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Author Topic: Stormwyrm's RP Ideas (M for F)  (Read 520 times)

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Stormwyrm's RP Ideas (M for F)
« on: November 01, 2012, 05:02:35 AM »
Well, I suppose this is as good a time as any to start this kind of thread, as well, this is one of the things I came here to do. I have a few ideas for some RPs, some original some based on some fandom. I'll be updating this thread from time to time as I get new ideas, so please feel free to PM if you'd like to try them out with me.

Original Story Ideas

The Hunted Mistress

The female protagonist is a former maîtresse-en-titre of Louis XIV, who has fled France because she was implicated in treason (perhaps the fictionalized assassination of Cardinal Mazarin or some other high-ranking official), and has fled to the New World. The male protagonist is a Jesuit priest who has been excommunicated for sleeping with the wrong woman (yes, I draw upon Aramis for inspiration here), and he has been given orders by the Pope to bring the former royal mistress back to France to face justice, as part of the condition for rescinding his excommunication. I envision this as sort of a swashbuckling adventure story in the tradition of Dumas' d'Artagnan Romances, although with steamier sex scenes than Dumas would have been comfortable publishing. ;)

The Cousin-in-Law

Our male protagonist is married, but has a somewhat troubled relationship with his wife. She works at an exhausting job as a lawyer in a prestigious downtown law firm, and is rarely home, and when she is she's too exhausted to give her husband some time. He works at a simpler job that allows him to telecommute so he mainly stays at home. One day, an aunt of his wife's flees the town where she once lived with her abusive ex-husband, and becomes their neighbour. She has a beautiful young daughter in tow, who has transferred to the local high school and finds herself in need of tutoring. He is asked to do this, and gladly does so, and gradually they get into private, secret lessons...

Making Out in Japan

With all the rather serious story-driven ideas I've got here so far, I think I'd like a much more sexually driven RP might be in order as well. Summer Comiket at Tokyo Big Sight. They've come cosplaying as both the male and female lead in their favourite anime (I see this as being Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online at the moment, but I'm open to other suggestions), and immediately hit it off. They run around Tokyo trying out all sorts of kinks, cosplay is only the beginning, there'd be sex on crowded trains, sex on the streets of Akihabara, impersonating students in a school and having sex there, making out on the onsen... basically these two run around Japan trying every kink in the anime and hentai playbook and then some. Our dirty pair could be Japanese or gaijin just on a holiday, or any combination thereof.

The Secretary

Our male protagonist is the co-founder of an Internet startup company that is just about to make it big. Think Google in 2004 just before they went public. He's a young guy who dropped out of college to pursue his dream, and after four years of living on ramen and making other sacrifices to keep the company afloat during difficult times, he's about to hit it big, and now he's important enough to hire a secretary. She's a little bit younger than him, but a bit more street smart than him, and he basically entrusts the working of his life and much of his business into her hands. I'll be in the role of our startup founder, and well, I promise that he's not going to harass her for an early sexual encounter. Things should develop naturally between them (think Tony Stark and Pepper Potts). She has to help him keep his sanity on the road to becoming a startup billionaire.

American Princess

This sort of comes from the movie A Life Less Ordinary. You don't need to have seen it to understand the premise, it's just the novel that Robert Lewis is trying to write in that movie: the story of the possible daughter of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. She would have been born in 1962, somewhat before Marilyn's death, so this is her story in the 1980s as she gets embroiled in the Cold War intrigues of the Reagan administration, and learns of her true heritage and finds out what it means. I don't know yet what sort of male lead would fit here: perhaps a Washington bureaucrat, or a military officer, perhaps he might even be a KGB spy. Maybe even James Bond! XD This is a bit more sketchy and needs discussion with whoever wants to try it.

