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Author Topic: Moonhare's Hare Brained Ideas  (Read 340 times)

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Moonhare's Hare Brained Ideas
« on: November 17, 2012, 04:47:17 PM »
It has been a long time since I have posted anything in here. I have more ideas in my O&O's. I like to write the opening scene to set the plot bunnies in a fit of creativity. Enjoy. If the plot works for you, but you want another writer, please use it all you like, just link me so I can lurk along the way. ^_~

Life in the face of death:

     She was watching the dark haired boy run through the gym set, his little legs carrying him swiftly through the heavy foam formations, over and under. A smile met her eyes as the boy jumped from the little chicken looking figure to chase some other little girl around what looked like a miniature barn.

     She scanned those around her quickly, seeming to not take her attention off her son as he tagged the girl and took off the other direction. She was always keeping her eyes open for trouble, as trouble seemed to have a way of finding her when she was lax.

     It had been four years since she had disappeared under the radar of her one time life. Four years of being hunted without being hunted, of being normal without being normal. She knew one day her past life would find her, and she was ever watchful for the suits that marked the ones she wished to avoid.

     It was all for him, the little one running around with the dark hair. Her boss' son, not that the boss knew that of course, was all she had ever cared for more than herself. She had found out during a crisis at the organization that kept her from normal society and had made a choice few lived to make. She ran. She didn't know if the organization had survived, according to the media it had not, but she was still watchful, still careful.

     Lifting from her seat, the one time assassin moved with ease to capture her son in a playful hug. Her smile failed her as the little hairs on the back of her neck rose in warning. Someone was watching her. She needed to go and to go now, without raising any suspicion that she knew what was going on.

     Placing a false smile on her face, she cooed to her three year old son in a giddy voice, "It's time to go. Ready for something to eat?" It was more a statement then a question, but it served its purpose. The boy giggled and nodded chattering on animatedly about what he wanted that night for dinner as she gave a quick scan again, trying to find the one who's eyes were targeting her and her small family. Not seeing any one specific, but not shaking the feeling, she headed the long way home.

     It took a few minutes longer than normal to get back to the small apartment, her taking her time to cover her tracks and back track trying to lose whoever was tailing her. Not sure if she had been successful, she made a quick dash for apartment building and up the steps to the cramped place her and her son had called home for the last six months.

     She wasted no time, starting to throw things into the carry all, calling for her son to get his favorite toy it was time to leave to go on a trip. The boy knew it meant they would be moving again, and seemed as anxious as his mother from the panicked sound of his voice as he couldn't find it.

   She reached under the bed for the beloved stuffed tiger, lifting her son up into her arms with the toy firmly in his grasp. Turning, she gripped the carryall and headed for the door. She didn't even pause to drop the bag in order to open the door, sliding the bag to her forearm in order to twist the handle.

     It was as the door swung open that she stopped, her eyes going wide, her mouth dropping open, and she took a step back. There in her doorway, stood the only man in the world that she had hoped against hope to never lay eyes on. Cold fear washed its way through her spine before the heat of embarrassment took its place for she also still found her boss to be something like a decadent spice, and craved him all the more for it.

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Re: Moonhare's Hare Brained Ideas
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2012, 04:48:26 PM »
A bold new world:

"I wish I could say I was older and wiser, but life is hell and I am hanging on with both hands." The words whispered with bitterness to the face inches from her own, Mira wanted to spit more venom. She cared not for the throngs of Fae that thought her the exotic, only that she live through the night again.

It had happened slowly. The apocalypse of the human race in a fine fairy dust that was thought to be a pesticide for corn and soy. Those that had Fae DNA began to change, slowly activating chains of locked allele making a glowing beckon for the winners and a death for the losers. Apparently the Fae had been been more receptive to humans a few thousand years before, and their code stayed hidden in their offspring without this fine fairy powder to turn on all the switches.

"You should be happy that you have life at all after the war." A gruff older gentleman admonished, accented heavily with a slur from tusks protruding from his lower jaw.

"What a life I live, being the spectacle for your kind. I am a canary in a cage, singing for the pleasure of another while my true voice is silent." Her pale golden eyes turned away to look at the door.

"Yet you speak your mind clearly now, where any that might take offense could hear and take more pleasure in the sound of your death than your talent." He moved away, heavy lumbering body, hooves clicking on the stone floor, to entertain another that would give money to hear the half-elf sing the rays of the sun onto the flowers, making them grow and bloom to her song.

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Re: Moonhare's Hare Brained Ideas
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2012, 04:49:30 PM »
Please PM me, and leave this thread for ideas. Thanx.

Behind every great man:

Standing behind him, she felt powerful in a way that warmed her heart and her belly, making her thighs slick. She was nothing special to look at, standing in her pressed suit, and heels, a nameless assistant. Her hand on a small device that sent shivers up her spine, and that of her employer. Her name wasn't on the company roster, nor in any document of her employer's possession, yet they were never seen apart. Rumors abounded, and truth was stranger than fiction, as with a slight flicker of a smile, the button was pushed and the dashing love of her life gripped the table and dismissed the meeting early.

"Mitchells is long winded and not getting to the point...He is worse than a politician," whispered a husky voice, Vee watching the growing evidence of her effective manipulation of toy in hand. "I am hungry."