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Started by Ritsu, November 28, 2012, 11:32:29 PM

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This is more of a question than asking for help really, but I figured this would be the place to put it because it's slightly technical in nature, so here goes.

I know that there is a code for forum boards that is [ move ] [ /move ] that causes the objects inside the brackets to scroll across the screen, but it wont work in any posts I've tried it in. Is this because it doesn't exist in the version that we are using, or was it specifically disabled because of other issues that it caused. If not is it possible to implement such a thing without much trouble?

Thanks for your time!


Avis habilis


Thanks guys! That's all I wanted to know.


There literally was much rejoicing over that. It got all the stellar reputation of the old blink tag.


You should re-establish both for the new forum code. Make it so the words can flick between two or three colours! That would be the awesomest



Yea, I can see where it could get annoying and be abused, I just thought it might be useful for having things like a string of banners in your signature so it only took up one line, but held lots of information. Thanks for the quick replies guys!