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Author Topic: ♪~*~ningyou's new and improved hypnokink hootenanny~*~♪ [F seeking whoever~]  (Read 966 times)

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Offline ningyouTopic starter

...just getting that out of the way.

So, hi! I'm ningyou, and I'd really like to write some weird pornography. [Maybe even with you! ♥]

Okay, so maybe 'weird pornography' is overstating things a bit, but still! [You can get a better idea of what I mean from my handy-dandy Ons and Offs thread~!]

I'm a bit scatterbrained with this stuff, so...I guess I'll just try to go through the bare-minimum requirements and then get to the plots?

Be literate. No, I'm not looking for ~*~FUTURE GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL AUTHORS~*~ [or uh fuck AUTHORS OF GREAT LITERATURE that's region-neutral right s: ] as partners, but....bad grammar/particularly bad writing sorta kills my interest. If you wanna charm the pants off of me, charm the pants off me with your writing~! [unless you are a wizard and can charm my pants off with a wizard thing. Are you a wizard? Can you do Pants Magic and/or Skirtomancy?]

Be communicative! Is stuff not-fun? Am I LITERALLY THE WORST? Is there something you'd like to add or change? Are you gonna be gone for months 'cos Heeding the Siren Song of a Faraway Magical Land Reasons? Please say so!

Be clever! Like I say in the Ons/Offs, I really like it when there's a mutual exchange of ideas and things with my partner. It's sorta ehhhhh if I'm coming up with errything, and awkward if you [whoever you might be~] are! And really....surprises and things are nice. <3

Be a romantic. RP sex in itself (and by extension, primarily-sexual RP) is sort of boring and awkward for me. :x Emotions running high, warm-fuzzy-swoony feelings and the odd touch of fear? That's what turns me on.~<3 [among a whole slew of other things I guess, wooooooo hilariously long kink slash preference lists]

Be....maybe don't be a dude. I'm sorta ambivalent about this! I say this not because I am a BALL MURDERING QUEEN OF MISANDRYSTAN, but for the simple fact that a lot of my past encounters with dudes on RP sites have been sorta dismal. In my experience, [dominant-leaning] men tend to skim profiles *at best*/be all like 'hey I read your profile and HAVE I GOT A PLOT IDEA FOR YO--haha you have "roleplay" "preferences" that's so cute', act pushy, and generally push the sexytimes pretty hard (teehee). Subby dudes too, like...I've played with some wonderful sub dude-RPers, but so many more of them seem to be all HEY YOU. YOU HAVE A PULSE. pls do abcdefg things to this worm, mistress  So while I'm not *completely* averse to stuff with guys...there's a high (well, relative-high!) bar. Impress me! <3

(also most bog-standard het male dom/female sub stuff kinda bores me, so. Something to bear in mind. :s )

Update: So, I've gotten a taste for maledom/femsub stuff and very occasionally male-supremacy/wooo benevolent sexism society stuff recently! Buuuuut the fact remains that you're gonna have to impress me.~ Bad grammar, boring ideas, and dude-in-a-suit-fondling-naked-buxom-lady imagery in your avatar or signature or w/e are instant turn-offs.


[As you might have inferred from the thread title, I am very much fond of hypnosis/mind control. <3 Sooooo a lot of these are going to be pretty hypnokink-centric. (And D/S-centric!) ((And fearkinky.))]

You are getting veeeeeery sleeeeeeeepy...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I have been desperately craving some old-tymey watch-swingy hypno RP. Whether it's a demonstration with a stage hypnotist (or my gal being conscripted into playing the lovely fishnets-and-borrowed-tuxedo-tails assistant for some talent show~) or a slow-building thing between a reluctant delinquent girl and her hypnotherapist or something else altogether, I'd reeeeeally love something sweet and kinky involving no-frills hypnotism. ♥

A Day at the Faire

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Renfaires? Corsets and gowns and fairy-winged, flower-crowned folk and people getting maybe a liiiiiiiittle too into their roles? Commanding, entrancing carnival barkers and mischievous, cute jesters in bright getups who can just wrap you around their finger and tug you along on a string? Yes, please. ♥

(Also super hot, people getting so into their roles that their parts become their lives, people just coooooaxing the odd fairegoer who catches their eye into same~ and fairy communes, and little pseudo-courtly societies, and...mmf.

