[MUL] 1960's Bond

Started by Tom, May 26, 2008, 02:44:59 PM

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I've previously run a somewhat James Bond like game (Jane Bond) and I can see there are other looking to start games along those lines. This time I'm just going to cut to the chace and run an actual Bond game. For this, I'm looking for one player to run James Bond himself - and possible other players for bit parts here and there, including bond girls and henchmen. The game will feature the following elements:

-Mid 1960's style, as seen in the best Sean Connery movies (From Russia with Love is obviously the best)
-Coldwar, KGB, SPECTRE, Blofeld, Grant, Oddjob, etc...
-Willing busty, shapely girls with silly names.
-Action and suspense

I will not necessarily pick the first applicant for the role of Bond. I'm looking for the best.