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Author Topic: Extreme Ghostbusting (Fandom) (M/F) [Light, Bon, NC, Possibly EX]  (Read 405 times)

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Offline JagerinTopic starter

It's 2012 and the original Ghostbusters have been out of commission for at least a decade now. It's not because they got too old (though they are rather old now), but simply because the paranormal activities that once kept their business running halted to a stop. The only people left at the old firehouse are Dr. Egon Spengler and the semi-domesticated Slimer. Egon uses the money he gets from his teaching job at the university to keep the bills paid at the firehouse because it can't be risked to have the containment unit shut down and all those creatures set free.

Things were dull till the new subway line was put in. Egon tried to warn the city against it, but they didn't listen. Now the city is teeming with ghosts again. Luckily for New York, Egon has four students perfectly willing to pitch in and take on the torch of the Ghostbusters. For several years now, they have been protecting the city and sometimes the world from utter destruction. They have seen massive amount of entities of varying strength, size, and power. Even dealt with a few humans tampering with things they shouldn't be.

The new team consists of Eduardo Rivera, a lazy and and somewhat clueless man. Roland Jackson a logic minded, level headed, mechanical mastermind. Kylie Griffin who is the only one of them to have paranormal experiences before joining the group having been tormented by the Grundel as a child and has become sort of the unofficial leader. Finally, Garrett Miller.

Garrett was born with the inability to walk. He's been in a wheelchair his whole life and is in school to become a physical therapist and only talks about his condition when he is making a joke about it. An adrenaline junkie at heart, he claims this is his only reason for joining the Ghostbusters. He never lets his disability get in the way of catching ghosts or partaking in extreme sports. He tends to have a live fast sort of view on life. Always on the go and never one to turn down food. He'd even like to have kids some day, though seems to get upset at the thought that they might be born with the ability to walk. He says he would love them either way.

Despite his good qualities, he's a bit of a jerk. He likes to make jokes at everyone's expense and he tends not to think before he acts. This goes for not only Ghostbusting and his sporting aspirations, but with women too. He sees a pretty girl and he's not scared to make it known that he finds her attractive. Not that many have taken him up on this, but he still goes for it.

With a new semester starting up for college, the four of them are finding it difficult to keep up with their Ghostbusting tasks. Neither plans to do it for their whole lives like Egon has chosen to, so they can't afford to be leaving classes every time there is a haunted house call. They decide it's time to do some more recruiting. It's easy enough to find people who want the job, but it's hard to find the right kind of people. Not to mention that they have to put everyone through checking to make sure they aren't some kind of powerful ghost who just wants in to destroy the firehouse from the inside. Most just think it's 'cool' and don't take it very seriously.

***Basically, I'm looking for someone to play a female Ghostbuster applicant. Normally, I would say that she can look and act however you want her to, but I do have a bit of a request. I'd like the female to be on the shy side and not some tall, toned, gorgeous woman. More on the cute side rather than the sexy side. I'd like her to be smart and have a rather quick attraction to Garrett.

I don't want to put too much information up, but I do have a villain ghost and a more full story line idea. PM me if you're interested. Also, if you're wondering about the picture I chose...even though Garrett was listed as the most popular character from the Extreme Ghostbusters, not many people draw him. The drawing I picked was done by TristJones, who does the most fantastic Ghostbuster artwork I have ever seen. The drawing is of Garrett, but in Trist's words: "Yeah, I ditched the wheel chair. No offense intended to anyone, but it felt WAY too PC and I had way too many problems with someone -- as eager and able bodied as he was -- going up against gods and whatnot in a wheelchair. What's stopping possessors from constantly getting a hold of it? I basically ditched the chair for a prosthetic leg. I was tempted to make it two, but it felt like overkill."

Which I thought was a wonderful way to think about it. I've seen the whole series and I always wondered why some of the oldest buildings in New York would have wheelchair ramps and how he managed to get through mud, slime, over high mountains of rocks/trash/piled up objects with little to no assistance. But anyway, I would prefer him to be wheelchair bound, but we can go with the one prosthetic leg as well.

I will be playing Garrett. I've never played a character like him before (personality wise and the inability to walk), but I'd like the challenge.

EDIT: I would be willing to take on the role pf the female if anyone else wants to give Garrett a shot. I'm not looking for 100% accuracy on this. He seems like a shallow character sometimes, but he's rather complex. So yeah...PM me!
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Offline JagerinTopic starter

Re: Extreme Ghostbusting (Fandom) (M/F) [Light, Bon, NC, Possibly EX]
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2012, 07:35:31 PM »
I changed my tagging and some of my info. While I do see any romantic parts being Light or even Bon at the most...I can see the story going rather dark once the ghost(s) get involved. Also, I would be willing to take on the role of the female if anyone else wants to give Garrett a shot. I'm not looking for 100% accuracy on this. He seems like a shallow character sometimes, but he's rather complex. So yeah...Just wanted to note that.

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Re: Extreme Ghostbusting (Fandom) (M/F) [Light, Bon, NC, Possibly EX]
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2012, 06:06:27 PM »

"An Ecto-Storm. Tobin didn't put it in his quide because he only witnessed it once and din't have enough research to substantiate it. He mentions it in foot notes though. Imagine a hurricane so powerful that it crosses partly over from the ghost world into ours. Since the storm itself is not ecto based, only the creatures inside it, we can't really fight it. All we can do is hope that it passes without causing too much damage to the city. Till then, I want each of you to have fully charged proton cartons. I don't want anyone caught off guard. The city is going to be teeming with ecto activity...and under no circumstances is any one of you to cross path with the storm clouds. Tobin mentioned, briefly, that those who went into the storm never came back out. I will work on getting the Mayor to evacuate the storm path."

As usual, Eduardo Rivera wasn't paying attention. Instead he was half asleep leaning against the table as Egon explained to them the reason for the unusually high amount of ghosts as of late. Everyone could see the storm clouds in the sky, but they hadn't thought it to be ghostly in nature.

"Hey, Goat-Boy, lets get going. We got a class A to deal with downtown," the dark haired, female Ghostbuster grabbed his goatee and dragged him out of his day dreams.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm commin'," he snapped as he followed her to get his gear on.

It didn't take long for the four ghostbusters to each have their hands full. Each one was taking on a specter of their own. It was overwhelming and the storm just seemed to be blowing in faster and faster. There was nothing they could do to stop it. As the wind changed and started to blow it out to sea where it would harmlessly dissipate, the group regathered. All except Eduardo.

They spent hours searching the city for him, but he was no where to be found. Kylie even went to his apartment and asked his family, but they hadn't seen him either.

Meanwhile, Eduardo is in for a world of trouble. Had he actually been paying attention to Egon, he would have known to get out of the way of the clouds, but he didn't. Instead he continued to fight and was swallowed up. With a proton pack, one trap, and only a handful of refills for his pack, Eduardo climbs over the all too familiar landscape. He knows he's seen somewhere like this before. It was when he traveled into the Containment Unit to save Slimer. It looked like the world the spirits and demons in there had created.

The Spirit World.

***Basically, I'd like to play out Eduardo surviving in the Spirit World (which is basically a wasteland) with the help of either and OC Living Human who was swallowed up or an OC Docile Spirit. While I do see Eduardo as heterosexual (what with his love/hate canon relationship with Kylie and the witch girl named Bess in Witchy Woman), I might be convinced to do M/M for the right partner.

I am willing to play Eduardo or the OC. I'm happy with either.

PM me if interested.