A Canon is Fine Too

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
So.....sometimes, I like canon RP! Also, sometimes-weirdkinky canon RP. So, here's a list of canons I like! I'll probably be adding to it soon~

Odin Sphere (oh gosh I love everything about this game and would be up for playing any of the mains~ I especially love Gwendolyn/Oswald, though.)

Sword Art Online (Asuna x Sugou/Fairy King Oberon is kinda squicky but also kinda hot! I'd be interested in playing this with the right person. Alternatively, Asuna x Kirito~)

More to come.


Tags: Lupin and Zenigata but probably with boobs and also ~in the future~, brainwashing/reeducation, unhealthy relationships, puppies

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide's an idea. There's a thief! A very brash, very *clever* thief, maybe not all that *bad* (but for the thievin') but nonetheless pulling off ~heists~ left and right. Why? 'cos it's fun, why not? And there's a detective! A dogged detective (as distinct from a dog detective! Though, OFFICER PUPPY VS MEOWMEOW THE MASTER THIEF could be fun. I'unno! ), tirelessly pursuing my thief and maybe there's a conflicted, sexualtensiontastic *love* blooming but it's tempered by all sorts of ambivalence and worry 'cos my girly's a *thief* and the other person's on the side of the law and how can they *trust* one another but at the same time the detective's feelings in particular build to the point of obsession and--

And then, the detective has an Idea. A capital-I Idea, 'cos it's a really clever one! She proposes a meetup, equal parts date and truce! She wines and dines the wary-but-curious-welcoming-ish thief, and there's the prick of a needle or a little something extra in the wine and the thief falters and eyeflutters and fades and...and then, she's completely at her counterpart's mercy.~

So that's a lot of prelude but what I'm basically looking for here is something where my thiefy's thoroughly brainwashed and turned into a tremblyskittishmeek, polite, very much law-abiding pet. Playing out the brainwashing as a *process*, the slow slide from aware and very much resistant to dimming and *falling* and becoming a happy and mostly-oblivious, if terribly flighty, pet? Doting and a smidge of gloating and a whole lot of scarypossessivecomforting vs. heaps of hollow bravado giving way to fear and pleading and a helpless sort of acquiescence~? My girly breaking *free*, for some values of free -- waking up from the spell, a little bit, and running away but *missing* her owner-captor-love and feeling love and *need* and worry weigh on her like millstones, playing with just *how much* her 'rehabilitation' has changed the dynamic between them? Yes, please. <3

Dreaming [of you] in Digital~

Tags: mmos ~*~in the future~*~, totally not ripping off .hack, cutesweet romance, memory-play, gender norms are dumb let's mess with 'em, het, small guy/tall gal

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
aka 'oh look *that* title's cheesy as all get-out and i'm legit ashamed of myself and not the sexy kind of shame either,' aka 'WAY TO ESCHEW TRADITIONAL GENDER ROLES, PIRATES' aka if you don't get that why are you not watching Archer >:C

So...while I have yet to read/watch Sword Art Online, reading stuff about it gave me ideas! 'cos I really like the idea of maybe-more-immersive-than-is-safe virtual worlds that you may not be able to leave as you like [and turning traditional gender roles on their head, but that's more drawing from the Archer thing than the animu MMO thing I guess?].'s an idea! There's a VR MMO -- maybe your bog-standard World of Wardungeonbinogiwarsdictuscraft, maybe run-of-the-mill (or less so!) sci-fi, maybe Second Life with less Goreans and dongshowers, maybe something completely different. [A storybooky MMO rooted in Irish myth, all Folklore (the game)-meets-Odin-Sphere-with-a-dash-of-Alice-in-Wonderland-and-maybe-the-odd-pinch-of-Changeling-the-Lost? Hngh. <3] There's this MMO, and the gear to fully immerse oneself in the game is cheap enough that even your average high school/college kid who can afford a computer can afford to play the game. It's...maybe a little unstable, though. [And by 'maybe a little' I mean 'oh hey look at that, most/all of the player base ends up trapped in the game, their bodies locked in a deep, all-but-comatose sleep Because technology is pants and will inevitably murder us all Reasons']

