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Author Topic: A Few Plot Lines (F Seeking Dominant M)  (Read 635 times)

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A Few Plot Lines (F Seeking Dominant M)
« on: November 05, 2012, 06:27:05 PM »
Updated 22 November 2012

These are just a few ideas and I will update them as I get more sorted out. If anyone is interested please PM so we can discuss details etc..

Time For Your Physical

Basically a young woman goes to book an appointment for her yearly physically and is told only male Doctors are available during this current week. Needing it to be done in a hurry so she can make her interview to become a dancer she agrees to an appointment with the first Doctor who is free, unfortunately for her what she doesn't know is the Doctor is an old pervert who loves to take advantage of young virginal women who don't know any better than to do as they are told. Everything begins as normal but soon the Doctor becomes commanding and in some ways frightening threatening her with no end of evil punishments is she does not agree to undergo his hedonistic/sadistic wishes.
On Hold

Initiation Has Always Been A Tradition

Finding herself out of work a young woman goes for an interview for a newly opened company and gets the job. On her first day in the office her boss calls her through to his office and claims he has a surprise for her. It has always been a tradition at their company to pass an initiation test on their first day on the job. Reluctantly  she agrees to the initiation assuming it to be some stupid game they play with all the new members of staff but soon finds she's been dragged into a game dangerous domination game with her boss taking complete control of her, effectively making her his slave do with as he pleases. On Hold

Movie Night

Best friends arrange a Movie night at home the full, take-out, pop corn, alcohol and a movie or two. The alcohol starts to flow as they settle down to watch the Movie, as they gradually get drunker they begin fooling around it starts out innocently with poking, tickling etc...but as the movie comes to it's most dramatic scene they decide to switch it off and make their own action scene in the bedroom.

Vegas Dreams Or Nightmares

It could be a dream come true or the worst nightmare of her all depends on the turn of a card. Even number she gets her hearts desire, the man of her dreams, odd and she has to face her worst nightmares...which will it be...that's up-to the croupier who's job it will be to turn over the card...
On Hold

It's A Nice Day For A White Wedding

It's the day of a wealthy brides wedding and her father or her soon to be husband has a secret...they owe a huge amount of money to a psychopathic loan shark. On the morning of her wedding the minions of the loan shark kidnap her to use her as both bait to make the male character pay back their debt and also blackmail her into allowing him to use her body to claim a form of compensation for the male characters lack of willingness to make payment without him having to resort to desperate measures.

The Castle Guardian

The kingdom has a curfew meaning all family members have to be back at the castle before dark falls, only on this particular night a female member of the family is late back and is caught by one of the castle guards who instead of reporting her to the Kingdom's ruler and allowing her to take the rulers punishment decides to take her down to the castle dungeons and administer his own personal form of punishment.
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Offline Lisossa EtasuTopic starter

Re: A Few Plot Lines (F Seeking Dominant M)
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2012, 09:37:18 PM »
A Few New Plots...

Police Academy

A young new recruit to the Police training regime arrives for her first day at the academy and finds that her main instructor is extremely domineering and likes to humiliate any female new recruits. To begin with she goes along with everything she's ordered to do but after a week of being humiliated in front of the male recruits on a daily basis she snaps and refuses to do as she is ordered any longer. Thrown into solitary confinement for disobeying orders she finds herself in a cold cell with only a hard stone floor to sleep on. Hours later her instructor turns up offering her an ultimatum...Obey his every whim without complaint or argument or...spend a week in solitary on basic rations and daily cold showers....

Chains Of Lust

Stumbling over an Ad on the internet for a room mate a young woman replies to the Ad sent by a man masquerading as a female student and makes an appointment to view the apartment they will share together, upon arrival however she discovers the truth but by then it is too late and she is abducted by the male and forced to become his submissive through means of breaking down her will and self respect. {This may need a little fleshing out before playing but I am open to working on it with any potential partner.}
On Hold

The Years Of Slavery

A girl taken from her home at the age of 14 was forced into slavery by a cruel Master. Working in the kitchens and as a chamber maid she lived in the basement of the house with a group of girls all of a similar age and under the control of the same cruel man. Now around the age of 19 she only obeys through fears which have been beaten into her or she has seen inflicted upon the other girls she has grown up with. Over the years their cruel Master has not changed his minions however have and with each that has come and gone the punishments for disloyalty have been different. Their current 'guardian' as he calls himself uses chaining them from the roof naked as a punishment. No longer able to take her living conditions despite her years of slavery she decides she must free herself and find a new life. The question though is how...and if she is caught just what punishment will await her?

A World Without Freedom

For as many years as people can remember the world has been run by a psychopathic maniac, all women who still live are his slaves and the men have all been hypnotised to believe that he is in charge and they should simply do as they are told. When one woman dares to stand up against the regime she finds herself being beaten and humiliated by the man who had once been her boyfriend....
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