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Author Topic: The Hunter Chronicles  (Read 402 times)

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Offline MechaStarfish91Topic starter

The Hunter Chronicles
« on: November 27, 2012, 07:34:22 PM »
~~~Chapter 1~~~

Damn, another body, Hunter said to himself as he knelt down beside the dead woman.  He looked at the wounds on her neck.  It was definitely a vampire that did this.  He noticed that her eyes were still open.  Hunter brought his hands to her face and closed them gently.  He muttered a short prayer as he did.  As he got up, is ponytail dropped from his shoulder.  There was still a few hours before the sun was gone.  As he walked he brought a hand up to the blue-tooth in his ear.

“Eric?  Are you there?” he said.

“Hunter! What’s the news?” said a voice into his ear.

“Not so good I’m afraid.  Found another body.  That makes five this week.  Whoever this vampire is, he works fast.”  Hunter then sighed.  “We have to catch him soon.”

“You’re in luck then my friend!” the voice said.  Given the situation, Eric sounded a little excited.  “I managed to locate where all the victims were before they were killed.  Here’s the good news about it.  They were all at the same place; a bar on the lower south-side of town.”
“Give me the name I can get there before sunset,” Hunter said as he paused where he was.

“The Raven's Nest,” Eric’s voice said. 

“On it,” Hunter replied.  He brought his hand back up to his ear, turning the blue-tooth off.  He then walked quickly toward a motorcycle that was parked near the alleyway where he found the body.  He got on and turned on the engine.  Soon he was on the way to the Rose.  It was time to get this bastard.


It was getting darker now.  Hunter pulled up to the bar and got off his motorcycle.  Once he walked in the building was when he realized why the vampire chose this place.  All the women there were very attractive, and Gothic.

Interesting… Hunter said to himself as he walked further in.  Music was blasting which was drowning out conversations from everywhere.  Hunter had to make sure he wasn't too late.  He began scanning the area, looking to see if anyone fit the description of what he was looking for.  He also wanted to make sure he wasn't drawing attention to himself.  He made his way to the bar.  As he sat down he heard a voice from behind him.

“Hey there, handsome!” a woman’s voice said.  Hunter turned around and noticed an attractive woman with crimson red hair wearing a black and red corset and leather pants.  “You look like you’re new here.” She said, making her way to him.  “Are you…looking for anything?” she then winked at him.

Hunter was caught off guard.  “Well, as a matter of fact I am,” He said.  He didn't want to let on more than he should.

The woman came closer, placing a hand on his leg.  “Oh, and what might you be looking for?” she asked nearing his face.  Her blue eyes managed to sparkle, meeting his emerald green eyes.  Neat trick.

“Not that, I’m afraid.” Hunter said.  The woman then backed off. 

“Not your type?” The woman asked as she sat next to him.

“No, it’s not that.  It’s just that I’m looking old friend.” He said.  He turned around back to the bar.  “Buy you a drink to make up for it?” He asked.  The woman beside him nodded.  He then called on the bar tender.  “Ladies choice,” he said pointing at her, “On me.”


An hour passed and there was still no sign of the vampire.  Was he too late?  Just then his blue-tooth rang.  Hunter brought a hand up to answer.

“Ring, ring,” Eric’s voice said.  It was hard to hear Eric over the noise, so he cupped his other ear.  “Do we have any news on our fang yet?”

“Not yet,” Hunter said.  “I’ll keep you posted when he shows up; if he shows up.”

Hunter then noticed someone new walk into the bar.  This guy had platinum blonde hair.  He wore all black, almost like everyone else there.  “I think he just showed up.” Hunter said.

“We’ll, good hunting.” Eric said.

Hunter watched as the guy made his way through the bar.  As he walked past a few of the women he gently placed his hands under their chins, and they acted as if they were suddenly attracted to him.  Yep, this was the vampire.  The guy made his way to the back of the bar where a few of the women he had under his trance followed him.

Now all Hunter had to do was wait.  He then noticed the woman from before make her way to him.  It looked like he didn't have to wait for long after all.  He watched as the woman pulled the same stunt on the guy.  Hunter watched as the woman led the guy out of the bar.  He then made his way out too.  He followed the two from far behind, not wanting to get noticed.  He watched them round a corner.  Hunter backed himself against the wall and prepared himself.  He took off his heavy leather jacket.  On his forearms were large knife-like weapons.  He removed one of them from where it was sheathed and felt the blade.  He then rounded the corner, about to charge.  He then noticed the woman standing over a body; the vampire’s body.  His head was beside his body.


“What the hell?” Hunter asked, unsure of what he was seeing.

The woman then turned quickly, releasing a round-house kick as she did.  Hunter blocked it without hesitation.  The woman then came to her senses.
“Oh, it’s just you.” She said dropping her guard.

“What do you mean, ’just you’?” Hunter asked, sheathing his knife.

“It’s okay, Hunter.”  The woman said.  “I’ve been trying to find you for some time now.”  She then walked closer to him.  “We’ve been trying to find you for some time actually.”

“Who is ‘we’?” Hunter asked.

“We’re a society of people with a certain…knack of fighting the supernatural.” She replied.  “We could use abilities like yours.” 

“How do I find your group then?” Hunter asked, putting a hand into his pocket.

She then began to walk past him.  “That’s the fun part.  You have to find us.” She said with a smile, and a wink.

Hunter grabbed her by the shoulder.  “Before you leave, can I at least have your name?”

“It’s Jessica,” she said.  She then ran up to the building near her, climbing up it.  Within a few minutes she was gone.  Hunter smiled to himself and pressed the button on his blue-tooth.

“Hey, Eric; remember when you said it would be a good idea to have a tracking device?” he asked.

“Yeah,” said Eric’s voice in Hunter’s ear.

“Thank you.”                 

With that Hunter picked up his jacket and put it back on.  He got on his motorcycle and began riding off to the location Jessica was heading.   

~~~The Hunter Chronicles~~