The Rain will Fall Again (A Wolf's Rain idea)(f for m)

Started by TheyDontKnowIBurn, November 01, 2012, 09:17:32 PM

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Alrighty then. Soooo, I just finished rewatching Wolf's Rain, and it leaves huge possibilities for a story. (Darcia's eye, anyone?)

But before that, time to piss people off with... RULES!

1. I wish to play girls right now, and therefore request that if you come to me for a game, you be prepared to play male.
2. I wish to play numerous roles, both canon and original, and I would like the same from a partner.
3. I have ONE specific pairing I desperately want, and one canon pairing I will not budge on. I wish to pair an OC with Tsume, and I wish for the HigeXBlue pairing to be in tact. Otherwise, there is wiggle room.
4. I want a decent balance of story and smut. I'd prefer 60-40 in favor of plot.

Still with me? Good. Here comes a storyline.

Soooo, all the wolves showed up at the end, in the reborn world, right? I'm thinking at the moment they really don't remember their past lives. Maybe flashes of it here and there, but they've always just thought they were humans. Albeit special humans. They retained heightened senses and abilities in the new world, but none of them could ever remember completely what happened. They knew that there was something missing, and every once in  while, they would catch a whiff of an oh-so-familiar smell.

Finally, one day, they converged, and the journey began. They reached the pool that had served as the gate to paradise. But the taint from the wolf eye of Darcia caused their true selves to reawaken. They knew they were wolves, and they were able to take there original forms again. But it wasn't just them. The poison of they eye had began to spread, and all over, wolves were awakening.

Suddenly, it was pandemonium, as the humans turned against the newly awakened wolves, frightened by what they saw.

And so begins again: The quest for the lunar flower, and the search for Paradise. Along the way they will meet old allies and new friends, but one thing is for sure. When the Wolf's Rain falls again, nothing will ever be the same.
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