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Author Topic: Looking for M/M kink stuff, have a variety of plots and ideas!  (Read 309 times)

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Offline PrincelingTopic starter

Looking for M/M kink stuff, have a variety of plots and ideas!
« on: November 13, 2012, 04:21:13 PM »

I am Princeling. I could write a bunch about myself but I'm kind of sick today and don't have much patience for that, so I'll just get to the basic relevant stuff.

I can RP in the forums here (most preferable), or in PMs (also okay), or through email (also preferable). My email address is in my contact details, and I believe I have it set to email me when I get a PM, so you should have no trouble getting into contact with me even if it says I am not online.

I want to do male/male AKA gay roleplays aaaaand I pretty much exclusively want to play submissive. I've attempted switching in the past, but it isn't really my thing. My On/Off list is a pretty good indication of what I am into but I also have an F-List. If you're curious about that just ask and I can PM you the link or something, as it seems that links aren't allowed in this forum, hahah.

I can write a little or a lot. My posts typically range from 300-1000+ words. It depends entirely on what is happening and how into things I am. In general, though, I LOVE to write and I'm hoping to find someone like that as a partner!  :-)

Inherent with what I just wrote above, I kind of want a bit of plot to my roleplay. I like tons of gratuitous porn as much as the next person but it's nice to have some story with it as well. o;

I think that's all the stuff that needs to be gotten out of the way, so here is the part you probably skipped down to anyway:

General Ideas
- An interspecies pairing, like with an anthro/furry character and a human. That would be p neat.
- Any sort of fantasy ever. Modern fantasy, good. High fantasy, better.
- Some sort of alternate society where slavery is totally a thing that happens behind closed doors in the homes of the extremely wealthy, but just not something that anyone really talks about. I'm not even sure if this can be qualified as an alternate society because I'm sure it actually happens somewhere ( :-( ) but in this one I'm more thinking of something along the lines that it is a heavily regulated industry and that the service is something that people occasionally sign themselves up for for some reason or another (pretty much exactly like indentured servitude in the past).
- Fantasy races. Satyrs. Centaurs. Cat-eared people. Mermaids and nagas. I'm up for anything involving characters like that.

Red, a young man with small dreams, has recently moved to the isolated and beautiful town of Idgafaboutdaname. The mountain climate around the town is good for his health, you see. In an effort to not be a complete social recluse, he gets a job as a bartender at the local pub.

One day, after Red's been settled in for a while, he has a day off and he decides to go exploring in the dense and thick forest that surrounds the town; the hike is good for his lungs. During his little walk, he encounters a most peculiar stack of rocks, peculiar in the sense that the one at the very top is glowing slightly and emitting a sound reminiscent of the howling of the wind on a stormy night. Curious, he reaches out to grab the rock, but the second that his fingers connect with it, there's a strange flash of light. When he looks down at it again, whatever made it special has gone; it's just the same as any other rock. This is slightly puzzling to Red, but he shrugs it off and goes on his merry way.

The matter is forgotten from his mind until the next night when he's working at the pub. There's a terrible storm raging outside and no one is there, which makes for a very lonely night, and so he's glad when he hears the door open. He turns, excited to have the company, but pauses in alarm as he lays his sight on the wildest-looking man he's ever seen in his life. Even worse, the man looks absolutely livid, and he wastes no time in moving forward to the bar and expressing his rage. Sometime in between all the growling and the insults and the foul language, the furious man slams something down onto the counter, but Red is unable to look at it until the enraged non-customer storms back out of the building and into the night.

The object turns out to be a very worn and smudged letter, but Red still manages to read it. When he does, his heart drops into his stomach. It seems that the pile of rocks from the day before was not just any old pile of rocks; it was a monument to the recently-deceased alpha of the tribe of wolves that lives in the forest. In touching it (and accidentally destroying it), he has committed the most heinous of crimes. On the night of the full moon, he is expected to appear before the new alpha, Blue, to have his punishment settled upon. It is highly advised he settle all of his affairs before then.

When he left his house that evening for a walk in the snow, Red fully expected that he would be returning home in less than an hour, just in time for his favorite television program, Generic Cop Drama #12. Little did he know that that was the last time he would be home for quite a while.

