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Author Topic: Tersius is searching for... (M for F)  (Read 774 times)

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Tersius is searching for... (M for F)
« on: November 29, 2012, 04:31:08 PM »
Hello [you], and thanks for showing enough interest to come and check out my page.  :-)
Here are a few things about what I'd like from you as a partner, that I'd like to share.

I am sorry, but at the moment, I am currently very full up on RP's, and there is no way I can possibly take any more. thank you for your interest though!

Please PM me instead of posting here, thank you.

To me, communication is the key to a great and long lasting role play. Collaborating with my partner is essential to me, for how can you write a good story that you both like unless you know what each person really wants in the story? You will find that I tend to adjust my playing style to my partners, as I strive to make sure they are getting what they desire. If I accomplish that, I'm usually getting what I desire. I'm counting on you to let me know when it isn't happening for you.

Most plots (Anyone's, not just mine) will have a certain amount of communication between us to hammer out the little details before the actual story begins. Please be kind and answer PM's, or else why are we even going through the charade of starting a story together? I don't need immediate answers right now! I'd be happy with an answer within two weeks... trust me, it's happened, and it's not fun to wait.

Please be considerate enough to tell me when you'd rather quit a game. It's rude to disappear without a word. I've had it happen to me already, and I would never do that to someone else. There's nothing worse than waiting, thinking you did or said something wrong, and never really finding out what it was. If you are the sort of person who would do that, I'm positive that we would NOT make a good match for a role play.

Post lengths: I can make some pretty lengthy posts, and while I'm not going to demand any certain length from my partners, I would really like to have at least a few paragraphs, so I have something to work off of.

Things that I look for in a story

After looking at other people's RP request's here, I'm beginning to realize I'm pretty tame in my wants and needs. I love it when the two main characters clash and don't get along in the beginning of the story, but eventually come together in fiery passion. Romance is high on my list.

I find myself drawn to the bodyguard roles, the fierce protector that will step in front of Death itself for his companion.

Conflicted characters! Characters with flaws! Nothing is better than a role play where all of the above comes about while dealing with conflicts and flaws!

I like to RP romance. That doesn't always have to mean flowers and love struck gazes, there can be plenty of conflict included. That doesn't mean romance always needs to happen though. I can change things up when necessary.

I'd really love to experiment with new ideas, plots, kinks, and scenarios. I'm new to many of the different and wide range of kinks that I've seen on other people's lists, and find myself more than just a little curious.... okay, I'm eager to try an RP outside of my comfort zone, leaning towards the dom/sub aspects, with me as a sub. If anyone wants to help me broaden my horizons, I would be most grateful!

So please check out my On's and Off's, but keep in mind that they are no where near set in stone. Please don't be afraid to ask me to try something different, I might just surprise you.

On to the Open Story Ideas!

The Diplomat's Dilemma

He arrives in a neighboring kingdom to hammer out the details of a treaty; the exotic land he's in has a custom of bestowing the gift of a bride for their most important guests. Or we can turn it around. She is the diplomat, and he is the gift. The diplomat can't refuse, without destroying the newly formed peace between the two kingdoms. The gift must please the diplomat or be sent to the slave markets, or worse, certain death in the mines.

This can be switched around, the female diplomat receives a male slave.

The Lines Have Become Blurred

Two superheroes, both with powers not quite strong enough too be considered major players in the bigger scheme of things, and basically are self funded and struggling to get by. One champions the cause of justice, while the other obviously fights for anarchy and unrest. They both come across each other in their city late in the night and they clash against each other in furious battle, but are too evenly matched in strength and supernatural powers to overcome one or the other. What happens next? could be physical, conversational, or anything else that we come up with.

Slumming It

On the outside Blair looks like she has it all, a super rich daddy that pays for almost everything, expensive clothes, cars, an expensive apartment. She is part of the social elite and has never known a day in which she did not have what she wanted, and looked down on those that were struggling, and poor. One fateful night on her way home from a lavish and glamorous party, her expensive navigation system glitches and sends her into one of the more worse off parts of town. In a panic over her unsavory surroundings, Blair manages to get into an accident with another car, and in the process damage her car enough to the point that she is stuck, and it refuses to start. Not knowing what to do, too scared to call her dad for fear of having her treasured possessions taken away, she’s stranded. The man that she hit is knocking on her window as the socialite can see in her rearview mirror, a rather large group of rough looking men in the distance walking toward her car.

In the Corporation

Jonathan isn't exactly lucky when it comes to finding a job. He seem to be unable to hold a job longer than a few weeks. Is seems as if the only jobs he can find lately are all temp positions. But there is hope on the distant horizon! A call from his old college roommate, who works in a rather nice office, has landed him an interview! Frankly, Jonathan had never heard of this company, but if the building is anything to judge by, they must be doing something right. Anyway, the Administrative Assistant for the building (really, the Secretary for the Boss, but the former title sounds a little nicer) has recently had to go on maternity leave, which opens up another temp spot.

It might not be permanent, but Jonathan certainly can't say no to such a nice paycheck! So he takes the job and, for the first week, really enjoy the position. Answer calls, take down a few appointments, and make a few photocopies. Heck, all three things don't even happen on the same day! Its a dream job! Great pay, cute coworkers to flirt with over in Accounting or Human Resources, and not a lot of work. That is, until Jonathan's Boss finally gets back from her vacation where she dropped enough money into the county of choice to possibly stimulate their economy for quite some time. Suddenly, Jonathan's world is turned upside down. Everything they had adjusted to goes right out the window as his new boss returns in charge : Suddenly its a flurry of dry cleaning, schedules, constant phone calls, trying to impress what seems to be an impassive boss, fetching coffee multiple times a day (and having to take it back more often than not, all because there wasn't "a little leaf drawn in the coffee"). Jonathan comes to realize that he now works for exactly who he never wanted to work for. So why are they getting so attached to each other?

