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Author Topic: 1x1 forum RP cravings M// or M/F (UPDATED 12/27)  (Read 688 times)

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1x1 forum RP cravings M// or M/F (UPDATED 12/27)
« on: November 17, 2012, 11:44:35 PM »
UPDATED 11/23/12

NOTE: All Plots Can Be Modified. I also have Other plot ideas for them.


-Kakuzu killed his partner and Pein forced him to fetch the Jashinist and recruit him. Of course, Hidan will not go down without a fight.
(Bondage, s/M, N/C, dirty-talk and more!)

-With only one heart left, and barely alive, Kakuzu blacks out. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a hospital. A Medi-Nin tends to him, even going as far as to obtain hearts for him to keep surviving. This could also be Kakuzu finding a nearly dead female civilian and stitching her up.

-At 16, Deidara became involved with a 19-year-old female from his village. That was before he was exiled for being a bomber and a terrorist. Now, three years later, Shizuma's a member of ANBU, tasked with killing Deidara. Deidara catches her.

-Deidara returns to Sasori after he fights Naruto, only to find Sasori now human. He bandages him up and starts on a quest for the male to become a puppet once more. But soon, Sasori begins having urges he never felt before.
(s/M, bondage, N/C)

-Itachi is sent to bring Deidara to the Akatsuki. Deidara resists and Itachi decides to teach him a lesson.
(s/M, bondage, N/C)

-After the fight with Shikamaru, Hidan lays dismembered. But one day, in what appears to be a delusion, a female appears to him. She tells him that she is Jashin's daughter. Hidan has pleased Jashin and she will now guide him.
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Re: 1x1 forum RP cravings (UPDATED 11/19)
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2012, 10:03:03 PM »
I have this idea for a Naruto AU Akatsuki-centric RP. This can be M// or M/F where we use OCs for the canon characters, or a combination of both. We can discuss various ideas for this.

In Japan, modern-day, The Akatsuki is a high-level Yakuza sect, operating in many things from blackmail to more. We would split the characters evenly among us. Zetsu would be a set of twins, names to distinguish them can be negotiated. This has a lot of room for any type of plot twists/plots. The characters are as follows.

Pein: The leader. The one who controls and runs everything that goes on.

Zetsu: Twins. One is politically involved. The other is used as a go-between between the Akatsuki and the politically-involved twin.

Kakuzu: The accountant. Also works as a hired hitman and bounty hunter.

Hidan: The Priest. He helps Kakuzu on his bounties and takes care of the bodies. He also works as an informant for Pein, since he volunteers for shelters and hears talk of rival Yakuza sects and more.

Itachi: The IT tech. Even though Itachi is legally blind, he is skilled on a computer. He helps the Akatsuki hack into major databases, creates viruses, and runs the security of the Akatsuki's hideout.

Sasori: The weapons specialist. Sasori is the one in charge of the weapons, whether it be guns or poison, he gets it for the Akatsuki.

Deidara: The terrorist bomber. If the Akatsuki needs evidence gone, they send in Deidara. With his bombs and explosives, he can destroy anything from witnesses to an incriminating warehouse.

Kisame: The corrupted cop. Kisame used to work as a cop. He finally snapped and joined the Akatsuki, working as an informant.

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Re: 1x1 forum RP cravings (UPDATED 11/19)
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2012, 07:28:37 AM »
-Marcus FlintXOC
-Marcus FlintXGinny
-Tom RiddleXOC

-Marcus Flint was a Slytherin, but was always made fun of. He was never rich enough, or good-looking. Shizuma was good-looking and got the attention he always wanted, even though she was a Muggle-born. Now, after Hogwarts, they are on the same professional Quidditch team. She screws up and he decides to "rectify" the problem.

-After things get bad with Lily during their marriage, James goes to Sirius. After a couple bottle of Firewhiskey, some feelings are revealed and experiments start, leading to an affair that could possibly ruin their friendship.

-Regulus joins the Death Eaters after graduating from Hogwarts. In order to be inducted, Voldemort sends someone to "mentor" him. That someone happens to be Carmella, a cold, manipulative woman. And her "mentoring" skills are a bit more extreme than others.

-Ginny finds herself kidnapped by the Death Eaters. The person in charge of keeping a watch over her is Marcus Flint. While watching her, he begins to feel urges he thought he surpressed long ago. (I'm actually willing to play Marcus for this one.)