The War of the Magicians

This is a World War II fantasy fiction, which draws upon conspiracy theories of Nazi occultism for inspiration. The dramatis personae are either members of a secret society of hermeticists (e.g. the Golden Dawn) or an individual witch or small coven of such, who do battle with similar sorcerers who are the true power behind Third Reich, and are orchestrating the war and the Holocaust to further their programme of world domination. There are many possible ways this could be done. One of the protagonists could be a spy in Nazi Germany who finds out that the Thule Society has found a way to penetrate the magical shield that has thus far prevented the Nazis from invading Britain, and they get to work developing countermeasures or ways to disrupt the ritual that will do this. They could also be in search of another artefact of great power to counter the Spear of Longinus that Hitler possesses, perhaps the Grail or the Ark of the Covenant, or something similar. There could be infighting among the sorcerers and witches of Britain preventing them from making an effective resistance against the Nazis' occult powers. This will require a lot of further brainstorming.

Fandom Stories

The Last Queen

This is a Tolkien fandom story, but not one from Lord of the Rings. It is set in the Second Age, several thousand years before LOTR, on the fabled isle of Númenor, and the main characters are Míriel, queen of Númenor, and Anárion, second son of the Lord of Andunië Elendil, younger brother of Isildur. I basically want to imagine a romance between the queen and Anárion, set against the backdrop of the wicked king Ar-Pharazôn and his diabolical adviser Sauron, and his foolish attempts to wrest the Land of Aman from the Valar. If you need some of the background regarding this, read the Akallabêth from the Silmarillion... Though these are characters from the canon I don't want them to behave as though Tolkien was writing it. I dislike the way he handles female characters and I want Míriel to have more depth, and well, good sex between the two would be essential. XD

EDIT: This is open again if anyone else wants to try it out. You can see how it went here.

The Incarnation of Miku Hatsune

I've talked about this scenario a bit in my introductory thread, and well, a roleplay session involving it may help to flesh out what might happen in the game I'm planning to make (which will be a free game I'd make as a labour of love). In the cyberpunk universe this is set in, Miku Hatsune is an artificial intelligence, a software agent that behaves as a virtual pop singer entertaining millions around the world. Think Rei Toei from William Gibson's Bridge Trilogy. At first she is just a huge program being run by a massive cluster of servers in a Tokyo data centre, but she eventually evolves self-awareness without the knowledge or understanding of her creators, and seeks to find a way to enter the real world. She indirectly hires a group of mercenaries to steal an experimental nanobot assembler device from an industrial laboratory somewhere, and has them bring it to her data centre. Our male protagonist is the hacker of the mercenary team, and it is he that Miku takes a liking to. Once Miku has a body, she of course becomes very curious about everything about it, and naturally that includes sex, and she is pretty much willing to try anything, and woe betide our male protagonist if he fails to satisfy her! And then, of course, in incarnating Miku they have done something that has never before been done, and then they find themselves on the run from mega-corporations, underworld groups, and whatever passes for government in this cyberpunk era as they try to figure out just what Miku really is. Is she just another cyborg, or the beginning of the singularity that will merge man and the machine?

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Code, and the Code was Miku. And Miku was made flesh, and dwelt among us."


I'm only about halfway through Neal Stephenson's Seveneves by now but it already suggests an RP to me. The book doesn't need to be strictly followed, and you don't even need to have actually read the book itself to understand it. but the basic premise is that one day the moon suddenly explodes: how or why is not clear, only that it's shattered and the now unstable fragments are on the way to becoming a deadly hard rain that will destroy the earth and all life on it. The world has two years to send as many people and supplies as possible up into orbit before the fragments of the moon destroy everything in the worst catastrophe to hit the planet since the late heavy bombardment. People from every part of the world are chosen to be sent into orbit to become part of what is known as the Cloud Ark, the last remnant of humankind that has to survive for five to ten thousand years before it becomes possible to return to the planet that was their home again.

I'm only halfway through the book and it's pretty clear that Stephenson neglected a very interesting story thread, instead concentrating far more on the drama aboard the International Space Station that becomes the nucleus of the Cloud Ark project. There's a whole story, perhaps the subject of another novel at least as long as Seveneves itself, that tells the story of a pair of young people selected by their communities to become their representatives aboard the Cloud Ark. The story begins with their selection, their training in astronautics and competition with others who are also fighting to be selected to actually go up into the Ark (since it actually isn't possible to build enough rockets and Arklets to send everyone who was supposed to go in the time before the Hard Rain begins) and then their struggle for survival as they have to deal with the new reality of life in space.