I'm looking for someone to play the boss! Someone who will put Jonathan through sheer miserable workplace hell. But in time, Jonathan will come to discover there is more going on behind the scenes than what the boss lets on. This is a classic power struggle that I'm hoping to play. We can discuss all the various things that could happen, I'm eager to hear ideas. I'm thinking this would be something a Domme would enjoy.

Plots that are Taken

What Happens in Vegas Taken

Two people, complete strangers, wake up side by side and completely naked in bed, in an expensive suite at Cesar's Palace, or any other famous hotel/casino. After a hard night of partying that each can barely remember, and a killer hangover, they are both shocked to find wedding bands on their ring fingers. They probably want a divorce immediately, but for some reason there is a problem with the paperwork, delaying it indefinitely. It could also have a humorous element as in the movie the Hangover, where they would have to track down their activities of the night before. The rest is up for discussion.

The Terms of Business Taken

The day before a major event, (Family wedding, business party, etc…) your character is dumped by her new boyfriend, and leaves her alone just hours before she had to leave to go to the event. She can't come without a date however, either from not wanting to listen to everyone pick apart her life choices (If the event is with her family), or she wants to dispel the awful rumors at work about her being a frigid lesbian, due to her unwavering work ethic and long hours. But then the one guy she didn't get along with at all, the last person on earth she'd ever ask for help from, offered to help her. The finer details of how they know each other, why they can’t stand each other, and the like, can be discussed between us.

Two Lines Intersect [Post Apocalyptic, near future] (M x F) Consensual, Noncon?   Taken

It's 2017 and economic meltdowns in the USA as well as Germany, China, and other worldwide centers of banking caused chaos and complete anarchy among those countries affected. Throughout the heartland of the USA, many towns become independent, a law unto themselves to protect their citizens, but those in power soon become corrupt. The loss of government oversight has created tyrants.

A man traveling through the Midwestern countryside finds a secluded shelter to hole up in for the night just outside of a small town. There he finds your character settling down for the night as well. Another traveler? A gritty survivor? A (wounded?) escapee from the town?

Your character can be anything at this point. we can discuss any additions or changes to the story over PM's

Summer Job (M x F)(Romance, Consensual)   Taken

John, a young man from the city is transplanted to the country after his divorced mother finds a new husband with a home in the country. He is desperate to find a job to make money, as well as get him out of the house so he doesn't have to be around the two newlyweds. The noises they made were disgusting...

One of the few places around is a horse ranch called the Morning Star Stables, offering horse training, riding lessons, and stabling. Surely they need help here... John finds the person in charge to apply for a summer job and finds a beautiful young woman. Will she take on a green horn and train him properly?

Your character can be the owner, daughter of the owner, anything. Changes discussed over PM's

Snowed In [Modern] (MxF) Romance, possible non con, van. Taken

This takes place in the northern part of the country, where snowstorms hit suddenly and ferociously. In a rustic area where winter cabins are found very sparsely distributed throughout the landscape. One such winter storm hits, and a young man is caught unprepared! His vehicle helplessly snowbound and immobilized, he wanders out on foot to the last turnoff he had seen a few miles back. It looked like a driveway to a cabin...

A young woman recently secluded herself in her winter cabin, stocking it with enough food and supplies to last out a good portion of the season. The cozy and comfortable cabin was really the only thing she wanted from her recent divorce from her verbally abusive, lying, cheating ex-husband. She really just needed time alone to get centered, get back to believing she really was worth something, after years of being told she wasn't.

*The roles can be reversed; the man in the cabin, girl looking for refuge. *

Live by the sword [Medieval] (M x F) Non con, romance Taken

A mercenary fighter helps defend a border town under attack, and saves a young woman from being brutally raped, tortured, and killed. The fighter leaves the woman there and goes on his way once the fighting is done. The woman finds quickly that she has nothing left for her there. Her family, home, and possessions are all destroyed in the conflict. She tries to tag along with the fighter, hoping he will see her safely to another region where she might start a new life, as she knows this town will be attacked again. But he isn't too keen on the idea of babysitting her. He is a broken man, good at killing others. He knows one day he will find one better than him, and somehow looks forward to it. She must convince him to let her come along, to protect her from bandits, predatory animals, etc. Will he protect her? Will she ever be able to make him feel for another person? Will he find something worth living for in her?

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Re: Tersius is searching for... (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2012, 04:33:01 PM »
Please PM me with any requests, so this post stays clutter free. Thanks!

*Edited taken story
*12/2/12 edit removed plot
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Re: Tersius is searching for... (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2012, 11:51:52 PM »
Added Live by the Sword
Added Two Lines Intersect
Added Summer Job
Added Mr. & Mrs Smith

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Re: Tersius is searching for... (M for F)
« Reply #3 on: December 05, 2012, 10:14:18 PM »
*Edited taken plot lines*

Holy crap, everything's taken... :o

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Re: Tersius is searching for... (M for F)
« Reply #4 on: February 03, 2013, 12:25:53 PM »
Made available a few abandoned games:

Two Lines Intersect
Summer Job

Added new plots:

The Diplomat's Dilemma
The Terms of Business
The lines Have Become Blurred