Seeking a dark, divine muse.

Started by DJGenXCide, November 02, 2012, 12:31:35 PM

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I'm looking for a female character who happens to be ambitious.  She can be switch, submissive, dominant.  I'm looking to do some type of fantasy setting.  Perhaps an aspiring wizardess, sorceress, some type of even divine magic user brokers a deal with some greater power to assist her in her rise to power.  In order to ascend to lofty heights of her desires, she has to do some dirty things.  Perhaps she channels her magic through sex.  I'm open to ideas, I like leaving things fairly open when it comes to this.  In a more roundabout way of saying it, I wish to have an adventurer to guide through a campaign.

Maybe she's a drow priestess who, in order to keep a mercenary band happy, has to jerk off a minotaur with her feet.  Perhaps she's forced to have a tentacle monster fuck every orifice he's able to and absolutely soak her in its seminal fluids.  I want something to be out there.  But that's not to say it's all about sex.

Maybe she enjoys carving pieces of flesh and bone from her defeated opponents.  Perhaps she has invented a spell that turns her vagina into a tooth filled maw to slowly destroy a man's genitalia while getting off on an extreme hedonistic and sadistic high.

Please, feel free to message me.  < snip > 

Thank you for your time.

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