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Author Topic: A little bit of bondage and kink [F for M]  (Read 1374 times)

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A little bit of bondage and kink [F for M]
« on: October 14, 2012, 07:38:46 PM »
Hello all and welcome to my newest search thread. Feel free to check out my on and off list at my rabbit hole, and even if none of these plots appeal to you maybe we can cook something up if you see what you like as far as kinks go. Below is a list of current cravings and pictures. I only roleplay over forums and mostly play a submissive.

After the Battle (Currently very interested in doing this)

So video games always focus on that one character saving the world. For the main character the mission is all that matters, maybe for months, maybe for years. There's sometimes room for friends, and some happy moments, but no time for a real life, or relationship. I was interested to rp life after the world is saved, when the hero returns to their home town/ world and has to readjust to a normal life.

The first plot for that is a character very much like Shepard from mass effect, a military war hero who sees the end of the war and returns home. There she finds herself bored and restless and unsure how to resume civilian life. However one night at a party, or some other event to be decided, she meets a man who pretty much sweeps her off her feet. Is he interested in her for who she is, or what she has done? Is he just using her for fame, or is he maybe a former comrade who always cared about her? Pretty much open to many directions for this one. Also open to any level of kinkery here.

The other idea is that perhaps in winning the final battle our hero makes the ultimate sacrifice- perhaps she lets herself be captured by aliens so they will leave, or perhaps a demon invasion drags her to the underworld. Will our hero find depraved enjoyment in no longer having to fight, in being a slave to the other side?

Farm roleplay
 NSFW 1 - Basically want to do an idea with a very kinky farm. Was thinking the girl could either end up at a farm looking for summer work or sent out of the city as punishment by her parents. I was thinking perhaps the farm is secretly a front for filming porn and other erotic situations, like the image above. We could do things with stocks/bondage, the farm owner and farm hands, and even bestiality, depending what you're interested in. Basically this is a farm setting open to all sorts of possibilities. I know this sounds like something she's forced into, but I'd kind of like it if maybe a farm hand seduces her on the first night and then talks her into progressively crazier situations. Could use aphrodisiacs to help it along, but basically I'm looking for a more consensual approach to this one.

Also twist A on the farm idea where it could be a science lab turning girls slowly into animals- mainly 'cow'girls, to make them milk. NSFW 2    NSFW 3
Twist B: A girl minataur who already looks like the image above works somewhere else and is miserable, constantly verbally harassed by her employer until the farmer offers her an escape and a new life.

Realm of the Incubus
One night a girl is out camping with her friends. Something wakes her and she wanders into the forest to investigate... and stumbles right into a demon realm (could be a forest clearing located out of time or a demon's castle, totally open to interpretation), where the demon uses her and bends her to his desire. This demon is a creature of lust and pleasure and wakes something within the girl. Afterward, she wakes back in her tent. Was it all a dream? From then on, whenever she sleeps, the demon comes to her again. Perhaps he also takes control of various men in her life- either way he begins to worm his way into her life, slowly exerting more and more influence and control over her. Open to doing all sorts of things in this rp.

Baby its Cold Outside
That time of year again. For some reason every winter I love doing the snowy cabin rp and two stranded strangers. She could have her car break down on the side of the road and walk up to the cabin for help. They could just be two friends from high school who arrive early for a reunion, everybody else canceling when the weather shuts down airports. It could be consensual lust between two people... or perhaps she shouldn't have trusted that drink he offered her? Basically I'm wide open to playing this in a variety of ways. Just look at my other rps, I'm fine with making this light and romantic or downright crazy.

If Music be the Food of Love... (Bonus points if you know the quote XD )
Music has always had the power to create different moods. However... in this case the power the musician possesses is downright unnatural. In fact its supernatural. Perhaps he made a deal with a demon... perhaps he is a demon... or maybe the instrument is just cured/ blessed/ what have you. Either way, this instrument can literally cause feelings of euphoria, lust, desire... whatever the musician wants in fact. A good musician can even shape the music into full commands, and put unsuspecting listeners under a permanent effect/ hypnotic spell.
So lets have some fun with it then, shall we?

On a cold winter's night she breaks into his house. It isn't the first time she has stolen- but it is the first time she gets caught. However, this man has a different idea for justice. No cops are involved. Instead he forces her to spend the night - or maybe stay a little longer than that. Basically a burglary evolves into a master/ slave situation.
Or it could be he forces her to stay one night, but then entices her into staying longer and its more of a romantic roleplay. Either works. Also kind of interested in the guy being a vampire but open to changing details.

Content: Bondage to extreme, exotic
Scenario: This is a broad idea, but pretty much my character is a furry of some sort experiencing her heat- the height of her desire and fertility, and she's looking for a man, or maybe already has a man, who's happy to screw her brains out till her needs are satisfied.
Perhaps its a modern day world with all sorts of races and she's a waitress/secretary/etc sleeping with her coworker. Maybe she has a long term boyfriend she is meeting back home. This could be either very short termed, one nighter, or worked into another rp idea.

