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April 10, 2021, 05:39:04 pm

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Author Topic: No Happy Endings (Extreme, NC) F looking for M  (Read 703 times)

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Offline CassandraMTopic starter

No Happy Endings (Extreme, NC) F looking for M
« on: November 24, 2012, 09:18:25 am »

After having spent about two months here on Elliquiy, I have had the luck to meet some wonderful roleplayers and have enjoyed some exciting stories, and still do.

In this thread I want to focus on the darker side of things, so I hope you do not turn away in disgust after reading this. There are other sides to me as well, but here I am focusing on those more sinister ones.

Before I start with the scenarios, what can you expect from me and what do I expect from you?

  • English is not my native language (German is), so I surely cannot offer you perfection, but I try to do my best regarding spelling and grammar
  • I prefer story driven scenarios, I don't mind smut at all, but it should not be just that
  • I will be able to post about three times a week
  • If I am not available for longer periods, I will tell you
  • I prefer to play on the forums, I might be persuaded to do it with PMs, but I will not play on Instant Messengers, as I am not sitting at my computer the whole time. I just love the idea  to take some time off from the world and write something than spending the whole evening in front of the computer
  • Simply put, if you are Ok with what I said about myself, I expect we will get along fine.
  • Regarding post length, I will try to adjust mine to yours
If you are interested in doing a storyline with me, please send me a PM, I look forward to hearing from you.

The scenarios

1.   The Walking Dead, The (Almost) Limbless Living
This story is obviously inspired by the TV show "The Walking Dead" or any other zombie movie.

My character (MC) is a young woman who was born without her left arm. She had been studying law before the zombie apocalypse. Now she is part of a group of survivors who travel the country, always on the lookout for some save haven. She has learned to use a shotgun and a long knife to defend herself. Your character (YC) is a slightly older man (or even much older), who my MC has fallen in love with over the course of time.

One day they are attacked by a bunch of zombies and MC falls victim to the zombies. When YC finds MC, the zombies have already bitten into her legs. YC manages to kill the zombies and cuts off MC's legs, saving her in the last minute.
  • What will the others in the group say?
  • Will they allow MC to stay with them?
  • How will MC adapt? How will she be able to move? Will she be strapped to YC in a harness like a baby? Will she be in some sort of wheelchair?
  • Who will care for MC's needs now that she is almost helpless?
  • Will MC confess her love to YC?
  • Will YC be able to love MC despite her condition?
  • Will MC survive this? If yes, how much of MC will be left in the end?

2.   Lifestyles Of The Rich and The Famous
My character (MC) is a woman in her late twenties, early thirties. She has been the girlfriend of your character (YC) for some years. Lately, the relationship has cooled down a little.

MC knows about your special kinks concerning BDSM. Although she has never really been into this kind of stuff, she one day offers YC to become his personal toy / slave, in an attempt to save the relationship, as YC is a filthy rich heir to your parents' fortune.  They both agree to MC living as YC's  slave for one year, then they will get married. A contract is made, entitling MC to a fortune if YC does not marry MC after the year.

Unfortunately MC underestimates YC's kinks, and the year will leave her changed forever.
  • What will YC do to MC?
  • How will he form MC into his perfect toy?
  • Will MC's adapt to her new life?
  • What happens to MC after the year?
  • Will there be a wedding after a year? What will MC say if it is not her that is marrying YC but her younger sister? Will MC be able to speak at all?
I would love to include some of my favorite kinks in this one, modification, surgeries, degradation, humiliation, objectification, human toilet, anything imaginable (of course we can leave out anything that you find too gross, I still hope enough will remain)

3.   Her Last Big Thing
My character (MC) is a thirty something actress, who was an A-List star about five years ago. One day, the good parts in the romantic comedies were not offered to her anymore. She did a pilot for a TV show that was never picked up. Now, her life is spent almost in obscurity, now and then a paparazzo is shooting a photo of her shopping, but that is about it. She is lonely, her husband has left her a few years ago, leaving her with a house that is too big to pay for and a dog.

After the contract with her old agent had expired, she was without an agent for two years. She has to sell her house now, after almost all her money is gone.

MC comes to your character (YC), looking for a new agent. YC now takes charge of MC's life, he even gives her a room in his house. After a few weeks, he has found a new role for her, in a daring  movie, every other actress has refused so far. MC is to play an aging pornstar in this movie, a lot of nude scenes are in the script. YC urges MC to take the role and MC eventually gives in. During shooting, YC, who is co-producing the movie, approaches MC with a suggestion: MC should undergo a series of cosmetic surgeries to give her a more "pornstar" look. After long considerations and intensifying urging from YC, MC eventually gives in.
  • How will MC look after the surgeries?
  • What will happen after the movie?
  • Will MC ever be able to do a normal movie again?
  • How will MC earn her living after this?

I do not expect happy endings for these stories, they will likely all end in doom and gloom.

I love to hear from you!