exquisite torture, pony woman and other ideas (m seeking elegant f)

Started by EnglishMaster, October 26, 2012, 02:00:05 PM

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I dare say there will be much to add and edit as this is my first time creating a thread here.

1. Exquisite torture  This is an extreme idea.  A senior male officer (me) is given the job of torturing a female spy (you, f playing f) to find out what she knows, and who her fellow-spies are.  I imagine the setting to be Leningrad in the late 1940's, with him a Russian officer and her an American who has been posing as a converted Communist, but I'm open to other settings.  The complexity is - they have been lovers.  He suspected she was a spy and enjoyed the taboo-ness of their relationship, she was drawn to him because she knew he was a torturer and the idea of torture, she knows from her early training, turns her on.  But that was game-playing.  Now, he must really torture her.  Others are watching all the time.  He must really obtain information from her.  He must make her suffer terribly despite his great affection for her.

2. Pony woman (This idea is available again for forum-based roleplay)  I simply want to train an elegant woman to be a pony woman.  The stylised pornography often says 'pony girl' but I want to turn her into a pony woman.  I want to play a man who's come into a little money, and bought a secluded run-down farm in a hollow, hidden by trees, and created a haven where he might fulfil his own dream, and the dream of the woman herself, by slowly turning her into a pony woman.  The first post of a potential thread is here: https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=156329.0

All details are entirely negotiable via Elliquiy message, not in this thread please.

Perhaps there are more ideas to come but that's it for now.

I'm a very experienced writer, and I'm interested in style.  I hope that's what I offer too.