The people selected to be on the Ark are of course supposed to be the best of their communities. They are all relatively young (18-21 or so), well-educated, and physically fit to survive the rigours of space flight. I'd prefer our protagonists to be part of very different cultures, and one of the challenges they face will be to bridge the gap between such cultures to work together for the survival of the human race as a whole.

There's a lot of stuff to work with here. Send me a PM if you'd like to discuss this.

Nasuverse Pairings

The Nasuverse is the informal name fans have given to the world invented by Kinoko Nasu, the writer behind the hugely popular Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, and Kara no Kyoukai visual novel/anime franchises.

Shiki Tohno (Tsukihime) x Shiki Ryougi (Kara no Kyoukai). While this is technically a crossover, the fact that they both know one of the Aozaki sisters makes it more clear that they are in the same universe and they could technically meet. Something that should have happened in Carnival Phantasm but didn't.

Shirou Emiya x Ilyasviel von Einzbern. This will have to be a more physically mature Ilya than she appears in Fate/Stay Night, even if she is supposed to be 18 years old at the time of the Fifth Holy Grail War. Perhaps as she appears in Fate/Kaleid Liner.

Archer (Emiya) x Saber (Arthuria). While their Masters flirt, their Servants do so as well. Could be a short.

Other Anime Pairings

Ashitaka x San. Princess Mononoke taken to its logical conclusion.
Minato Arisato x Elizabeth or any of the SEES girls. Persona 3.
Kyon x Yuki Nagato. See what happens if Kyon isn't so chickenshit as to take the escape continuation back into Haruhi's clutches in Disappearance.
Saito Hiraga x Henrietta de Tristain. Zero no Tsukaima
Rintarou Okabe x Mayuri Shiina. Steins;Gate
Daru x Feyris Nyannyan. Steins;Gate
Kirito x Asuna. Sword Art Online
Kirito x Sugu/Lyfa. Sword Art Online
Ledo x Amy. Suisei no Gargantia
Ledo or OC x Bellows. Suisei no Gargantia. Bellows has got to be the hottest anime girl of 2013, and it's a shame she was such a minor character.

Non-Anime Pairings

Cesare x Lucrezia. This is the sort of incestuous relationship that the enemies of the Borgias liked to spread rumours about. Could follow the TV series more closely or be more historically accurate in treatment.

Original Pairings

A bunch of original pairings with stories I haven't fully fleshed out yet.

Seiryuu x Byakko. The Blue Dragon of the East and the White Tiger of the West are a god and goddess respectively who have been at odds for thousands of years. The bird goddess Suzaku and the turtle god Genbu have been trying to get them to settle their differences.

Templar x Assassin. The year is 1186, and the Assassins of Alamut have hatched a plan to murder Baldwin V and Sibylla and thereby bring about the collapse of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. I'll have to be playing the Templar, as there were no female Templars.

I'll be adding more ideas as I think them up from time to time. Give me a PM if you want to try any of them, or if you have some similar ideas that you think I might want to try don't hesitate to PM me. Have a look at my Ons and Offs page for information about my ground rules and my willingness to do things. I'm still relatively new to RPing so please be gentle with me. XD
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Re: Stormwyrm's RP Ideas (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2012, 05:11:39 AM »
Taken: The Last Queen and The Hunted Mistress

Added some new ideas, the Incarnation of Miku Hatsune and Making Out in Japan

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Re: Stormwyrm's RP Ideas (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2012, 11:26:45 AM »
Another batch of updates, added American Princess and the Secretary, a bunch of random pairings that are mostly not fleshed out.

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Re: Stormwyrm's RP Ideas (M for F)
« Reply #3 on: November 22, 2012, 09:06:36 PM »
A little bit of reorganization, and added the War of the Magicians.