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May 27, 2018, 04:17:24 PM

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Author Topic: {M for F} Taboo Tattoo (NC/Incest/Violent,Fantasy)  (Read 472 times)

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{M for F} Taboo Tattoo (NC/Incest/Violent,Fantasy)
« on: November 25, 2012, 05:38:55 AM »
Alright, so I have this idea. And it involves a family owned and run tattoo parlor. The story would follow the brother and sister. The brother being the eldest of the current owners of the parlor, his sister would be younger, just turning of age. This story would involve magic, and the equivalent of it. The idea goes as such.

Family Owned
Throughout time, history has been written to make it seem as it should be. To make it seem as if nothing were out of the ordinary, for the mundane and average of course. But in the world powers exist which are unrivaled, have nothing to balance them. Those who wield such powers, are known as 'Witches' or 'Heretics'. These people pollute, distort the minds of the average and twist them to do their bidding. Making loyal slaves, just in order to kill them later on. However certain groups have been raised in order to combat these entities. Multiple of these orders banded together in order to create a 'Holy Regiment'. A group or religious zealots that kill indiscriminately. The only group dedicated to fighting the likes of Witches, Heretics, and the Holy Regiment alike is a group of mysterious individuals. They fight using a form of wizardry, unlike anything ever seen before. They are without name, nor do they align themselves to any true cause or order. Even their numbers are unknown. Those who have lived to tell what the groups powers are, tell of an unbelievable magic. The group fights using tattoos.

This group, is a group that has been running and owning tattoo shops. They call themselves, 'Black Magic Ink'. The origins of the group is unclear, actually it's completely shrouded in mystery to protect the members of the family. Even the family itself doesn't know the exact number of members they have, considering they come and go frequently. The group lives by keeping on the move, for the most part. However, a comfortable three level building has made itself the headquarters for the group of inked crusaders. This three level building has become the home of the owners of the tattoo parlor and their daughter. Jamie and Lyle Andrews, husband and wife, and partners in combat. Their daughter, a young girl, just about to turn of age, which would be when she would be allowed to receive her first tattoo. She however, has been kept out of the loop of the truth behind what her family does. What is more, she has been kept out of the loop as to what, and who she is. Then you have the wildcard of the family, the boy. Not so much a boy anymore, but a man, and a wild one at that. Living on the move, tattooing where he can to make money to live. Considered to be quite the outcast of his family.

So, what I was thinking for this, was that the brother would come home, find the house completely engulfed in flames, or destroyed down to rubble. His father would be dead, but he died protecting his wife. And he did so long enough for her to tell her son to find his sister. From there I was thinking that the brother would find and rescue her. There is more to this, but I just want to find out if people are interested in this first and foremost. Message me if you're interested in any of these!
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