MMF incest gangbang, male role wanted. [[CLOSED]]

Started by Wallflower20, November 03, 2012, 11:34:41 PM

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Older sister (20-ish) and two younger brothers(16-17). One brother still needed.

The brothers are down on their luck with the ladies and looking for advice. Will the boys woo their sister? Will she be professional when she helps them? Will they turn to each other in their desperation? Would the sister have ulterior motives from the start? Very open. Two current players Wallflower20 as the sister and Inerrant Lust as a brother. Should the brothers be twins?
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Inerrant Lust

One of the ideas I had in mind would be that things would start innocent enough, maybe the brothers' puppy dog eyes are just so irresistable that their sister that she can't help but teach them a thing or two... You know, give 'em a push in the right direction so that they can charm the pants off any of the girls their age.

But things escalate as they get more and more desirous and bold with their appeasing sister...

I have in mind that at least my character will be a hapless horn dog. It's not that he's shy and cowardly around girls... it's just that he's not smooth enough to ever get in their pants. So a fair bit of repressed sexual tension there. :P