Actually kind of just interested in rping anything with my partner as a vampire- maybe he seduces my character in a bar, or at a party, or saves her from a mugging -or maybe only gets there in time to turn her. Not really sure.

~To Pillage and Plunder~
Be it a roman legion, rival tribe, or even a more modern take. Basically, follows a woman being taken prisoner for carnal pleasure by the commander of an attacking/invading force. I could also see it being set in Skyrim, with maybe an attacking bandit force. (Intentional vague, I'm open to any sort of set up)

Fun in the Digital Age
Two people of opposite sex share an apartment/home together. They could be siblings, friends or in a relationship. Anyways the girl is a bit of a prude... or at least seems that way. However her computer search and hidden files reveal another side of herself. Fantasies of bondage, of sex toys and various kinks all hide in her laptop. One day, though, she carelessly leaves it out, or perhaps without thinking lets her friend borrow it briefly. And that's when he finds out her secret.
How does he react? Does he decide to make these fantasies a reality?

Service with... much more than a smile
Interested in doing a roleplay focused on a bored lonely housewife and the Help. Could be her massage therapist, her personal trainer, or the cliche gardener/ pool boy.  This rp would be pretty much smut and probably short.

The Sacrifice
In a small village the crops are failing... or perhaps a large kingdom faces invasion from an outside army- either way they turn to the gods and beg for help. They are, however, quite surprised when one god answers. The god comes to the king or leader of the tribe and makes one simple demand in exchange for his help... he has his eye on the king/ chief's daughter. This girl has just come of age and the god decides he wants her for his wife. He takes her away to the realm of the gods and thus will begin her new life.

Corrupting the Fairy Tales-
 Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan and Jane, Ariel and that prince dude -whatever his name is-. All of these are romances... but what about the dark side of them? Tarzan's more primal instincts leading him to see Jane as his mate, and having no respect for her personal boundaries, the beast being selfish and trying to force Belle to love him... Ariel just being utterly naive in a world that might not be so kind to a beautiful young woman.
Or we could just keep it to the romance side... with a little more kink and mature themes thrown in.

Little shop of Pleasures:

Themes: N/C, bondage, sex toys, maybe tentacles

In the city there is an odd little shop. It is not a sex shop, though some rumors might make it seem so. No, its a flower shop -or pet shop/ or both, whatever, doesn't matter- run by a mysterious man with as many rumors about him as there are about the store.
However, the man decided he could use some help, and surprisingly hired a young college girl looking for a summer job when she came in asking for work. Of course, he had other reasons than needing help for hiring her, like his own desires, and that of the plants/animals in the shop.
This story follows her experiences that summer.
Basically: Very open to exploring different ideas, fetishes, crazy scenarios. Looking for somebody to play the shop owner.
If you wanna know where I came up with the idea, its off an anime/manga called Pet Shop of Horrors, though a little different of course.

Who Says It's An Addiction  (Currently very interested in doing this)
Content: Bondage or Light
Scenario: Basically both of our characters, one way or another, are part of a Sex Addicts Anonymous sort of group. However, neither of them think they're addicts or want to be there. It's just about having fun, how can that be bad, after all? Clearly, they don't intend to change, they're just making their family, friends, what have you, happy, by going to the meetings. And when they get paired together, as a 'support system'... well abstaining from sex is the last thing they plan to do.

And finally a list below of pictures to inspire plot ideas and kinks if none of these plots sounds good to you:

Picture ideas:
NSFW office pic
NSFW Bedroom
NSFW School image
NSFW Riding
NSFW pinned
NSFW party
NSFW bound
NSFW Milking
NSFW toys
nsfw monster

Craving these Kinks:
aphrodisiacs/ drugs/ heat
Master/pet pairing
force/ rough
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Re: Looking for a Partner or Two [F for M]
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2012, 01:26:26 AM »
Added the winter cabin idea and musician idea. Also open to the ideas of others.

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Re: Looking for a Partner or Two [F for M]
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2012, 08:39:59 PM »
Added the heat and karma ideas- but gonna be pretty picky. Looking for only one or two partners.

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Re: A little bit of bondage and kink [F for M]
« Reply #3 on: December 17, 2012, 05:40:28 PM »
Added back in incubus rp, also very open to short smut rps based on the images

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Re: A little bit of bondage and kink [F for M]
« Reply #4 on: January 21, 2013, 01:29:23 AM »
Still open to short smut rps. Also opened the last two rps and closed some others. Only looking for one or two partners

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Re: A little bit of bondage and kink [F for M]
« Reply #5 on: March 16, 2013, 04:46:14 PM »
Added sex addicts, fairytale and some other plots.