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Author Topic: The One (game) that got away  (Read 366 times)

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The One (game) that got away
« on: October 25, 2012, 03:51:47 PM »
(Might be in the wrong area)
Have you ever seen a game, and you wanted to join, but was just too busy or had too many games?  Maybe it never got off the ground, or maybe perhaps it only lasted a few posts?  Here's a place for people to post about those games that got away.  Perhaps you might even be able to rekindle the interest in the game idea.

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Re: The One (game) that got away
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2012, 03:58:17 PM »
For me, this game, was one that got away.  I wish I had gotten the chance to play it, as it was an interesting premis.

A Dead Life


A world behind the world..engulfed by a shifting and endless fog, the town of bleak is the only refuge against the terrible unknown. Anyone who finds themselves here inevitably have their will and sanity tested. Doubt and darker forces torment from the pressing shadows that fill it's every room,it's every street..

The passage of time is difficult to discern, with the ever choking fog blanketing the heavens. It stirs and slithers in the sky but never abates..
The sickly glow that penetrates leaves our town cast in a bleak pallor, hence it's moniker.

As if finding yourself here weren't terrible enough, people continue to disappear. There have been reports of individuals wandering into the outskirts as if in a trance, they walk into the fog and never return. Any who have entered after them have also been lost..we suppress the worst of the rumors for as long as possible.

There is something in this town, I've seen things from the corner of my wouldn't believe. Despite the steady disappearances, our numbers are still growing and it's becoming impossible to suppress the angry, panicked masses. An increasingly small force acts as a police state, trying to hold back the inevitable riots. It seems like only a matter of time before we all kill each other..

 Alcohol becomes the glue that holds us together, you can find most of our citizens here at nearly any time of "day". There are enormous rows of storehouses filled with supplies , but they lie so close to the outskirts that they're often at least partially enveloped in fog.
Aside from keeping the peace, we've also taken responsibility for keeping the town supplied.. leverage disguised as a public service.

Everyones too afraid to fend for themselves , so they depend on us and allow us to keep some semblance of order. I think we all know that wont last forever though. We've begun to interview everyone when they arrive, searching every detail for a clue as to where we are and how we get here. Strangers just seem to wake up here..always somewhere alone, providing no witnesses...

Still we compile records and analyze them again and again in hopes some minor detail will somehow clue us in..
Some people say we're in hell..I'm beginning to wonder. If it's not, it will be soon if we can't find something to give these people hope..
Tensions are high, everyones worried about how long the food will last and what to do if the fog were to roll in...then there's always the questions we're always too afraid to breath aloud.  Whats the meaning of it all and what is happening in this town..

It's hard to say how big the town is really because no one's ever walked it the same way twice, the fogs always shifting. Always revealing new areas while burying other paths we've come to rely on. The only constant is the center of the city , and so our population is clustered into a very small percent of it for most of the time.
In the day we explore and salvage what we can from around the city and trade amongst ourselves for everything besides foodstuff and alcohol , it helps to keep everyone sane I think.

At the police dept, we await new arrivals who are all directed here to be reviewed and given something of a debriefing, we try to help them understand and cope as best we can before setting them up in a room and getting them started. We usually place them in an old apartment complex we've turned into the arrivals shelter, until they're comfortable enough to strike out on their own.
We also deal with crime of course, when people are scared they inevitably lash out, we just try to stifle the worst of it.
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