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November 24, 2020, 07:54:27 PM

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Author Topic: Lady Grimm's Current Roleplay Desires [F seeking literate M]  (Read 1045 times)

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Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

Lady Grimm's Current Roleplay Desires [F seeking literate M]
« on: October 17, 2012, 12:37:27 AM »
Hi, everyone!

Before you go exploring through my genres of choice, please do check out my ons and offs thread. Also, it is very important that you check out my F-List. If we're compatible, please do carry on.

Now, I don't have many concrete ideas thought out. In fact, I only really have one older plot idea right now (see below); however, this is because I've been away for quite some time due to a number of issues that sprung up in my life last year. As such, I'm probably quite rusty, and am therefore in need of someone who can be understanding and patient with me. Also, I will only be taking on one roleplay right now, two at the absolute maximum if I love something that gets presented to me which I am unable to turn down, so that I can ease myself into getting back on my roleplay feet.

Back on topic... While I don't presently have much in the way of concrete ideas right now, I have some general themes that I'd be interested in. Of course, if you have other ideas, feel free to PM me and let me know because I am open to discussion and would love to hear any ideas you may have. Anyways, here goes…

Bolded are the roles that I'd prefer to play; italicized are genres/plot ideas that I'm really craving.


•   Harry Potter
  • OC/Draco
  • OC/OC

•   Vampire Diaries
  • OC/Damon
  • OC/OC

•   Misfits (British TV show)
  • OC/OC

•   The Walking Dead
  • OC/Darryl
  • OC/OC

•   Game of Thrones (Have not read the books; only seen the show.)
  • OC/Jon Snow
  • OC/OC


•   Modern Fantasy/Supernatural

•   Apocalypse (Any kind, but I'm really keen on zombies!)

•   Vampire *Non-Sparkly*  (I know this could fall under the category of modern fantasy, but I set modern fantasy as its own genre because, in that category, there could be more than just vampires; perhaps even no vampires at all!)
  • Human/Vampire

•   Lycanthrope (Same as the vampire genre; it could fall under modern fantasy, but that category suggests more and holds the possibility of no werewolves at all.)
  • Human/Lycan

•   Twisted Fairytale/Disney

•   Anything Contemporary
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Offline Lady GrimmTopic starter

Current Plot Bunnies
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2012, 02:42:19 PM »

Very Invisible


Okay, so... This is an older idea that I had. I've tried to roleplay it out a couple of times with different people, but it never seemed to go farther than 20 or so posts. I was pretty disappointed because I was quite enjoying the roleplays. We never got through discussing too much plot so I only have a basic outline right now which I would love to develop with someone before getting started.

The general idea is that my character is living in a big city, having moved there in pursuit of her dreams. She is doing her best to get by, but, despite her efforts, she feels as though she is fading away and becoming lost among the city's faceless crowd. One day, she wakes to find that -- reflective of her feelings -- she has actually become invisible. Scared and confused, she locks herself in her apartment in hopes of waking up from the impossible nightmare.

Originally this story was fleshed out with the other person being a vampire. This isn't necessary; feel free to make your character human, lycan, whatever. A vampire was originally chosen because, first of all, my partner liked vampires, but also, when his character finally encountered my character, it seemed like he could at least understand, with relative ease, the possibility of such an occurrence, even if he had never seen anything like it before. Plus, as an 'impossible' creature himself, there was a possibility for him to help her, using his worldly connections among the supernatural/fantasy/etc., in figuring out what was happening to her. Of course, maybe you don't want your character to accept this very easily.

Whatever you decide, as time has gone on, my character's death is assumed. As a result, her apartment becomes available for rent while she continues to occupy it since she is both far too deep in denial and afraid to do anything other than remain hidden inside. At the same time, it just so happens that your character is in the market for a new place. What a coincidence!

Yes, I know it sounds a slightly Being Human-y, but I haven't actually seen the series so I really cannot imagine things going in a similar direction since I know little about the show.

Anyways, further details or changes to this idea can be discussed here if you are interested in this idea.
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