligent, Skilled Partner (Who is Also Female)
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Re: Male Seeking an Intelligent, Skilled Partner (Who is Also Female)
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Bump. Just gathering interest. I'm also open to lots of other ideas, these are just some that I've had on and off.

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Re: Male Seeking an Intelligent, Skilled Partner (Who is Also Female)
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Edit: Removed an idea that was getting overplayed. If anyone has other ideas in the "Darker Harry" AU, we should totally chat.

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Re: Male Seeking an Intelligent, Skilled Partner (Who is Also Female)
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Several edits made, forgot to bump.

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Re: Male Seeking an Intelligent, Skilled Partner (Who is Also Female)
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Harry Dresden bump!