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Author Topic: little red looking for a big bad wolf (f looking for m/f)  (Read 317 times)

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little red looking for a big bad wolf (f looking for m/f)
« on: November 13, 2012, 04:33:31 PM »
Note: I will only play female roles, I'm not very good at male roles. The roles I wish to play will be placed on the left  (Like thisXNot this) and my partner on the right, all roles can be changed to oc characters or change genders if so desired I'm not a set in stone kinda person. Also in most rp's I look more for plot with smut only in necessary places.

Do not reply here! PM ONLY PLEASE!

when I am playing with a male partner I prefer they take on a dominant role as I'm not great at it, I like my men manly, but not to the extent of thoughtless muscle walls. When playing opposite Women again I'd prefer not to be the dominant one however in both cases I am not submissive either (save for a few exceptions) my characters tend to lean on the rebellious side of spunky.

 I aim for Action/Drama/romance sort of rp's but I'm not opposed to other themes leaking in. All things are open for discussion though I do ask that if you take on an rp with me that you can post at least once a day and give me notice of when you cannot make a post. I try to do 1-2 paragraphs per post if I can but as I use my phone more then the computer gauging length is a bit harder.
So on with the ideas then...

Want so bad it hurts
Kinda want badly
Want but whatever

Harry potter universe RP's.

She had turned his head a long time ago at the Yule ball in their fourth year. Since then he had not been able to close his eyes without seeing..her.
He tried to keep at a distance from her until their sixth year when all hell breaks loose. I picture this happening around book seven when the trio are captured and taken to Malfoy manor, Draco and Hermione are forced to face each other and must decide to fight or work together. Harry and Ron got away safely to the safe house but Hermione does not, needing to run with Draco (If this happens anyway.)

Voldemort, Harry & Ron witness, (Or think they witness) the death of their old potions master. Although Hermione didn't take much of a liking to her professor she knew where his loyalties stood from the beginning. Wordlessly she protects him from Nagini's deadly venom yet allowing him to look as though Death was staring him in the face. After Harry took the memories Snape gave him Hermione apparates them to Grimmald place (hope I spelled that right) and takes care of her professor before returning to the fight.
I would like to start this after the war is over and Hermione sneeks back to take care of Snape and keep him hidden from the ministry who still beleive him to be a death eater. Harry and Ron are busy at Hogwarts helping repair the damage the war had caused.

HermioneXFenrir Greyback
The trio had gotten separated while camping in the Forrest of Dean. Snatchers apperated close by and began to give chase immediately. Leaving behind the tent and a few possetions they split up and run off in different directions. (Weather Harry and Ron get away is irrelevant they still save the wizarding world in the end) Hermione cannot apparate as her persuer is too close behind. Although she'd never transfigured before she had little other choice, she pulled all her will together to transform into her animagus as she approached a river. Expecting to be an otter as her patronus suggested she is surprised to see large canine paws under her as she leaps into the water and swims her way downstream.
However a werewolf is on her trail, and not just any werewolf, this wolf is the cruel, controlling, vicious Alpha male of the largest pack in England. Fenrir Greyback.

No plot yet but open to any ideas you may have

Rival Quidditch players. They could be on the same or a different team, they always push each others buttons and try to out do the other. On the pitch they are just as aggressive with each other and have been given the nickname the cloud devils, as their antics often cause their brooms to smoke out of sheer speed and force as they try to fight while keeping within the rules.

Steam punk ideas (New to the genre but I think I got it basically)

Orphaned troublemakerXUpperclass man/woman
This young girl has grown up on the streets and has learned a trick or two on the way. While on the run she slips inside a grand looking house and her eyes light up as she finds quite a few treasures inside. Tempted to take one or two to pay for a few hot meals a scent catches her nose and after lining her pockets she peeks into the kitchen and prepares to pounce on the mouth watering feast that had been placed there.
Needless to say she is caught red handed, what shall he/she do with her?

Female Miner X Pilot
On the run from some unsavory characters our young miner runs right into the path of an automobile and is sent flying to the other side of the road. The men chasing her move in to <Insert action here> What does our pilot friend do?

Stunt rider X Stunt rider
Our first rider is a rising star in the motorcycle stunt ring and many other riders dislike this young upstart. This new rider has never revealed their identity in public (for their own reasons)  and many have tried to find out who this rider is. (She is disguised for either age, gender, or class issues.) One particular old favorite is beaten in competitions time and time again and decides to put an end to this little underdog by revealing to the world who they are. (Details can be discussed ;D)

Fantasy (From modern to epic)

quick pairings;

Young girl X werewolf/ancient creature (e.g. Minotaur, saytre, faun, demon, centaur etc.)

Injured young girl (Or faun) X human male or female(in a modern setting) / Orc male (Fantasy world)
Vulnerable and innocent, but is it enough to gain mercy from this strange creature that has found her in her current state of distress?

Fandoms I enjoy

Ouran high school host club
Avatar (last air bender & legend of Korra)
Strawberry panic
Tokyo mew mew (mew mew power)
Harry potter
Labyrinth (Jim henson's)
World of warcraft
Lord of the rings
Pirates of the carribean
Fruits basket
Anthropomorphs (Furries, not bestiality must be at least part human)
Star trek}
Star wars} (Not a massive fan but I will try.)
My little pony: Friendship is magic
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