Whiiiiiich brings us to our characters! The basic outline for what I'm seeking is as follows. There are these two characters in the game! [Obviously, played by *our* characters.] A boy (ginormous tank-y dude or spellsword or willowyclever rogue or fey bard or something else altogether, take your pick!) and a girl (JRPG-stereotypey cleric/healer, STORNG TNAK >:U, thief or witch or Mesmer-esque enchantress or otherwise!), and at some point or another they became fast friends! Close friends! More than friends, even~. [lol cybe--but yeah no i'm thinking more cuteprotective romance than UNF UNF HRNGH 8====:) >+O: ] Maaaaybe there are some dommeysubby undertones. Or overtones! It is ~*~roleplay within a roleplay~*~, after all.) And then everyone's *trapped* and our pair of player characters band together (it's a little bit familiarity, a little bit necessity~), grow closer, and there's no end to the Long Sleep in sight and everybody's spent so much time in the game half the player base has gone native and...

And then, suddenly, everyone wakes up. Most everyone, at least, our characters included! And maybe one or the other had previously let slip a detail that told the other 'surprise, we go to the same school/live in the same town,' and at the time asking to meet felt weeeeird...but after everything that happened, and the feelings that bloomed when everything was going on, they decided that if they ever got out of the game, they *had* to meet. They had to! They'd even made plans, where to meet and how they'd recognize each other and errything! And so after everything's back to normal (ish), after they've gotten doctor's okays and settled back into something almost approaching normal routine, they end up at that meeting place, one way or another.

When they finally *do* reunite, though...that brave prince of hers? 'He' turns out to be a tall, tomboyish girl, maybe some kind of girl-gang leader and all-around delinquent, maybe just unfairly hit with rumors 'cos she looks big and tough and scary. And that spellweavin' songbird of his? A boy, fragile boy, waifish and bookish and kinda femmy.~ This, of course, leads to all sorts of angst at first, they're both half-convinced this is some kind of *trick* or joke or weird ruse (lol Archer) gone too far, the boy's all bewilderedscaredskittish around her and she may or may not confront him and corner him and glower or yell or slap him around some and he may or may not run off tearfully LIKE HE ANIME HEROES [by which i mean shoujo heroines, tears glittering in the wind in super dramatic freeze-frame] or just tremble and crumple and freeze up 'cos scary bruiser lady, but then...well. Stuff happens, one way or another! It wouldn't be much of an RP if it led to 'AND THEY NEVER SPOKE OF IT AGAIN. SECRET SHAME etc. etc.'

Basically I think angstyreluctance giving way to slowsweetblushycute romance where they can't quite get their roles in the game out of their head, where the gal's all chivalrous toward the guy and does the sweeping-off-feet and ravishing and errything could be fun. <3 Also, I mentioned trapped players 'going native' above and I'd really like to play with that! Of course, our players might not have it *that* bad, but all the have to imagine that being stuck in a fantasy world that felt real as anything for a week or a month or a year or however long is going to have an *effect* on someone's headspace, right~?

Supaa Kawaii True Love/Hate Story!!

Tags: grown-up magical girls, a is for angst, b is for brainwashing, c is for cosplay, f is for fearkink but also fauxcest

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
So I'm a ginormous weeaboo and I p much adore mahou shoujo anime.

