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May 24, 2018, 06:42:30 PM

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Author Topic: Small Groups for Amazing Awesome! (and Time Travel)  (Read 314 times)

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Offline PinkSuccubusTopic starter

Small Groups for Amazing Awesome! (and Time Travel)
« on: November 21, 2012, 01:53:52 PM »
Hi folks.
To start, I recently discovered the joys of chat roleplaying! So I'm doing that now, and nothing else. Play-By-Post is exhausting, so all of these games I'm suggesting should be light-weight, fun and flexible games played in a chat. I would use Mibbit, personally.

So if you want to get into one or a number of sweet, dangerous, romantic! gentle... EXCITING stories! then you can PM me and we can set something up right away~

Additionally! There are only two games here, but one obviously requires more planning. See below for information. For the second game however, you can simply PM me and we'll get right into it~

Here's One I Want to Do in a Group:
Rule-Free Time Traveling Adventure Forever~

Interested? The idea isn't well developed right now, but I'm thinking two things that make it extra special, one is that the players are adventurers, seeking new experiences and with little regard for consequences! The second is that I am totally happy for there to be mystics involved in this game. Maybe something about the way they are traveling somehow opens extra-physical possibilities that wreak havoc with the laws of science; or maybe(and this idea I really like!) the PCs aren't all from the same cosmos... Maybe some are from a place where there is magic! A planet where high-fantasy becomes steam-punk, becomes cyber-punk. Call it the Punk-Earth timeline! And every adventurer in the crew are either from Punk-Earth or Zero-Earth, spreading those unique aspects of their history to the other like viruses~

Wouldn't this be amazing in a group? I'm not sure the details, it depends how I feel, but I have a few options. The simplest would be that I act as the GM, maybe a main character. The best option (I think) would be that all the players would have unique, interesting and specifically odd characters, and we all take turns driving different adventures! Like episodes between writers. I like that idea a lot, but it sort of requires, you know, people being interested...

Some logistics:

Firstly, Mibbit is a free chat server site where anyone can sign in and create chat-rooms, private message people, post images, videos. Elliquiy uses it, in case you didn't know. As far as I can tell it's pretty stable! For me at least. I'm not totally competent with the technical aspect of it or anything, but if someone is, that could be a plus, though it really shouldn't require any expertise.

This game can belong to anywhere from two(myself included) to five people, I think. That's the maximum to save on headaches. Although there may be people who drop out and need to be replaced. Who knows.

As the nature of this game will be chat-based, be sure you can write flexibly, preferably not in bulk. Mibbit only allows for a certain number of characters per post, so you can use that to keep your posts poignant.

Finally, this game can have whatever we want from it. The point can change, especially if there are many players. It can have many aspects and there can be many stories occurring at once between characters. There can be romance and sex, as well as drama between characters, as well as adventure, action, whatever. If there are only two people who come online one night, they can have a more personal adventure between them. I think the idea is attractive! But I hope it is to other people.

If you'd like to join, please flag your interest here. You can PM me with any questions if you aren't certain about playing. If you post in this threat however, I will take it as an indication of your interest! You may include as vague an outline for a character if you like too, if you already have one in mind, or not if you prefer. I can't wait~

That's pretty much all I have for this right now. More will come, but for now it's just a tingling.

Just a Sex Story:
Um, so here's my second idea. It's just a craving. You can ignore it. Well, I want to do a story about two shy gay boys. That's pretty much the entire premise. They aren't traps or anything, but maybe they are a bit feminine. They're in a relationship, an innocent one for now, but they both have been waiting for it to advance. Maybe one of them(me) is brave and engages, doing what he can to make his partner feel alive. And they kiss and stroke and he offers himself... It will be a nice romance to play for a little while.

PM me if you're interested o_o