-In their 7th year of Hogwarts, before Tom turns into Voldemort, a transfer student gets sent to Slytherin. The headmaster tells Tom to help her with anything she may need. Tom takes an interest in the cruel woman, seeing himself in her. Soon, he molds her into his first follower. Then his lover.

-Lupin is sent to the werewolves in order to obtain information. When he runs into Greyback again, Greyback decides to remind Lupin who he really belongs to.

-Greyback is on the prowl again. He knows he is being followed by an Auror and turns the tables. Soon, the hunter becomes the hunted and when Greyback catches her, he decides to reward himself.

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Re: 1x1 forum RP cravings (UPDATED 11/19)
« Reply #3 on: November 22, 2012, 07:39:54 AM »

-Phury keeps punishing himself to know the pain his brother went through. When Zsadist finally figures out why Phury's been self-destructing, he decides to show him exactly what pain he went through.

-Zsadist is a masochist. He needs to be punished. Vishous is a sadist, he enjoys inflicting pain. Secretly, the two are lovers, each giving the other exactly what they want.

-Phury wants to know what Zsadist went through. Zsadist pays off Vishous to show Phury how it feels to go through what he went through.

-A new member of the Brotherhood joins. She also happens to be a female. Lhust is partners with Phury after Zsadist decides to take time off due to Bella's pregnancy. Phury, overwhelmed with curiousity and urges he never felt before, decides to give into his urges and his target is Lhust.

-Zsadist, scarred both mentally and physically thanks to his cruel Mistress, thinks he is over everything. It is not until a new Brotherhood member, a female named Lhust, shows up. She is the spitting image of his dead Mistress, her daughter. He takes his revenge, making her his slave, just like her mother made him her slave.

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Re: 1x1 forum RP cravings (UPDATED 11/19)
« Reply #4 on: November 23, 2012, 04:15:38 AM »

In Transylvania, Romania, a dark cult known simply as The Order of the Dragon, the same cult that Vlad Tepes Drakulya was involved in, still remains at large. Their main goal is to bring Drakulya back from the dead. They succeed, but since he needs blood, they find someone for him to feed off. This person eventually turns into his lover.

This plot can be M// or M/F. The person who becomes his lover can either be a high Priest or Priestess or a person the cult kidnapped at random.

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Re: 1x1 forum RP cravings (UPDATED 11/23)
« Reply #5 on: November 23, 2012, 04:58:04 AM »

-After the death of Rogue, Gambit snaps. Deep in the heart of the criminal underworld once more, he meets an interesting mutant who sparks his desires.

-Sabretooth and Rai knew each other in Weapon X. After Wolverine catches them kissing and accuses Sabretooth of taking advantage of Rai, Victor leaves. Modern-day, working as a freelance assassin, Victor gets assigned to kill a woman. While staking her out, he realizes she was the woman he kissed.


-Tony and Pepper break up due to him getting a bit handsy with a woman at a club. Due to that, he finds a new personal assistant. This one, however, is a mutant. She strikes his fancy and he wants to have what he never had before.

-Steve finds adjusting to modern-day life hard. He seeks comfort in a mutant female who he knew before he was frozen.


-Alexa, a crazed inmate at Arkham, escapes during one of Joker's attempts of escape. Considered a danger, Robin is assigned to track her down. But things take a rather unexpected turn when he finally traps her.

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Re: 1x1 forum RP cravings M// or M/F (UPDATED 11/23)
« Reply #6 on: November 28, 2012, 07:01:47 AM »
Austin AriesXOC
Jeff HardyXOC

I have a few plot ideas for all three of these. They are all similiar in nature.

A rookie female fighter gets trained by one of the three. I'm severely craving a Master/slave type relationship where she is forced to succumb to his every need.

Another is a female is working for Aces&8s. The experienced wrestler finds out who she works for and takes matters into his own hands.

The third plot idea is a woman, a veteran wrestler in Japan, comes to America and gets signed to TNA. When she runs into a more experienced wrestler. After a night of drinking, things go a bit too far and they wake up in bed together. Feelings start to blossom between the two.

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Re: 1x1 forum RP cravings M// or M/F (UPDATED 11/23)
« Reply #7 on: December 27, 2012, 10:15:11 AM »
I am craving a Very kinky RegulusXSirius or a RegulusXOC involving bdsm, NC, and more. Maybe even a SiriusXOCXRegulus thing. I've had an obsession with Regulus and Sirius for the last few weeks that I need filled.

I've also been craving Desperate Housewives.OC is female.