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May 24, 2018, 07:27:48 AM

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Author Topic: Reluctant Slave (male 'trap' needed for a dom futa, plot-light)  (Read 473 times)

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Reluctant Slave (male 'trap' needed for a dom futa, plot-light)
« on: November 01, 2012, 06:23:45 PM »
I've got a group rp in the works and several other stories and whatnot, but every now and then one gets a craving to just rp something quick to the point, and hot as hell, right?

The story for this rp would be fairly minimal, normally I love plot, but right now I kind of just want to get right into the heat of things quickly. The idea is that the rp is set in a fantasy world, where being a woman with... well, something extra, is considered a sign of nobility. Being futa is synonymous with being a noble, as a result, that is strictly what they're referred to in this world. They can reproduce with either gender, though typically women are used for the simple reason that one noble can impregnate many women, while she can only be impregnated once at a time herself. As a result, women are typically seen as breeding tools, while males are split between their physical nature. More physically powerful and strong males are useful for physical labor or combat, while weaker males are typically servants to the nobles. It is entirely common, and even socially encouraged, for the more pretty of these boys, to be used for sexual pleasure.

Nobles can be born when there is at least one noble parent, and sometimes when there is none, but this is exceedingly rare. A pairing of a noble and a woman, a noble and a man, or even two nobles can birth any gender child. Nobles are the only people with true power in this world, even in the male or female children are but peasants compared to their parents. They are typically granted some privilege and power over the 'lesser' male and female wrought children, and live in relative comfort, but they lack any true power. They are generally not used for pleasure or breeding the way peasant children are, and so most tend to have higher opinions of themselves than most of their gender. Of course, they are subject to the whim of their parent, and this story will be one of the rare exceptions to that norm.

My character in this rp would be one such noble, a powerful and affluent noble named Belladonna. She has many men and women beneath her, and has wrought many children from her harem, and has... enjoyed the services of the male servants of her friends, but never taken one of her own. Her reasoning, when asked, is that none are beautiful enough to be hers. Sixteen years ago, one of her closest friends sired a male child. Though male, her was given a comfortable lifestyle, due to the power of his noble parent. He has grown spoiled and arrogant, and believes himself more significant than he is. The day of his sixteenth birthday, Belladonna bartered with her friend for the boy, who had no say of the matter. While children of nobles are normally not traded like peasant slaves or cattle, the boy's spoiled nature made her believe he could use to be knocked down a peg or three. He was not even told of it until Belladonna came to take him.

The RP begins the next day, the boy arrived at Belladonna's manner late that night, and was allowed to sleep. He has just awoken, and will now begin to experience his new life.

In terms of content, this character will obviously have futanari on male sexual activity. It will also have forced crossdressing, and much of it will be... not entirely consensual. I want to start the rp off with the male character hating every moment of his new life. Not in a depressed, defeated way, but in an angry, defiant manner. He views himself as being a person of importance and power, and suddenly he is being forced to do things and given no say in the matter. Physical bondage will likely be present, but used in a natural manner. What I mean is, Belladonna doesn't have a rape dungeon full of toys, but she may do things such as tying him to bedposts, or holding his arms in place. I want the rp itself to be less about physical force and more about... well, the fact that he has no choice. At first he's going to be defiant, but I also want him to realize quickly he has no say in the matter. He'll scowl and resist to a degree, but when she takes him for the first time, I don't want her to HAVE to force him. He'll do what he's told, reluctantly and begrudgingly, but he'll do it because he realizes that he has no choice. At first he'll hate her, but his body enjoys it, and over time, he'll grow to accept and even love his new place in life.

Appearance wise... I don't expect him to look exactly like a girl. He should have a pretty face and delicate build, but he's also male, and he dresses male. Belladonna will force him to wear women's clothing, and he will be forced to do things he will generally view as being "something a boy shouldn't do". Of course, at the end of the day, he secretly loves it, even if it will take a lot for him to finally admit it :>

Let me know if you're interested, and I'd be happy to work out the details with you in PMs. Also, as a final note, I don't care any which way about the gender of the player, as long as the character is male. And while I realize "trap" and "shota" are often a hazy line, I feel I should point out before any confusion arises that the male character in this rp will be EXPLICITLY 16, in accordance with site rules :>