In a particular secluded area of the park Red made the unfortunate choice of walking through that evening, Blue was waiting for someone. He was dangerously unstable, perhaps, or cold and calculating, or simply had little care for the well-being of others. Whatever the case was, when he saw Red, something went off in his brain, and he knew that this was the person he was looking for. So he made his move.

Red never saw it coming.

The Mystery Boutique
College student Red walks home from class on the same route every day, but today, the shooting of an upcoming film has blocked off a major chunk of his regular path. Since the clear and sunny morning, the weather has steadily grown dark and foreboding and, having made the unfortunate decision not to carry an umbrella earlier, he hurries home along a sidestreet, hoping to make it back to his apartment before the storm hits.

He doesn't make it in time. With a sudden burst of thunder, the rain starts falling in a dense sheet, and to escape it Red ducks into a small shop. What he doesn't know is that the building he's wandered into is not an oddities boutique at all. That's just the front for a notorious human trafficking operation. And the moment he unwittingly rings the bell at the counter to call the 'clerk' from the back to pay for some item or another that he's found, he's sealed his fate as their newest acquisition.

(This one is pretty open-ended. That can be the set-up for the plot and it can progress  from there with Blue being the clerk or someone who comes to the store and picks Red up later on or something else I didn't think of... A LOT OF CHOICES.)

Polaris (This one contains Furry)

New New York City, April 3, 2037.

It has been exactly ten years since Biotech International's release of the Humanimal™ line of fully-programmable and customizable all-in-one anthropomorphic animal companions. To celebrate this special event, they have released a limited edition commemorative model. SE-010-F, or Polaris, is a reverse-colored fox and the first of Biotech International's Humanimal™ models to feature the highly -anticipated Free-Will™ decision-making system. This system, Biotech Int'l CEO Jeeves Tobbs claims, will 'increase productivity up to 30% by encouraging your Humanimal™ to think critically and solve more complicated tasks'.

Not all are happy about this new step forward for Biotech's award-winning product, however. This year, the unemployment rate in service and untrained labor jobs steadily rose, coinciding with the price drop of older Humanimal™ models. As more employers see benefits from switching to unpaid Humanimal™-based labor, it seems this is a trend that may continue, especially with the wide-scale release of future Free-Will™-containing models.

Our review of the new Polaris model will be up in the next few days.

If I did my job right, this tells you everything you need to know about this plot. If not, here are the most pertinent facts:
If the name and part about anthropomorphic animals didn't tip you off, Humanimals are what are commonly known as furries. They are not naturally occurring. They are produced in labs or something by incredibly intelligent and underpaid children in third-world countries. They were created by gene manipulation and serve the same sort of purpose that androids do in typical science fiction works.
Unemployment is a Big Problem.
The Free-Will system basically allows these creatures to think for themselves aside from just semi-mindlessly following orders. I'm sure you can see where this can go wrong.

Red's father has money trouble. And not the kind of money trouble where the bank will nicely work out a payment plan with you, either. He owes money, a lot of money, to the mafia, and they've been 'insisting' for months that he pay up. He has not. They've decided it's time to escalate the situation, and what better way to prove how serious they are than taking something precious from the man for collateral?

So Red is promptly snatched up on his way home from school. They leave the boy in the care of the don's own son, Blue, both for safekeeping and to give him a bit of practice at being a gangster. Blue thinks it'll be easy shit, but Red thinks otherwise. He's sure as hell not going to stick around without a fight.

The Price of Peace
The empire of Idontgiveafuqia is waging war against the much smaller nation of Aboutheanamesistan which, despite the fight it put up, is losing badly. Fearful that they will be invaded and their people conquered, the king and queen of Aboutheanamesistan come up with a desperate last-ditch effort to keep that from happening. In exchange for peace, they offer up, in addition to a large sum of their treasury, the youngest of their sons, Red, to the emperor of Idontgiveafuqia. The emperor accepts, and Red is carted off (quite unwillingly, I might add!) as a hostage. However, the king of the Idontgiveafuqia has no use for yet another slave, so he presents the prize to his son, prince Blue. His amusement with the new toy quickly turns into fury, however, when he realizes that  Red is very unlike every other slave he's dealt with for one reason: he's just as entitled as himself.

The intention is that I would play the part of Red in the above plots except the Polaris one. We can plot together about that one (although I do have kind of a rockin' intro written for that, too).

I think that's all that I need to say now. I hope to hear from you. :-)
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