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Started by TheWizardofOz, November 09, 2012, 10:13:55 PM

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Hello! My name's Wiz and welcome to my interest thread. Listed below are just a few RP's that I have either done or would be interested in doing. I'm a pretty simple guy, most of the RP's I enjoy involve modern and/or romantic scenarios. I'm not interested in things such as Sci-fi, Fantasy, Vampires or anything supernatural like that. So if that's what you're looking for then you've come to the wrong place. Now, moving on...

What do I look for in a partner?

Detailed and Well Written - I may not be the best at this sometimes but I always try write a good paragraph or two.
Good Communication - If you don't like something or have an idea, let me know!
Regular Posts - Given my experiences on this forum, I expect at least a post every week. I'm on here nearly every day so I try and post regularly and expect the same from my partners. If you're unable to get a post up within the week, just let me know, I won't bite. I just don't like it when partners disappear for weeks without a word. If this happens more than once then I will more than likely just stop the RP and just leave a message. Sorry if this sounds harsh but I've had numerous partners who've done this and I don't want to be wasting my time.

* = Craving

From Riches to Rags, and back again
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Dan was on his way to the top, he had it all - The perfect job, intelligence, and the looks. Things were going well until one day his parents passed away in a horrific car crash, which was made worse by the revelation that they were hiding a mountain of debt which was passed on to Dan. After trying to figure out his finances, he came to the sad realisation that he couldn't survive. After a few months, Dan's way of life slowly deteriorated to the point where he was forced onto the streets. Out of luck, he lived on the streets for the next couple years, living off money from the government and garbage food, he thought he had hit a new low. One night, het gets mugged by two unidentified men but a woman who chases them off. This woman, Jennifer, is a young businesswomen who had just inherited her dad's business fortune. Although she has some business experience, it's not nearly enough for her to take over her dad's business. So, after helping Dan and taking him into her home and hearing his story, she kindly offers him to stay with her and get back on his feet while helping her out.

The Med Student
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Dan is a young, dedicated businessman, he's what lots of people would call an workaholic. After working hard through out high school and college, he found himself a top accounting job after slowly making his way up. He's not a very outgoing type of person, his parents passed away when he was young, he didn't have many friends growing up and he never had any real interests outside of his job which helped, and still does, him dedicate more time to his work. That was until the two good friends he does have tried to get him out more, they pushed him to do all sorts of activities and hobbies, seeing if he'd like any of them. Being guys, they did end up taking him to a strip club which is where he met Jenna, a stripper and escort and also a medical school student who's only working at the strip club to pay for her tuition fees. Dan was immediately attracted to her, but decided against saying anything that night but decided to come back a couple nights later where the two met. The idea of this RP is for Dan to offer her to stay in his home and pay her tuition fees in return for the services she did at the strip club plus be his own personal escort, but only for him.

The Road Trip
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I'm a young Australian man going on a road trip across the US. On the way, somewhere in the middle of no where, I meet you, a hitchhiker who's trying to work her way across the country. When we meet, you're a bit down on your luck so I decide to give you a ride I the next city. This ride turns into us staying together for the rest of my trip.

The Masseur*
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This is one scenario I had in mind for celebrity RP. You play a famous musician or actress who's just gotten out of a tough relationship and is about to go out of the country to promote her new album/movie. Her manager suggests that they get a massage in an attempt to relieve the stress. I'll play the masseur. You like my massage so much that you decide to take me on this promotional trip an we end up having a fling and falling for each other.

Forced to Love
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This idea involves two young adults (20-21 years old) who are nearing the end of college. Our families have been in a feud since before they were born. They were never told why, only that they were never to speak to members of the other family. Then, out of the blue, the families reach a truce and agree to work together to build an even larger empire. This involves setting our characters up on an arranged marriage. At first, we don't like the idea but eventually warm up to each other. "Eventually" can either be straight away or after they get married.