Really, it's great! Cuteness and costumes and the power of love/heart/pure intentions/lesbian undertones overcoming evil/sorta-evil/bad-ish! But...when you think about it? There are some really *creepy* undertones to some magical-girl shows, especially with the bad ends implied if the plucky heroine doesn't defeat the monster of the day/week/season! have to wonder, like, what sort of effect does this kinda thing have on a girl's psyche? [well, I wonder, anyways!] So....between thinkan' about this and rewatching Madoka recently, I had this idea! Basically...I'd like to play with something involving an ex-magical girl, all grownup and long since set adrift by her patron/creator/fuzzy mascot/whatever. She's a little broken, a little funny, a little...between the weirdness and the witchery [after all, what magical girl doesn't end up falling victim to some antagonist/creature/whatever's spell somewhere along the way, if only for a little?~] and the sheer *worry*, lingering so, she's...she's not entirely *here*, y'know? One foot in a daydream, tenuous grasp on reality, so on...

And she thinks she's *safe* -- after all, didn't she vanquish the Evil Witch-Queen/dream-eating behemoth/Clow Reed's evil doppelganger/SATAN HISSELF once and for all and save Townsville/Tokyo/the world/wherever so long ago? -- but that's not entirely true, mm?

So...long story short, some old enemy of our plucky an' unlucky heroine shows up, hijinks ensue. Now, this might sound kinda simple and straightforward and blah blurgh booooooooring, but I can think of all sorts of twists and ways to play with it! Maybe there's some kind of intelligent *creature* run amok, and it corners my girly. Or perhaps a strange, scaaaaaaary figure (or not-at-all-scary! Inviting, kindly, 'til she realizes who it is!) starts to show up in her dreams! Or maybe.....maybe some witch-queen or demon-prince (or angelic type!) or otherwise finds her in the flesh. Perhaps they'd already found her a loooong time ago! Maybe her boss or landlord, or a best friend or therapist or *someone* she needs to keep her tenuous grip on reality, is actually that old sworn enemy of hers masquerading as a friendly face! Maybe they just want revenge, or maybe......well. What if all the times the Dark Queen tried to ensorcell and enslave poor magical-girly, it was 'cos she wanted a daughter, and *damnit*, she was going to have one even if it meant breaking magical-girly's mind in two? And now that she's given up on whatever *other* plans she might have had, and now that magical-girly is pretty much defenseless now, well...

So yeah! I'd especially love to play this against some kind of Dark Queen[or princess!]/enchantress/etc.-figure, 'cos I think it'd be all kinds of hot to play around with a [fearkinktastic!] faux-mother/daughter (or elder sister/younger sister!) dynamic, but really there's all sorts of stuff that can be done with it.~

You can take the girl out of the jungle, but...

Tags: Yiff yiff yiff, erryday I'm role reversalin', genemods yay, eat the rich or teach them tricks

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Welcome to the glorious future! Meals in a pill, flying cars, and...pets. Lab-bred, genetically engineered, sometimes human-shaped pets. (*cough*notafurry*cough*) And as anyone who has owned a pet knows, pets aren't always well-behaved when you first bring them home! Especially in the case of, say...oh, I don't know, terribly clever (after all, giving your pet an IQ way way above the human average only costs 1500 credits! Talk with them, teach them tricks, tell them to do your algebra homework, anything's possible!) human-sized tigress-genemods.

[It doesn't have to be a tigress. :3 ]

But, still!

Basically, in this scenario, I'm looking to play a human - maybe younger (relatively speaking - someone of legal age, of course!), maybe someone older - who has acquired a unique pet of some kind, either by buying outright or as a gift from someone else (maybe not given altruistically! Maybe this is part of a *plan*.). Ideally, the pet is...human-like, vaguely human-shaped (when I was thinking up this scenario, I was mostly thinking tigress-mods and kitsune, or maybe something else furry or scaly and harboring a feral side, but other sorts work too!), and intelligent enough to carry on a conversation with their 'owner.' See, I put the word owner in quotes for a reason! What I'm wanting out of this scenario way or another, the pet and owner are going to switch roles. Whether it's a tiger lunging at the 'owner' on day one and cornering her and threatening to gobble her up 'til she slips a collar 'round her own neck, or a long game, some kind of naga-mod tricking and trapping and maybe trancing (the Jungle Book, anyone~?) the poor thing into submission over days or this scenario, the 'owner' isn't going to be owning anything for long~~

[of course, that doesn't preclude the gentle stuff! The 'pet' turning out to be a kindly master/mistress once they've asserted their dominance would be pretty rad, though the odd spot of harshness can be fun too!]

