Prince/slave rp. (Male/Male need dominate)

Started by twerdgirl, October 30, 2012, 01:44:13 PM

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In Sparta of ancient Greece a virgin slave who has been taught in the art of pleasure only by watching others will be given to the youngest prince for his 25th birthday. Sirius is a young slave who has only tuned 18. He knows that not only is he a rare contradiction. A slave taught the art of pleasure yet still a virgin, he knows that being given to the prince is an honor of the highest degree, but what he doesn't know and what most worries him is if he will please the prince he is to be gifted to.

That's the idea of the rp I want to do. It can go in a number of directions and I don't really have a set course for it. I need someone to play the prince and he can have any personality you want him to although I'd prefer him to to be sadistic. A little cruel at first is okay, but nothing over the top. Whatever direction it does go in I'd like there to be some romance between the prince and Sirius although that doesn't have to come in until much later.

I'd like someone who is on at least once a day and has basic spelling and grammar. I can usually post at least 1-2 paragraph in a post though for the mature scenes they may be less. If you have any questions please pm me.