The Family Business
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This idea involves my character being a spoilt kid of a very wealthy man. He stutters his way though high school and college, not trying very hard as he plans to pretty much live off his father for the rest of his life. Then, the day after his college graduation, his father forces him to work for his company, contribute and make something of his life. Your character works for my dad and is assigned to take care of my character, teach him everything he needs to know and make sure he's doing the right thing at work and not being lazy.

The Unexpected Romance
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Coming from a wealthy family, Rick always got what he wanted. As a kid, such things included toys, games and getting to go on holiday pretty much whenever and wherever he wanted. The latter two stayed the same while he grew up but the toys turned into cars and hosting massive parties for his friends. Despite his slight arrogance, he was a very smart kid, so much so that he didn't have to go to class often. This gave him plenty of time to do other activities, and as he grew up, these activities ended him up on the wrong side of the law. Over the years, this has gotten him expelled from various private schools and forced his parents to move them from Melbourne (Australia), to Sydney.

On the other hand, Michelle comes from a modest, not so wealthy family living in Sydney. She too is an intelligent and attractive young girl but often gets bullied for being a nerd and coming from a poorer family from most of the students. The only reason she got into the school was because she won a scholarship. On their first day of year/grade 12, which is Rick's first day at his new school in Sydney, the principal calls Michelle into his office and tells her that she is too show Rick around the school and try make sure he gets to class.

Roommates From Hell
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Our two characters are different. She is the nerdy type who always did well in high school and now in college. He was a party animal from a rich family who somehow manages to scrape by with his grades. She is currently renting an apartment across the road from college which is owned by his father. Now, his father has forced him to move out of home and into this apartment. She's obviously not happy since she likes having the place to herself but money has been hard to come by for her and since his father wants his son out of home and closer to college, he offers her free rent for the next year. After some thought and negotiations, she agrees as this would not only stop her from worrying about keeping up with her rent, but it would also let her save some. After all, a roommate wouldn't be that bad, would it?

The Holiday
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After marrying each other at the age of 22, a couple find themselves stuck in a rut nearly 5 years on from their stunning wedding day. They have since become more and more distant, choosing to focus on their careers in the hope of have a more comfortable life. This comfort has yet to come and this has created a strain on their marriage. They work, come home, have dinner and do their own thing. The spark that once lit up their relationship has all but extinguished. In an attempt to rectify this, the husband books them in for a 2 week cruise to mark their 5 year anniversary.

The Exchange Student
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This is pretty much another scenario for the room mates role-play about a modest Australian exchange student who studies at a US College for a year and becomes room mates with your character. This is a pretty flexible one which can start off a few different ways (i.e. They start of hating each other but get get to know each other  or the other way around). 

Celebrity Mash-Up*
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This is another scenario for a celebrity RP. Basically, we both play a celeb and a normal everyday individual (so there will be 4 people and two stories going simultaneously), I would prefer the one celeb be paired with one individual in one story and then the other 2 in the the other story. In the end, I want the two stories to come together as one in one way or another.

As for the actually story, I was hoping to have my previous idea on this thread - "The Masseur" - as one storyline. The other, I would play an actor since you would play the celeb in the masseur one. I was thinking that he hires someone to write his biography, so she has to spend some time with him. Then he has to do a movie with the actress you play in the masseur.

As you might see, this hasn't been written out as best as it could be, but I hope you get the gist of it. If not, then ask me, but I'll fix it up when I'm less tired 

Generic Roles
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Husband x Wife
Room mates
Best Friends
Arranged Marriage
Celebrity RP

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NOTE: I know most people here may be from the US so I thought it'll be important that I add that I am from Sydney, Australia and with the time difference it may be a tad harder to role play time wise.

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I have more free time now so I can take on more RP's if anyone's interested. Feel free to tell me any other ideas other then the ones below :)


Added a couple finished RP's that I've been involved in if anyone want's to have a read. Also using this as an excuse to say that I'm open to new partners :P