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May 20, 2018, 11:01:12 AM

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Author Topic: Empire Of The Sun [Int Check - Sci Fi With Little Action And Lots Of Drama.]  (Read 284 times)

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Offline GhothaAyalaTopic starter

Hey [you], I'm testing the waters with this idea here, I'm not sure if its a good one. Although the idea is simple it is the execution that is a bit odd. If any of this is to your liking send me a PM and we can work something out. I'd like to keep the thread clean because I'll be expanding this idea if it gets a good reception.

The Idea

Empire Of The Sun is set in the future where humanity has colonized most of the solar system I would not yet call it Sci-Fi cause there is no interstellar travel.

The funneling of resources from beyond the asteroid belt (Let's call it new frontiers or something better.) to the inside of it (Earth, Mars, and Space Colonies, collectively called Inner Circle) has ushered an age of prosperity and advancement, but mostly for the recipient of those resource.

People on the Inner Circle are rid of things like 'working for a living' because they have the basics covered, what work they do is to attain personal goals or further collective agendas. They are more adventurous and have the resources to pursue adventures and if all goes well they return to their home planet or colony and live a pretty fulfilled life afterward.

The frontier people have to use all their knowledge, tools and courage to survive and thrive in the unforgiving environment of space and the inhospitable planets, asteroids and moons. Most if not all are have the know how to survive in space, which demands a lot of work keeping the machines that keep them alive running. However they are no strangers to facing death, they are acostumed to contend with mortal danger. Knowing their fragility they have a do or die mentality which makes them as valiant as they are dangerous.

A civil war breaks out where the frontiers ask for independence. The common men and women, might be fighting for a more equal distribution of the resources they risk their lives to extract, or they might just be looking for an excuse to burn things. More wealthy merchants might be looking to charge taxes instead of paying them or maybe the Inner Circle is truthfully looking down on the Frontiers men and women as lesser people. Those in power positions are demanding an equal treatment and more attention to the challenges of living in the frontiers. Or it might all be a ploy for them to get even more power.

The execution

The RP will take place aboard a 100~150 meters warship on the independents side. The main form of combat is using jamming devices to get close enough to the ship, at which point it is possible to shoot at them with missiles/torpedos or guns, but the most reliable way to take out a ship is boarding it, either to sabotage or capture.

A very regular RP so far.

Since space involves large distances most of the time will be spent traveling, there will be intense and lengthy combat scenes but few and far in between. So they won't be the focus here.

I would like the focus to be the interaction between the characters, their motivations for fighting this fight and their thoughts on the fight itself. This leaves us with a whole lot of talking, delving into the realm of anthropology and/or philosophy, which I think is the main appeal of this, but not appealing to everyone.

I would say this is a pretty character focused one, not much talk about hi tech, no amazing ships or alien life or far away exotic planets and stars. Just about people thrown into a conflict and trying to make the best of it.

Prolly a bad idea.
Another thing I would like to incorporate, which is optional. Is a more believable depiction an anime idea where one or a few guys end up surrounded by women, usually resulting in lighthearted and quite comical situations. I think it is a lot more stressful and unpleasant than that, it adds a new layer of social problems, affects said societies collective way of thinking and leads to very dramatic situations that might enriches the RP. Let me know if interested.

Thanks for reading.
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