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Author Topic: Looking to play a new character (M/M)  (Read 264 times)

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Online Haru329Topic starter

Looking to play a new character (M/M)
« on: November 08, 2012, 11:19:04 PM »
Hello! :-)
I'm looking to use a character I recently developed. His name's Trent. Before I get into that, though, let me say a few quick things about my roleplay preferences:

  • The sex of a partner doesn't matter to me, and I roleplay through only forums.
  • I promise a minimum post quantity of two paragraphs, although my average is probably more like 3-4 paragraphs per post. I prefer partners can comfortably post at least two paragraphs, but I can tolerate the occasional paragraph post.
  • Because I can be busy with coursework, I can't promise quick replies. At the very most I will promise to post within a two-week period, but I'll aim to post once a week. It doesn't matter too much to me how much time it takes for a partner to reply, but if they take three or more weeks for each one, I'd prefer to know about it in advance so I know what to expect.
  • My characters always dictate what kind of bed position I take. With that said, I'd prefer to play against a character who's versatile, even if it means Trent will top most of the time.
  • As mentioned in the title, I'm looking for M/M plots, but I don't have any problem making a female character, if a secondary M/F pairing is desired or required for the plot. Just know that I haven't really written for female characters before and that I don't have much experience with sex scenes for that kind of pairing.
  • Here are my O/Os. Just know that most sexual elements depend on my characters, so for anything in the list that isn't appearance-based or theme-based, don't pay too much attention. Trent has his own O/Os, linked somewhere below.

Name: Trent Wilde
Age: 18-20
Height: 5'10"
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Bed Position: Versatile
Upbringing: Unless the plot requires something else: born in Kentucky to middle class parents. Had an older brother who sort of gave him a hard time about his sexual orientation.
Personality: Trent is a friendly guy who's quick to give compliments. It doesn't take long for him to trust someone. The motto he lives by is "forgive and forget," and, in general, it's not hard for him to get over life's little troubles. He absolutely does not like seeing people upset. Because of this, he'll be a pushover if it means avoiding confrontation, he'll tell little white lies, and he may tweak the way he acts if it means getting someone he likes to like him more, whether that person be a friend or a love interest. When someone cries, he's quick to try to comfort them and/or cheer them up, even when it comes to strangers. In general, he likes to help people out, sometimes doing so without being asked to first, which may sometimes cause him to make things worse for the person instead of better. Sometimes Trent will try to be funny, and may fail. He can forget things easily--it's not uncommon for him to fail to remember that he's supposed to meet up with friends, for example--and he doesn't apply himself in school or work as well as he probably should. He can be rather imaginative, sometimes leading him to solving problems in...interesting ways.

When it comes to people he doesn't like, Trent tries to avoid them, but in the cases that he can't, he tries to be at least somewhat nice to them, even though it may be noticeable that it's not genuine. For perverse/sexual talk, he's only comfortable about it with lovers, but even then it may take him a little time to get to that point. He behaves similarly about exposing his body; he doesn't care for going topless--even when it comes to swimming it takes him a little time to get over this--and he'll try to avoid changing in front of others, even if the underwear isn't going to be removed. Like with perverse talk, though, he'll be comfortable about this around lovers, or at least after his first time in bed with them. It's often easy for him to become attached to people.
- Camping
- Hiking
- Video games
- Roleplaying (particularly online/text-based)
- Swimming
- Volunteer work
- Astronomy
- Rock and country
- Whose Line is it Anyway? and Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza
- Campfires
- Rain and snow
- Grilled cheese and PBJs
- Blueberries
- Root beer
- Pleasing his lovers
- Vanilla sex
- Violence
- Hunting
- Selfishness and arrogance
- Being alone for long periods
- Sad endings
- Rap and metal
- Sushi

You can find his own O/Os here. Besides what is listed in my offs, I'm pretty open to the sexual elements that can be incorporated--Trent would be fairly open to trying most things if it means pleasing a lover. Just know that the more hardcore things might require some comfort, and that he would only sub for those. Also, I'm open to playing against any character as old as 35, but just know that Trent may at first be a little hesitant about entering a relationship with someone who's older than 25.

I don't have any particular plots in mind for him. I'm pretty open to any modern plots someone may have, so long as it doesn't require any one-night stands (Trent won't do that sort of thing). The story could take place in some kind of academic setting, a ranch, or a camp, just to name a few possibilities. It could possibly do something with Christmas. I might like a plot where Trent's "forget and forgive" motto is tested.

I might be open to a superhero plot in which the other person's character is a superhero while Trent is just a normal human. It could be one of those secret identity type things where Trent originally has no idea the guy he's falling in love with is a superhero (or maybe he's got a crush on the superhero but the guy who is the actual hero seems to be off his radar?). Maybe the superhero saves Trent, and then later in the story the tables are turned to where he has to do the saving?
Or the superhero thing could be more metaphorical. In this case, I would be willing to have Trent be the "superhero."

I might be open to a lycanthropy plot, something similar to the way werewolves are set up in Teen Wolf. Trent won't be a werewolf, though, or at least not in the beginning, and I don't want any sex scenes involving characters in werewolf form. Maybe Trent is best friends with the werewolf character, who hasn't told Trent about getting bitten? His friend's strange behavior sort of starts putting a strain on their relationship, plus the fact that both of him are crushing on the other but are unwilling to confess to it for one reason or another. Trent eventually finds out, probably with his friend transforming in front of him (with or without the friend knowing), probably to fend off some evil baddy or something. Or the two characters could have just met at, or just before, the start of the story, and both grow interested in one another as the werewolf character tries to hide what that side of him.
Or the werewolf could be a kanima (from Teen Wolf) instead? Unlike with werewolves, I may be willing to do a sex scene or two in which the other character is in kanima form.

If none of these are stirring the muse, I have some plots here that could be used.

If you're interested in roleplaying, please PM me instead of replying to this thread. Thanks! :-)
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