Not-Emma, a not-Victorian not-Romance

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
So...maids! Maids are pretty great, right? And kinky whatevers with maids are pretty hng, right? So yeah. I don't have anything super super specific in mind here, but...some sort of D/S-centric hijinks with maids, possibly in some grand old manor in a Village that Time Forgot [after...what, 1890?], all cute uniforms and superficial masks of ever-so-polite perfection and nasty, nasty things behind closed doors would be pretty great. :3  Though, I reeeeeally like the idea of something where a haughty aristocrat/princess/whatever is blackmailed or otherwise forced (somehow!) into serving as a maid (by her own waitstaff, or whoever else) and slowly-but-surely broken down and remolded into a meek little servant.~

...And they'll swallow the key.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
So....I've had this idea. There's some kind of intelligent but obviously inhuman *creature* or witchy sort [or maybe a Blue and Orange Morality faerie or something~] that human folk in some faraway village have somehow managed to capture, either on suspicion of committing some terrible act or 'cos they're just *that* strange and unknown and blah blah we fear what we don't understand etc. [Or perhaps they're just some tricksy rogue, locked up on suspicion of murders.~] And there's a guard, nervous little rookie, left to watch over the prisoner. Said prisoner talks to her and taunts her a little and maybe, at some point, talks her into a trance and plays around with her head but mostly just starts a dialogue and picks at her brain and manages to sloooowly break her down with nothing but words and a pretty [or not-so-pretty] voice.

And then they get free, sometime when it's very dark [or perhaps when it's the middle of the day! Silly guard, thinking the light'll keep her safe...] and there's nobody but the mousey little guard around, and no one else has the faintest clue that anything's amiss.


The Care and Feeding of Humans!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
So...I love love love D/S. And owner/pet stuff. And condescension, and characters being treated as *less than people*. And elves are pretty rad too! SO WHY NOT COMBINE THESE THINGS IT'S LIKE PEANUT BUTTER AND ICE CREAM AND OREOS AND OREO-FLAVORED SPRINKLES ALL MASHED TOGETHER IN A MOUNTAIN OF--

...seriously, though, RP in a modern-fantasy or sci-fi setting with elves (Lords and Ladies-style or otherwise! Or faeries, or other otherworldly sorts...) lording over a recently-conquered human race and treating them like lessers/children/*not-people* and maybe even keeping some of them as pets/glorified fucktoys/whatever would be pretty hnngh. (Bonus points if the elves or whoever are all neo-Victorian. Superficial masks of refinement, nanotech-fiber suits and gowns and parasols, high tea with all sorts of shiny new pharmaceuticals involved, tailored pheromones and polite tyranny and the Pointy-eared White Man's Burden, ohmy~)

In this sort of setting, I'd love to play something where a member of some kind of human resistance ends up found out and captured and given away to an elven aristocrat, said aristocrat attempts to "gently correct and [re]educate" her new servant/pet (read: brainwashing and abuse tempered with unexpected gentleness and love, heavy d/s undertones), and as the human girly's resistance is slowly but surely broken down, a tender but twisted, Stockholm-syndromey sort of romance ~blossoms~.

So, yeah! If any of these interest you, PM me~! I have AIM too (and actually sort of prefer it for discussing stuff 'cos it's more...immediate?) but feel a little iffy about just putting it in my profile, so...AIM available on request.
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post-prolongedish-absence bump~

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[Seeking a partner or two or three. Try me~!]

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Bumping after a prolongedish absence. I'd really like to find some lovely, literate partners~ and I'll prolly be posting more ideas soon, too. ♥

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Leeeeet's try this again. Back in the VAGUELY SMUTTY ROLEPLAY RAP GAME, THE HORNIEST NINE TO FIVE YOU'LL EVER HAVE, seeking new partners! ♥