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Author Topic: M seeking submissive f for roleplays (D/s, Master/slave, exotic, con, N.C)  (Read 600 times)

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Offline BehemothTopic starter


I'm look for fellow writers/roleplayers. See below for a few concepts I'd like to explore...

Harem Slave TAKEN
Type: Master/slave, Dom/sub, group-sex, N.C*, exhibitionism, public sex, sexy outfits, light bondage
Roles: Young (21-26 y.o) woman & Khaine Thies – a ‘mysterious millionaire’
Setting: Large city in the near future

He saw her one evening as he walked silently down a busy street. She was exquisite. As he watched her walk by, everything else seemed to fade into the background. He knew from that moment on that he must possess her. She would be his. This one was different than other women. It was something about the way she carried herself, the warm, healthy glow of her face and her eyes – so bright and full of life. Yes, she was just the type of mortal woman he liked. He waited, watching her from afar.

Set-up: Okay, this is a really self-indulgent concept, but I can’t help myself! Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by beautiful, willing women to look after you and serve your every sexual fantasy? However, this roleplay will not be your typical ‘rich guy kidnaps beautiful woman and forces her into slavery’ – it will have elements of the supernatural. Our master (or ‘Lord’ as he will be referred to), is not just a mysterious playboy millionaire, he’s not even human, but a powerful immortal. He’s not a cruel master, but is demanding of his girls and possesses a near insatiable lust. For him, his harem is both company to pass the centuries, as he loves and protects his women, but also an outlet for his sexual desires, which run to the exotic end of the scale.

This roleplay will involve some action and adventure as well as the supernatural. The Lord enjoys entertaining at his massive castle-like palace and estate, as well as taking his ladies into the city for exciting (and often very sexual) outings in the city. He also has enemies that seek to steal away his idyllic world and bring him down, so there is room for intrigue, action and adventure too.

Group sex scenes (several men on one harem slave – the Lord enjoys sharing his harem girls with his loyal harem guards) will feature heavily, orgies, but also scenes where the Lord is pleasured by two or even three of his girls at once.

*Although this may begin as N.C (depending on the reaction of our heroine), I’d like her to become a willing harem slave relatively early on.

The story can start in a few different ways…

Seduction: Khaine approaches her, the two get talking and he invites her out for dinner. The two hit things off. They date for a time before he brings her (willingly?) to his estate.

Kidnapping: Khaine sends a team of his male harem guards to kidnap our heroine. She wakes in a sumptuously appointed room underground with no explanation – one wall is a massive one-way mirror.

Minotaur Lust TAKEN
Type: Dom/sub, Con*, size disparity, rough sex
Roles: Cocky young female elven adventurer & Male Minotaur barbarian
Setting: Fantasy world
Image link:

I have a pretty specific idea for this roleplay (see the image above for my inspiration) - I love the idea of a minotaur – part man, part beast, huge, brutish, powerful. I’m imagining a cocky, lusty young female elven archer, ranger or warrior. Our girl likes it big and rough, Tauhn is all of those things. The minotaur, Tauhn is an ex-slave recently escaped and now wandering the world free for the first time in years. Although this is set-up for a one-shot, if things progress well and we want to, the pair could become adventuring companions and enjoy some dangerous adventures together!

Set-up: The two just happen to pass one another in the forest. She Approaches him, the pair get talking – she initiates sex. I like the idea of the elven woman being turned-on by the minotaur’s size, power and overwhelming masculinity, but also seeing this as a challenge, as well as for filling her lusty desires. The minotaur doesn’t originally have sex on the mind, but is more than willing.

*My original desire was for this to be consensual – however this roleplay could be done as a N.C instead.

Nightstalker TAKEN
Type: N.C
Roles: Fit/‘sporty’ young woman (21-25 y.o) & Stalker
Setting: Modern world, wilderness/bushland near town or city

A predator stalks the wilderness seeking to attack, subdue and have his way with attractive young women who catch his eye. Perhaps these women are chosen at random, perhaps he’s carrying out some old vendetta. Part of this is about the hunt leading up to the attack – the suspense, fear of the unknown. The Nightstalker is smart, planning his attacks carefully, and is patient, taking the time to survail the area and get to know his intended victim’s routines. He’s also physically fit and strong.

My plan is that these attacks will be rough, but I’m not into anything too brutal - bruises and scratches, okay, but nothing much worse than that.

Set-up: A young woman is out jogging at night in a local bushland area. Unbeknownst to her she is being stalked by a man. Laying in wait, the stalker ambushes the young woman in a ‘blitz attack’. Rather than make this a short ‘one-off’, this could involve either a kidnapping, or alternatively could follow the Nightstalker as he stalks and preys on new victims.

Please post here or PM me if you're interested in any of these concepts.

Thanks for reading.


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Offline Astrofig

Nightstalker sounds fantastic! I'd love to play that out with you!