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Author Topic: New Ideas from the Pen (M Seeking F)  (Read 1201 times)

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New Ideas from the Pen (M Seeking F)
« on: October 24, 2012, 07:31:39 PM »
New Ideas at bottom of Page.

Please PM me if interested.


Location: Planet Sepik
-Planet Sepik is a planet covered in a vast Jungle. No sentient life forms or civilizations have been detected. Large amounts of flora and fauna not found elsewhere considered to be of Scientific Value. Geological Surveys to be conducted on composition of planet to see if there is any value in Mining. Atmosphere is suitable for human habitat, much like the Jungle regions on Earth.

Location: Sepik Colony, Planet Sepik
-Sepik Colony is a vastly misleading name for what amounts to little more then an Outpost on the Jungle Planet. Situated on a river, from which it draws power and all water supplies, Sepik Colony is little more than a Research Station. An above-ground observatory allows viewing of the surrounding area. Below ground is home to the Living Quarters, Cantina, and research labs where an assortment of flora and fauna are under observation. Each room is high-security, allowing them to individually be locked down and 'cleansed' should something go wrong.

-A Landing Field is about 1000 yds from the Colony and needs to be constantly maintained to keep back the overgrowth.

Population: Sepik Colony is home to 12 individuals: 3 Medical Staff, 1 Maintenance Engineer, and 8 Scientists covering a variety of fields. Sepik Colony was designed to house two-dozen personnel.


Roht Industries, the backer behind Sepik Colony and one of the more powerful corporations in the Federation, has lost contact with Sepik Colony. Dues to its Alpha-Level Rating (Alpha-Level Rating = No Threat of Hostility) it has been determined that the Sepik Colony Communications Array has stopped working. The cause is unknown, however, and the personnel on Sepik Colony are not equipped or qualified to deal with such a malfunction. Roht Industries is sending a Repair Team to Sepik Colony to repair the installation along with retrieving Scientific Samples to bring back to the Roht Indutries main Research and Development Facility.

Travel to Sepik Colony means Hyper-Drive in Cyro-Sleep through several vastly uninhabited Systems. Risk of Pirate Intervention is slim-to-none. Risk of collision with Debris is Standard/Acceptable. Risk Assessment is considered Low. Mission Success is considered Vital for continuation of Sepik Colony.

Personnel: 4 Flight Crew (Captain, Pilot, Communications Officer, Ship Engineer), 6 Mercenary Marines (Captain, Lieutenant, Scout, Medic, 2 Riflemen), 4 Engineers
Cargo: Interplanetary Communications Array, 3 x Land Craft, Misc. Spare Parts and Equipment for Colony

What am I looking for? A Female Crew Member to be romantically (or purely physically) involved with my Character (see below). Use the following Character Sheet Format and send it to me via PM if interested:

Code: [Select]
[b]Physical Description:[/b]
[b]Background Information and History:[/b]

Name: Andrew Conner

Rank/Occupation: Captain, Commander of the Roht Marine Detachment

Age: 34

Physical Description: See Attached Image

Personality: Andrew is the tough-as-nails type. He doesn't take shit from anyone and expects everyone to perform at their highest levels. He likes when his orders are followed to the T and he enforces strict discipline on all those that serve under him. He's a risk-assessor and occasional risk-taker but he is fiercely loyal to his crew and wants to ensure everyone makes it home alive from every undertaking and mission they go on.

Background Information and History: Andrew was born and raised in the Federation of the United Countries in an area formerly known as the United States. The Federation is the most powerful Human Power in the universe and controls just about everything. Mars, of course, has its independence and that whole deal is often compared to the American Revolutionary War. But that was long before his time. Andrew's Father served in the Federations Armed Forces as a Grunt, with deployments all over the place and very little action. The action he did see changed the man and he always told Andrew not to follow in his footsteps. But Andrew, even from a young age, wanted to see the Universe and the best way to do that was to enlist.

But Andrew wouldn't be happy just being an Infantry Grunt. It wasn't exotic or thrilling. So he enlisted in the Elite, joining the Space Marines. They were the ones sent into the worst situations, the ones sent in first and the last ones to be pulled out. They saw more combat then anyone else. He made it through boot-camp and was promoted to Squad Leader as his natural leadership qualities began to shine through and men (and women) gravitated towards his command aura.

It wasn't long before he saw his first combat and lost his first soldier, but it only seemed to propel him forward. Always leading from the front and giving sound tactical commands, his unit was soon decorated for bravery and winning campaign medals. A promotion to Platoon Leader soon followed and Andrew was loving life. He had traveled to places far and wide, been to a variety of planets and fought a variety of enemies. But his contract was soon up and the Corporations came knocking.

Andrew was unable to turn down the contract that Roht Industries offered him. The base pay alone was more then he ever could have imagined and they sold him on the idea that they were very interested in acquiring the leadership qualities of a man like him. He would have more freedom to move and act as he saw fit too, Federation laws not quite the same as the rules of engagement Roht Industries took. Before long, Andrew found himself working for the Roht Mercenary Marines - all former Federation Marines seeking higher pay and less risk of life (for the most part) - with the Rank of Captain, his own personal squad and a platoon to command as well.

