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May 11, 2021, 05:56:39 pm

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Author Topic: Naruto Pairing and RP craving (Seeking F)  (Read 555 times)

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Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Naruto Pairing and RP craving (Seeking F)
« on: October 18, 2012, 08:28:03 pm »
Hey guys,

So I've recently been catching up in Naruto and have developed a heavy desire to do some canon pairings within the show. I understand that a lot of people aren't really very big on playing a specific character with an already pre-determined personality, so if you're interested in Naruto but not the character, I can be persuaded into letting you make a OC! Anyway, I have a small storyline to start us off with for each set of characters, which we can shift into something larger as the game continues. To consolidate the post length, I'll just post a few of them.

The timeline will obviously be Shippuden, and I'm prepared to even in certain pairings go even further into the future where we can assume the characters are older and more powerful. The game will not be based on sex, but it will certainly be there to accompany the story progression. Post here or send me a PM if you're interested!


Konan x Akatsuki Member
Mizukage x Sasuke
Sakura x Sai
Karin x Sasuke
Kurenai x Itachi/Orichimaru
Tsunade x Naruto
Neji x Tenten
Hinata x Shikimaru

If you're interested in playing a character I haven't mentioned, or in a different pairing, just let me know!

Tsunade x Naruto Plot:
Realizing that Naruto becoming Hokage is simply an question of 'how long' rather than 'will it happen', Tsunade has decided that if Naruto can be entrusted to lead an entire village he must have some experience as a leader rather than a hero. As is shown by what happened to the First, Second, and Fourth, great heros make short lived Hokages. However the third brought the Village of the Hidden Leaf into a great time of peace by accepting the reality that some evils can exist for good, Danzo being a prime example.

Tsunade becomes Naruto's new sensei, instructing him not only on how manage things like the villages reconstruction, but also what true strength is required to lead a village. But, one evening during their training Naruto overextends himself to the point of damaging his chakra flow. Normally this would not be anything too terrible, requiring rest and time away from being a Shinobi. But for a boy trying to house the Nine Tailed Fox, unstable chakra means a weaker seal. Naruto's attitude and power begin to shift, adopting more of the Kyubbi's manipulative and dark nature, unaware of what is happening.

When Tsunade realizes what has happened, it's up to the two to find a remedy for the ticking time bomb that has become Naruto's body!

Mizukage x Sasuke Plot Idea:

Unable to shake the reality of her somewhat defeat at the Five Hokage Summit, the Mizukage tracks down and finds Sasuke on her own despite help from any external forces. Unwilling to give up on his mission to destroy the Hidden Village of the Leaf, Sasuke has since abandoned his alliance with Madara when it became clear that the man had no intention of truly assisting the fighter. Sasuke is unprepared for the battle, perhaps injured after escaping Madara, and is captured by the Mizukage with only a minimal amount of effort needed.

She does not destroy him however. The woman realizes that if she has captured Sasuke without anyone knowing, all of the Hidden Village of the Leaf's attention will still be focused on trying to find and defeat him. At the same time, Sasuke possesses an incredible amount of information not just on Madara, but on the Leaf village's defenses as well. As an insurance measure, she also removes one of Sasuke's eye's, threatening to destroy it if he does not do whatever she requires.