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Author Topic: Natalia's Ideas (m/f wanted)  (Read 651 times)

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Natalia's Ideas (m/f wanted)
« on: November 01, 2012, 01:45:20 PM »
Hello, this post will be added to as more ideas occur. Please make sure to read my O/O's for more information on myself.

#1 Christmas Healing (Dom male)
This story is about a women who was struck by disaster on Christmas Eve three years before. With her parents on her way to visit family, a drunk driver hit the car head on. The woman's parents died on impact and the woman had a concussion and became partially blind (can see shapes and colors but everything is still fuzzy). At present, the woman lives on her own though still getting used to her disability. She doesn't date due to her insecurities about her disability. 

This Christmas there is a blackout causing all of her power to go out. She does have a seeing eye dog, a husky but the black out reminds her of what had happened so long ago. She does not like Christmas as it is, not even having someone bring a Christmas tree and set it up for her.

During the blackout one of her neighbors who are attracted to her finds out she is alone and tries coercing her to come and join him since he also was alone for the holiday.

This storyline can last anywhere from a couple months to a year. From before the black out until after the relationship is established.

#2 What Happens In Vegas (Female, not necessarily submissive)

A woman around the age of 21 goes to Vegas to celebrate her birthday on her own against her best friend's better judgement. She ends up meeting a much older man (between 25-28) and marries him. When she wakes up she realizes what she had done, throwing the wedding ring off and throwing it on the fllor. She finds her clothes then leaves going back home to LA. The girl's 'husband' wakes up fuzzy but has a wedding license and a wedding band on his finger. Also, he see's a red blood stain on the bed. He keeps trying to remember what happened and finally it all comes back to him and searches out the girl in the hotel but never finds her. He goes back home to NYC to track her down then goes to LA where he runs into her where she works at a coffee shop (tracking her down is a 3/4 week 'break' in the story). The woman finds out she's pregnant, tries to hide it when her best friend asks if he will do right by her and remarry her. The woman refuses but ends up capitulating after getting seduced by him twice more. They do get married in LA at a fancy place then leaves her friends and everyone she ever knew behind. The couple have struggles as she adapts to her new life (she was a middle class barista paying off her student loans and he is a television host on a network talent show).

Based very loosely on the film Fools Rush In. This can last as long as the players would like to.

#3 The Rockstar (Dominant Male)
There is this one rockstar I have fantasized about for the last couple years named Dave Z (from Z02 and The Trans-Siberian Orchestra). He's got this pitch black hair, brown eyes, I think at least 6 feet tall and looks positively like a vampire/demon, even could appear like Lucifer himself. Did I mention he's also plays the electric guitar?

Anyway, Natalia is a newsreporter and she gets to meet this rockstar she has fantasized about for a long time. She's a little on the curvy side and not a rockstar's choice in any sense of the word. So Natalia gets to meet her rockstar stuttering all the way. However, there is more to this man than meets the eye. He is actually nice and is patient as she asks her questions and tells her he wants to meet her after the show and go to dinner with him. She is surprised but agrees reluctantly wondering if she is going to have a one night stand or if it will just be dinner. They go to dinner and they do have a fling afterward. When Natalia wakes up the next morning her rockstar is gone. She wonders if it was just a dream but knows it wasn't because of the soreness between her legs. She cant stop thinking about him but has no number to call him back with. A couple months later she finds out she's pregnant. Natalia gets worried because of her job and has to figure out how exactly she is going to get in touch with her rockstar and if he will really believe her.

This can be short or be longer. Once again, plot is very important, though sex in thos one will most likely occur at the very beginning of the SL. Please inbox if interested.


If anyone is interested please send an inbox to work out any details. Just a reminder, make sure you read my O/O.
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Re: Natalia's Ideas (m/f wanted)
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2012, 02:33:26 PM »
Current Storylines

A Christmas Healing
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Re: Natalia's Ideas (m/f wanted)
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2012, 09:35:30 PM »
Character for Christmas Healing has been found. Still seeking  a player for What Happens In Vegas.

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Re: Natalia's Ideas (m/f wanted)
« Reply #3 on: November 24, 2012, 11:13:10 PM »
New SL idea has been added.