Andrew has the ability to pick and choose the missions he wants to undertake. Traveling to Sepik Colony will give him a chance to stretch his legs and visit a System he has never been to. He wants to get away from Company politics for a while to, so while many see him as overqualified for the mission, he is more then happy to be partaking in it.

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Re: New Ideas from the Pen (M Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2012, 07:05:50 PM »

Double Trouble

[Student 1] is the pretty, athletic, beautiful girl. She has a crowd of followers. She is intelligent and smart and sexy. She likes to bend the rules but not break them - she doesn't like getting caught, but when she does, she knows how to sweet talk her way out of things.

[Student 2] is the quiet, shy type that you don't ever really notice but is still quite beautiful. She is one of those girls that always follows [Student 1] around. She likes living in the shadows of others because she isn't brave enough to things on her own.

[Student 1] and [Student 2] go to a private boarding school for High School. Its an all girls school and they have to wear a uniform. They're roommates - randomly assigned - and they are also lovers. Its their big secret, of course, no one else knows, but [Student 2] was helpless to the advances of [Student 1]. [Student 1] is much more experienced of course but its a relationship both girls enjoy. And things are about to get even steamier at the school.

[Teacher] is a relatively quiet, middle-aged man. No wife, no family, he is devoted to the school and educating its students. Of course he has a dark, dirty secret. Despite his demeanor, he writes Erotic Fiction on Literoritca about his students. Namely [Student 1] is his leading role, getting into all sorts of naughty and arousing situations with her favorite teacher. The names are changed but the characters are clearly based on him and the girl, his writings the only way he can live out his fantasies with her. But [Student 1] also reads Literotica and has had her suspicions for a while. She's smart and can put things together. And while she does love eating pussy, its been quite a while since she's enjoyed the pleasures of a cock. [Student 1] decides its time to seduce her teacher. Its also [Student 2]'s birthday coming up, and [Student 1] knows that she has never seen a real cock before. What else could the perfect present be then a nice, hard cock to pop a girls cherry?

[Looking for STUDENT 1 and STUDENT 2. This will involve F/F, M/F, and M/F/F pairings, Switch-Play (the Teacher will begin to exert himself in the relationship) and many other things. After STUDENT 1 initially seduces the TEACHER, STUDENT 2 will become involved though her cherry won't be popped until her birthday. After that, the affair will really start to blossom and open]

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Re: New Ideas from the Pen (M Seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2012, 07:23:07 PM »

The Teachers Pet

Mary was struggling in school. She was failing half her classes, it seemed, and her out-of-school boyfriend had broken up with her because she would do everything but sex with him. All the boys were like that, these days, but she did admit that her school uniform made her look sexy. It was only then that it dawned on her - her body was popular with the boys and she was pretty good at sucking cock - so why not use that on her teachers? To get her the passing grade?

There were three teachers, she decided, who's classes she wasn't going to pass with out a little extra help. She decided that these were the teachers she was going to seduce. Of course, she didn't realize that older men were more into fucking teenage pussy then even teen boys were and she soon found herself having to lose her cherry to one of her teachers, but all to make the grade. The most shocking thing she found was that she enjoyed it - a lot. The way her teacher handled her made her wet between the legs. She was like putty with the next teacher, going all the way with out hesitancy. Soon, she was fucking all three on a nearly daily basis - it had long gone past the point of doing it for the grade.

The teachers are in cahoots with each other and one of them invites he over to his place for a little party - just her and the three of them. She's more then willing to put on the strip show they demand of her. (See pictures here: and it soon evolves into her first groupsex scene. Three cocks to fill her three holes, could a girl get any luckier? Yes - she could - the promise of more parties, with more people attending.

[Looking for a Mary, a girl with few limits to become the Teachers Pet]

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Re: New Ideas from the Pen (M Seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2012, 03:56:19 PM »
A Futuristic Tryst

Original Thread here

The Setting: The Near Future

The Characters: Andrew Simon and [Your Character] Simon

The Plot: Andrew is [Your Characters] brother-in-law. A bit of a social outcast, he excels with technology and computers. He lives with his brother and his wife (yourcharacter) but generally remains by himself. His brother is a Marine and has been deployed to some far off planet.

[Yourcharacter] is lonely with her husband gone so has started to do something illegal - take erotic videos of herself and send them to her husband. Her brother-in-law, however, catches her doing this and things only get better from there. Why is it that she enjoys becoming her brother-in-laws personal little slut, willing to do anything (and anyone) he asks of her?

Requirements:  A beautiful woman who, after initial reluctance, embraces her new lifestyle. I will be playing multiple male characters and ask you to play a second female character from time to time. Plots and information to be discussed. It would also be a good idea to read the original plot.

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Re: New Ideas from the Pen (M Seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: October 28, 2012, 06:56:46 PM »
The Cheerleader

For some reason, I have been craving something involving a girl with a tight, toned body who is also quite flexible. A Cheerleader fits this bill quite nicely. Here are some pics that are inspiring me:

The age of the Cheerleader can be anywhere from HS, to College, to the professional level.

As for the plot, I have several in mind. So, if you'd be interested in playing a Cheerleader please let me know!